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May 27
FaceToFace Review – Or, It’s The Same has been around for little while. I have been digging around and I know that is actually part of If you don't already know, Fling is one of the biggest adult dating sites online. Like many adult dating sites they create cobrands, or other sites that use the same database of members but they have a different domain name. For example you could have 10 different dating sites but when people register for the dating sites, it actually logs you into a members area that all 10 dating sites share. There's nothing wrong with this but if you have already have a membership with, then you don't need to create another membership for FaceToFace.

Many dating sites employ this tactic and it is not fraud or anything of that nature but it's something you should be aware of. Since Face To Face is basically, then you can just read my review of Fling to see what you will get if you register on I have already done a full review of Fling and there's no point for me to reiterate myself by writing another full review of

Other sites that are using the same database as include, SeekBang, PartyFunDate, HookUpArea, MeetLocals, SeekBuddies and

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May 27
UpForIt Review – Review Of is an adult dating site. Today I am going to create my free membership and review the features, pricing as well as give my personal opinion about the site. It seems like adult dating sites are springing up every single day now. I guess everybody wants to cash in on the million dollar adult dating industry. Let's discuss the features of

Up For It Features

Looking in the members area on the top navigation bar is the following sections of the site, home, search, online now, mail, chat, activity, UpForVIP, my account, and live cams.

Home – The home section of the site is broken down into various subsections such as, site news where you can gather up updated news and information regarding You can check out success stories of members from Up For It that have hooked up because of using the site. You can also browse new members, and see who is online at the present time. You can also upgrade your membership from that subsection.

Search – The search section enable you to search for members based on gender, age and location. You can also search based on people who have photos,  videos that you can view and who are on line at present time.

Online now – The online now section like every other site enables you to see who's online at the present time and you can see if any of your friends are online, any of your favorites are online and you can start chatting with those people right away.

Email – The email section is self explanatory can basically you can e-mail people from and they can e-mail you using the e-mail service provided.

Chat – The chat section of the site lets you chat with people who are on the site at the present time. In order to use this part of the site you'll need to upgrade and pay for a full membership.

Activity – The activity section of the site  lets you see who's interacting with you.

UpForVIP – The UpForVIP section is basically where you can view members photos, watch videos, use the advanced search and get more action from what they tell me. This is part of the pay service, so in order to view this section of the site. You will need to pay for it.

My Account – The my account section enable you to control your settings, add videos and photos of yourself, and you can also create your dating profile here and as well as upgrade your membership.

Live Cams – The live cams section is like every other adult dating site it's a pay service that enables you to interact with webcam models not members of This will cost you about $3-$4 per minute, it is not free. You cannot hook up with the girls that you view on webcam, they are paid webcam models and you can tell them what to do and the will perform for you, for a price of course. Pricing

UpForIt offers two different membership plans, gold and platinum. The gold plan and platinum plans comes in four different payment options.
You can see the payment plans below. I took a screenshot so you can compare them.

membership prices for UpForIt seems to use the same tactics as many other adult dating sites. This tactic is that the use an online chat system that sends our automated messages to their members while their log on the site and once you get the chat button you are a Centin upgrade page where you are requested to pay. This is all done automatically using computer programming that's on the little chat window on your computer and then in order to chat with the so-called girl you are requested to pay. It is all BS. chat window

(screen shot of scam chat window that was sent to me 10 mins after Isigned up)

My Opinion (If It Matters)

My personal recommendation is to stick with Adult Friend Finder, Passion or All three sites work well, the first two sites are more adult and PlentyOfFish is more of a mainstream site.

Just create a free membership on each of those sites. You can then compare the dating services, and see which ones you like better and so on. There is no scam chat window pop ups like or CitySex or XProfiles. Have a great day!

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May 26
XProfiles Review – My Full Review Of

Today I'm going to do review on XProfiles is another new adult dating site that has been popping up all over the web lately. X Profiles is actually quite similar to, in regards to lay out and some of the features that it has to offer. I'll get that in a minute. homepage

Like every other site I have reviewed, I created my free basic membership and I am now logged into the members area of XProfiles. Features

Just like the previous site I have reviewed, CitySex, has the same basic layout in regards to the left side navigation. I'm not sure if the sites are associated but from the way they look (FaceBook style look), and the features that they both offer you would think that they are owned by the same company or someone is copying somebody else. The navigation on the side is as follows on my home button, messages, friends, browse users, photos , videos, bonus videos, blogs, polls, flash games, Flirts and lastly the cam chat feature.

Home – the home button enables you to get to the homepage, very basic.

Messages – The messages section enables you to send and receive messages with other members on

Browse Users – The Browse users link enables you to browse users and search for women and men,based on gender, location, sexual preference, and so on.

Photos- The photo section of the site lets you view photos of other members and you can upload photos of yourself as well to share with other members of the site.

Videos – The video section is the same kind of thing, you can view amateur videos of members on XProfiles. You can also share videos of yourself if you're willing to bare yourself for all the world to see.

Bonus Videos – The bonus videos section enables you to purchase adult DVDs and have them shipped your home. This is a pay service.

Blogs – The blog section of the site lets you view other members blog and you can create your own blog and talk about anything you desire, from sexual fantasies, everyday life and everything in between.

Polls – The polls feature enables you to engage in polls with other members. You can also create your own polls and have other members of the site interact with the polls your creative.

Flash Games – The flash games are interactive games that are sexual in one way or another. Some of flash games include Desk Top Job, Play The Pimp, Personal Trainers, and so on.

XProfiles Pricing

XProfiles offers 3 different payment options:

Monthly – If you would like to pay monthly, the price is $34.95 per month.

3 Months – If you would like to pay three months in advance the price drops to $19.90 per month which is billed as a single payment of $59.95.

6 Months – If you'd like to pay six months in advance the monthly price works out to be $13.33 per month which is billed in a single payment of $79.95.

18 Months – If you'd like to pay 18 months in advance to save even more then the price is $6.66 per month. It is billed in one payment of $119.95.

"Get Laid Guarantee"

free versus paying for a membership on X Profiles

My Opinion Of The Site

Well reminds me of the last two sites I have reviewed, especially Also, it has some of the same bad characteristics as As soon as I registered on X Profiles, a few minutes later I had an instant message chat window pop-up asking me if I wanted to chat. I saw the profile of a hot girl in the chat window, so I clicked to message the girl and I was taken to a payment page where I was requested to buy a full membership in order to chat with the girl. Does this sound familiar to you? It's pretty sad when online companies have to use such scam task tactics in order to get you to pay.

(Screen shot of automated chat programs try to entice to you to buy a monthly membership)

Personally I wouldn't even waste 2 minutes registering for a free account on XProfiles. Seriously, I'm sick and tired of all these f*cken scams!! Isn't anyone honest anymore? Go to and stick with them, they are a no BS dating site that has EVERYTHING you want and need. Register for a free basic account on Adult Friend Finder now.

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May 25
CitySex Review – Unbiased Review Of, yet another adult dating site that I have found online in the last couple of weeks. I figured I may as well do a dating review of CitySex and see what it has to offer people looking for some adult fun.

screenshot of

Like all sites I do a review on I create a free basic membership so I can get into the members area and see the type of features it has to offer. I created my free account for and now I am in the members area of the site.

CitySex Features

The top navigation bar basically list all the features that City Sex offers from the home section, notification section, e-mail section, browse profiles, adult videos, online now, City Sex Live and the search function.

City Sex like many of the new adult dating site that I have reviewed seems to be following the Facebook style layout.

Some of the features are self explanatory. So I will go into detail on the features that aren't common sense for both of us.

Notifications – The notification section of the side enables you to see who has contacted you, the date they have contact to you, as well as the time of contact, and also tells you if they wanted to initiate an instant message chat with you or if they have viewed your profile.

Browse Profiles – The browse profile section on the site lets you see profiles of people who maybe interested in you, from your local area. In order to actually contact these people however you will need to upgrade and purchase a full membership with your credit card.

Videos – The videos section of the site basically lets you view adult videos. Once you click on this link, your take into a payment page where are you requested to buy a full membership by paying for it with your credit card.

Online Now – The online now section site is self explanatory but I'm going to explain it anyways. Online now basically enables you to see who is online right now at the present time within your city. This I guess gives you a better shot of meeting someone, because they're available and ready to chat at that moment in time.

City Sex Live – City Sex Live is basically an adult web cam service that many other adult dating sites offer at the present time. This is not a free service and it is charged by the per minute, so if you think you can watch for free and see some girls nude on their webcams you won't. This is a paid service, you'll need to create another specificaccount just to use this webcam service.

Search – The search function enables you to search based on feamles, males, gay, lesbian, as well as the ability to search for local couples. You can also search based on age, country, zip code as well of how far you like to search. You can search based on 5 miles of your location, 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, 100  miles, and 250 miles away from where you live. Pricing

As with all dating sites there is a free basic version, and then there is a full paid version of the site. City Sex is no different in this regard. You can choose to pay for your premium upgrade plan by paying monthly or paying for three month membership in advance.

One month membership – The one month membership is $29.95 per month and billed to you automatically until you cancel.

Three month membership – The three month membership works out the $19.99 a month if you pay three months in advance which will cost you $59.99.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading?

According to the benefits to upgrading to a full membership is the ability to send and receive e-mails. You can also view and upload unlimited amount of photos. The Instant Messenger system on the site is also part of the package if you pay. You'll also receive top placement in searches if you are a paid member of the site. Paid members are also called gold users. So basically the nickname that you choose (your username) will appear at the top of the search results when someone is looking for a person in your area.

Like other dating sites such as and, as well as Fling. City offers you a three month guarantee. If for any reason you cannot hook up with someone in three months it will give you the next three months for completely free.

My Personal Opinion?

Personally for me. CitySex seems like another scam. Why? Well, I created my free basic membership in about 2 minutes. I did not upload a profile photo and my information was very limited. Basically my profile was very, very basic with no photo and no real information. Even still, I'm getting friends requests and instant messages from hot women in my area who are keen in chatting with me. You think that would be awesome, hot girls want to chat with you. The problem is every time I tried to click on the chat window and chat with the women who were supposedly in my city I was sent to an upgrade page where I would have to pay in order to send instant messages to these ladies. Obviously it doesn't take a genius to figure out this must be some kind of scam. It's an automated type of program that enables the people who own the dating site to lure you into paying for a full membership. These are not real women, the photos a

re of God knows who, they are not actual people who are members of the site.

(above screenshot of scam chat window that wants me to upgrade to chat with the person)

Realistically I wouldn't bother creating a free basic membership. It's a waste of your time. If you want to stick with an honest site that has actual real members, a dating site that has been in business for over 10 years stick with Adult Friend Finder has over 10 million members that visit the site every month (see graph below), and they are in the top 100 visited sites in the United States as well as across the world. The graph below shows the monthly visitors to CitySex compared to has 594,000 visitors per month, while AdultFriendFinder has 10,588,000 visitors monthly!! Stay far away from City, the whole site is one big scam to get you to pull your credit card, so don't even bother!

Other Reviews

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May 23
RudeFinder Review – Is A Scam?

It's been quite a while since I posted anything on the site and quite honestly I really didn't have much to post about. I have reviewed all the top adult dating sites online. Now however there are a few new adult dating sites gaining popularity so I thought I would start writing some blog posts about them and review what they can offer you.

One site that I have noticed that's been popping up all over the place is called Rude Finder is definitely a strange name for an adult dating site. Rude Finder started gaining traction in February 2011, just a few months ago. Since then there traffic has been steadily increasing, probably because they are advertising all over the place and gaining new members every day. RudeFinder. sort of reminds me of, because they both share a Facebook style layout for the members pages.

Rude Finder

Rude Finder Features

I am now logged into the members area. I just created a free member account and I'm just looking over the various features they have available. Some of the features on the top navigation bar include home, inbox, members online, search, my profile, live cams,. On the left hand side of the page is more is e-mails link winks, views, who favors me, unlock rude, VIP membership, eating bucks, my contacts, block profiles and there are bonus features such as XXX feeds, grow your penis, live webcams, and sex shop. I'm not going to describe every single feature becomes some of them are self-explanatory.

Members Online – The "members online" section of the site enables you to see which members are on line at the present time and then if you're interested you can contact them and chat with them so forth.

Search – The search function enables you to search members based on age, username, location. You can search within your location up to hundred miles away from wherever you live. You can search for people based on relationship status such as currently separated , widowed, married, divorced, single or if they are in a relationship. You can also search for people who are seeking threesomes, group sex, webcam fun, and various of other types of sexual encounters.

Also part of the search function also enables you to search based on height, weight, hair color, hair length, ethnic origin, piercings or tattoos and so on. You can also search based on personality, and also what type of fetishes you are into. If you like oral fun or anal fun, you can search for peple who share that interest as well. You can even search based on if a person is a  smoker or drinker.

My Profile – The my "profile section" of the site enables you to create your Rude Finder dating profile. You can add anything you like about yourself including photos, you can upload videos of yourself, you can describe what you're looking for, your relationship status, your personality, your body type, hair color, eye color, if you smoke, if you drink and so on.

Winks – The winks section of Rude Finder enables you to see which members have winked at you. This feature is basically a way to flirt with other people the site and to break the ice before you start chatting with him.

Views – The views section of the site enables you to see which members have viewed your profile and that way you can take the time and see which girls you're interested in hooking up with so on.

Who Favors Me  – "Who favors me" is only available to members who upgrade and pay for a full membership.

VIP membership – VIP membership enables you to customize your profile, the same as when MySpace was popular with different background images and so on. You can add photos and you can send private messages, winks, you can also send photo requests to other members of the site.

Dating E-Books – I click on the "dating e-books" link and I was sent to an upgrade page where it's requesting that I pay for a full membership before I can access that feature. So I can't write any information about that feature.

XXX feeds-  "XXX feeds" section on the site enables you to view online adult videos. Once again you need to upgrade your membership in order to see any of live video feeds on the site.

Grow Your Penis – They "grow your penis" feature of the site basically leads you to an article discussing how one guy grew his penis and how you can do the same by purchasing penis enlargement pills. I don't recommend buying penis enlargement pills, I think they are all a scam.

Live WebCams – The "live webcams" feature enables you to see you hot webcam models on their personal webcam, live. This is not a free service and it will cost you roughly $3-$4 per minute, so I recommend you stay away from it unless you're willing to pay that much money just to watch women masturbate on their webcam.

Sex Shop  – The "Sex Shop" feature of the site enables you to buy different sex toys, condoms, dolls, sex jewelry, lubricants and so on. Pricing

Just like every other adult dating site there is a free and a paid version of the site, Rude Finder is no different. If you're interested in upgrading you can access additional features such as sending unlimited e-mails, sending unlimited winks, seeing large photos of members, viewing XXX video content, viewing all the profiles and unlimited photos,you can also customize the alerts section of the site.

  1. A one month subscription to route finder is $22.72.
  2. If you pay for three month subscription the price drops to $16 and 20 months cents per month.
  3. If you want to pay for a full 12 months the price drops even more and it will cost you $8.42 per month.

So, What Do I Think Of RudeFinder Personally?

In all honesty I don't think this site is real. Personally, I think it is full of fake profiles. I haven't even uploaded a photograph of myself and I am already receiving winks and e-mails from female members of RudeFinder. How is this possible? I can tell you how it's possible, it's because it's a scam. In order to contact female members on the site you will need to upgrade by paying for a full membership. This scam is on many dating sites and I have written about lots and lots of various sites who perform this technique to entice you to pull out your credit card.

My suggestion is to stay away from Rude Finder. If you want to test it out, then create a free membership, but in all honesty I would not pay for this dating service. It is not a dating service, it is just a porn site disguised as a dating service and there are no real female members on the site that have contacted me and I don't think you'll have much success with this site at all. has only been around for about four months, but it's gaining popularity fast. What I would personally recommend it to stick with a trusted site that has been online for more than 10 years. I have included a quick graph to showcase versus You can see the traffic and the amount of visitors each site has and as you can see Adult Friend Finder has 10.5 million visitors per month while Rude Finder has 2.9 million visits per month.

Ruder Finder versus Adult Friend Finder

I would suggest sticking with they have more members and have been around for many, many years, not for four months like Rude Finder has. If you want to, you can create a free dating profile on each site and see where you have more success. In all honesty I really think creating a free profile on and seeing where that takes you is probably where your time is best spent.

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Dec 13
Upcoming Dating Reviews

I am looking for new sites to do reviews on and I have found the following:


If you find any dating sites you think I should do a review on please shoot me an email (info at passion match .net). I feel like I'm running out

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Dec 13 Review – My Personal Review Of Hot Or Not

HotOrNot is a site that most people don't realize is actually a dating site. Yes you can rate people, that's how the site initially started, however a few years back the people behind Hot Or Not launched dating. Since it offers online dating I am here to do a review on them.

Ho tOr Not

In order to use HotOrNot to meet people you will need to register, but don't worry it's free of charge. Yes, you can rate people, but if you want to meet local women, then you will need to register and then login to the members area of Hot Or Not. Don't worry it's painless and takes under 3 minutes to do. Features

I am logged onto the site, now I can discuss the features available. Across the top navigation bar, they have "rate people", "meet people", and lastly the "more" section of the site. The "more" section is broken down into subsections of the site, "best of", "blog", "hot lists" and "iphone app".

  • Rate Me – The "rate people" section of the site is pretty basic. You can rate females or males on a scale of 1-10. You can also click on  a button called "meet me", and then you are taken to that person's dating profile.
  • Meet People – Interested in meeting people on HotOrNot then hit the meet people button and it's all at your finger tips. You will see a list of all the local women or men in your city. From there you can send them emails, virtual gifts. There is no online chat or webcam chatroom available on
  • Best Of –   This section lists the highest rated people on Hot Or Not. Hot women in bikinis with bodies to die for lol, what else would you expect? Oh and the ladies usually seem to choose the guys with buff bodies etc..
  • HotOrNot Blog –  This section has dating tips, hot lady of the week, stuff like that.
  • Hot List –  The hot list enables you to show other people your interests using pictures of things that you like.  You choose pictures such as images of the NFL, BMW, Angelina Jolie and XBox360 to name a few of the images you can choose for your hot list.

Hot Or Not Pricing is not completely free. If you want unlimited chatting, unlimited messages,  and your name to be highlighted in the search results then it will cost you. This called "becoming a star member".

  1. If you pay monthly the cost is $19.99 per month.
  2. If you pay 3 months in advance the cost works out to be $12.99 per month.
  3. Lastly if you pay for one full year in advance the cost is $8.99 per month.

So What Did I Think?

  • Trying to chat with women on the site doesn't seem to work. Whenever I entered a chat room there is no one in there .
  • I only was able to find 5 girls in my city and I live in a city of over 2 million people, it doesn't make any sense.

Just the fact that I was only able to see 5 girls from my city has me worried. I don't want to pay $19.99 a month to meet no one! I can't really recommend the site just for that reason. There is no point paying for a dating membership if there is no one there to meet. You can register for the free basic membership and see if you have any luck.

There are tons of dating sites that are much better and have many more local women that For me I like AdultFriendFinder, or Passion. Both sites have millions of members, so your chance of meeting someone locally in is much easier and the cost per month is roughly the same.

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Oct 29 Review – My Review Of Real Mature Singles

RealMatureSingles is a dating site for people over 40 years of age.The over 40 crowd is huge, and is here for all you over 40 people, who are single or divorced and looking to meet women or men.

Just like all the other reviews I created a free profile on When you register you need to put some personal information, but this is only used to help you get matched up with other local singles. Something that is a little different from other dating sites is that you need to input a phone number. Real Mature Singles wants serious singles and they will actually call you on the phone to screen you. If you are hiding anything (like being married) then might not be right for you.

Real Mature Singles

Like many of the dating sites I have reviewed you can create a free basic membership, but in order to gain full access to this site you will need to create an upgraded profile that will cost you money. With your free trial you can gain access to many of its the there is such as uploading photographs, and browsing profiles of other Real Mature Singles members.

The sign up process is long and detailed, but it's to your benefit to fill it all out. Their matching process uses all the information that you fill out when creating your profile to help match you up with someone locally in your area.

Once you have created your profile, hit submit and you will get a friendly email with you login information. A rep from RealMatureSingles will actually call you in the next 24-48 hours to help match up real women or men with you.

I actually deleted my membership after doing the review because I didn't want to be called, since I was only reviewing the site and not actually interested in meeting someone.

Also something to note if you have a membership on then you don't need to create a dating profile on Real Mature Singles, since they are owned by Singlesnet.

Things To Note About Real Mature Singles : is for serious singles, Like I mentioned above if you are married there are other married dating services strictly that cater to you. I you are looking for something more casual I would suggest Passion, or SeniorSizzle. Real mature singles is more of a matchmaking service then it is an online dating site.

If you're seeking casual dating, then either SeniorSizzle or  Passion are definitely  a better choice for you. if you're is seeking something more casual, or if  you're not interested in having a representative calling you on the phone.

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Oct 26 Review – My Review Of Adult Match Doctor

Have you ever heard of AdultMatchDoctor? is a site dedicated to adult dating, no surprise there. This is a free adult dating site, where you don't need to pay.

I just a quick search online to see if I could find some information on how busy AdultMatchDoctor is. AdultMatchDoctor. receives about 80,000 visits per month, in actuality that is very low. Comparing it to AdultFriendFinder which receives over 12,000,000 visitors per month.

Adult Match Doctor

Adult Match Doctor Features

People, blogs, forums, videos, tags and online dating are the various sections of

  • The people section is where you can access your account information, e-mail, you can send winks to members you are interested in. Other features in the people section include favorites where you can add your favorite members, friends, and you can also search from the people section. You can also see who viewed you and who is online at the present time.
  • The blog section enables members of AdultMatchDoctor to create blogs. You can be as nasty and dirty as you feel it should be.
  • The forum section is where you can talk with other members about anything, from sex talk, fetish talk, and even sex stories. The forums have at all.
  • The video section is a little odd in that it's not actually any type of sex videos, all I see are music videos which doesn't make too much sense to me.
  • The tag section is basically a way that members describe themselves. For instance you could tag yourself such as BDSM,attractive, anal sex, brunette, swinger and so on. You can click on the tag links and you'll be taken to profiles that have those words in them. 
  • The online dating section is basically the home page of AdultMatchDoctor. You can see dating quizzes dating videos and get access to the dating forums all from this section of the site.

**Something to note is that is actually owned by match, which is a paid service.

AdultMatchDoctor Pricing

At first I thought that was completely free but actually it isn't.You can choose from four different plans that include one year, six months, three months and you can pay monthly.

  1. The one-year plan and $79. .95 and and that works out to be $6.67 a month.
  2. The six-month package is $49.95 and that works out to be $8.33 a month.
  3. The three month package is $34.95 and now works out to be $11.65 a month. 
  4. If you would like to pay monthly it works out to $19.95 per month.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the blog post there really isn't that many people on the site. Now, if it was completely free then why not register, you have nothing to lose. However, if you have to actually pay for the service, then why bother? There are tons of other dating sites that have much more going for them than AdultMatchDoctor.

Yes, you can create a free basic profile on the site and see how works out for you. When I was on AdultMatchDoctor. there was only about 37 to 38 women online when I was. Now, that may sound like an okay number however that is worldwide. Your chances of meeting someone locally are very slim if you ask me. I have done a lot of reviews and you can read all of them on this site. I am only looking out for your best interest. You need to stick with trusted sites that has lots of members in order for you to actually have a good chance of meeting women locally.

Personally I suggest you create a free profile on AdultMatchDoctor., but don't ever upgrade in pay. I also to suggest that you create a free dating membership on as well as Both of those sites are very active and have a large database of members worldwide that number in the millions, so your chance of meeting local women are much better than on AdultMatchDoctor.

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Oct 26 Review – My Review Of Ok Cupid is another free dating site that competes with created my account for free on OkCupid to see what all the fuss was about. First off I did a quick check to compare the amount of visitors of OkCupid to PlentyOfFish. As you can see by the chart below receives 1,600,000 visitors per month and receives 5,200,000 unique visitors. Both sites are completely free to use. Let's look at OkCupid's features.

Ok Cupid Features

Looking across the top navigation bar in the members areas of OKCupid I see the following sections. Messages, matches, connections and treasures.

  • To start off the messages section is self explanatory. This section is where you can send and receive messages from other members of Ok Cupid.
  • The matches sections is a basic search function that enables you to search based on gender, location (within 25 miles from you).Once you choose the advanced search then the fun can begin. You can search based on ethnicity, height, job, income, languages spoken, body type, religion and a ton of other options. 
  • The connections section has a favorites section that enables you to see who has viewed your profile. You can save your favorite OKCupid members for viewing and  contacting at a future date. You can also rate members in this section and they can rate you as well.
  • The treasures sections (interesting name) seems to be filled with various online tests you can take.

All I have to ask is where are the chatrooms? Where is the web cam rooms? Seriously I know free is great but all you get is email contact. There is no way of seeing the person you are chatting on the site. Overall I cant 't complain  free so I shouldn't.

Ok, So What Is My Suggestion?

Since the site is free, I suggest you register and try it out. I also recommend you register for free on Passion has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, it's a great site if you are seeking something casual, yet romantic. You can register for free on Passion, and Passion DOES have online chat rooms, as well as web cam rooms . Web cams are an instant way to see the person you are interested in.

*** Create a free account on Passion and and leave a comment to tell us how it goes. Good luck!

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