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Aug 13
XXXBlackBook Review – My Review On

XXXBlackBook is right behind AdultFriendFinder, then Fling as one of the most popular adult dating sites online at the moment. has 1.6 millions visitors per month compared to Adult Friend Finder at 14.3 million and at 6.06 million visitors per month. Is this important information to know, hell yes!

XXXBlackBook  is in the top three most popular adult dating sites online. But does it have the features that you need to succeed in meeting local women? Features

XXX Black book  has quite a few features to choose from including, browse, the search section, video chat, sex shop and the mail section.

  • The browse section enables you to find hot women located in your your area. You can search by woman closest to you, the hottest women online, the newest women and also you can choose randomly if you like.
  • The search section of the site has a variety of options to choose from. You can choose based on location, based on age, based on if a member has photos or even videos available to watch. You can also search based on interest sites such as casual dating, discreet relationship, online fun, and even love. 
  • You can also search based on relationship status such as, single, open relationship, and attached and Tien Street find on the side.
  • Other options in the search include body type. You can search for other members based on if they are slim, average, athletic, if that person you are searching for has a few extra pounds, curvy where it counts and you can even search for large women or even disabled women.
  • I have never seen this search option but you can search based on personal style. Some of the search options in this category include actual, lastly, God, that we, professional, punk, sporty, trendy and even her been style dressing.
  • You can even search based on sexual fetishes. Some of the search options in this category include people who are amputees, men with big cocks, women with big breast if s, blindfolds, bondage, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, foot fetish, hairy women, latex, leather, shaved and smooth, smoking and many more options.
  • The video option gives you the opportunity to see hot local women while chatting with them live on WebCam. So I rose in the video chat rooms include the penthouse, hot trivia,and lastly adult lobby. Which means I need to pay with my credit card to do so.
  • The sex shop section enables you to buy adult toys, fetish toys and the really popular Flesh Light. The Flesh Light basically enables you to masturbate with the use of the latex vagina shaped sex toy. Pricing

XXXBlackBook enables you to buy two different memberships, gold or silver.

  1. The gold membership will cost you $9.95 for two day tile, one month membership is $34.95 and if you would like to pay three months in advance price is six $9.95
  2. The silver membership is available on the one-month package a $29.95 and you can pay three months in advance $59.95.

The difference between the gold and silver membership is with the gold membership you will appear at the top of the search results when people are searching for local men in your area, you can host your own chat room and lastly you get hard core video is part of your gold membership, that is the only difference between the gold and silver membership. The silver membership offers you e-mail, instant messaging, access to photos and videos and obviously you can use the video chat room to meet other members.

Like many sites, XXBlackBook has a get laid guaranteed offer. If after three months you haven't actually hooked up with anyone through the site, they will give you a three month bonus for completely free.

I have had a free basic membership for this site for at least 3 to 4 months now. I have received numerous e-mails from women. I haven't followed up on any e-mails that I have received because in all honestly, I'm getting too many e-mails. I have signed up to numerous adult sites as part of my ongoing review process and the amount of e-mails I receive is overwhelming.

Not to be biased or anything but if I'm going to dish out $34.95 per month for, I would rather go to site that has even more members. Hint, hint, hint,

What you could do is register on XXX Black Book, as well as Adult Friend Finder for a free membership on both sites and you can see which service you personally like that. It will cost you nothing but a bit of time to create 2 dating profile one.

***note: Some readers on my site have complained that XXBlackBook, is a scam I have no way to prove this. This is just information I am passing on to you.

May 8
SexxyMofo Review – What Does A Site Like SexxyMofo Offer?

Continuing on with my review of swinger sites, I am doing a review of  Sexxy Mofo. is the same type of site as XXXBlackBook, AdultFriendFinder, , Swappernet, SwingLifestyle and Fling, they focus more on swingers and adult sex personals.  Ok, lets talk about now.

Meet Swingers In Now

SexxyMofo is a pretty funny name, it’s catchy and you probably won’t forget the name anytime soon. From a marketing stand point they win, because a name like Sexxy Mofo is easy to remember and that means you will come back to the site. One problem many dating sites, especially adult dating sites seem to be plagued with is fake female profiles. If you go to, you can see all the complaints about fake female profiles on all types of dating sites from EHarmony, and so on.

Sexxy Mofo has big bold letters on the home page stating “100% verified dating profiles”. They also state  that all the dating profiles are pre-screened, how they do this, probably by requesting information from you.  Just peeking on the home page they have live web cams where you can interact with other members, swinger videos. I then registered for my basic  free membership so I could do my review. I filled out my status as single, seeking full swap with couples in or anywhere for that matter. As a free member you don’t have access to all of the features. Since this review is meant to do the homework for you I have included a screen shot of the features  for free members compared to paying members below..

Screen shot of Sexxy Mofo features:

As you can seen from the screen shot I took of the Sexxy Mofo features, you do get quite a bit for not paying . SexxyMofo members area screen shot

Once I logged into the free members area I noticed a validation area.  A validation basically proves that you are a real problem,something that seems to be a problem on adult dating web sites, this feature fixes that problem. You can also see who is online at the moment if you want to connect with someone locally in . Another cool feature is the party pics, you can see photos of local swinger parties. You get see the action even before you go to any of the swinger club parties locally.

More features in detail:

The above screen shot shows all the features dedicated to members, you can search by state, find new SexxyMofos, new swinger couples locally, SexxyMofo photographs and more.

SexxyMofo party pics

The party links section is perfect to find swinger parties locally. You can even book hedonism vacations to meet other swinging  couples in an exotic environment, hot stuff!

Local swinger events

Browse local events such as swinger parties and couples events locally, very cool .

Overall the site is pretty well laid and full of swinger events to meet real couples for real swinging fun. The regular membership cost is $27.95 per month, but if you pay for one year the cost drops to $11.66, you get 60% off if you pay for one year in advance. Honestly I don’t like this because if you pay 1 year in full it costs you $132.92. What happens if you don’t like the site? My suggestions as always is to test drive the dating service for free before you pull out your credit card. Between SexyMofo and (Adult Friend Finder my favorite & largest swinger site in the world), who would I choose? Register for both, it’s a tough call but I think both sites have a lot to offer in terms of features.

Which site has more members? is the grand daddy of swinger dating so they have millions more members for sure, try both and leave a comment with the site you prefer.

May 1
HorneyMatches Review – A Review Of is probably one of the more popular adult dating sites, next to Fling, AdultFriendFinder, XXXBlackBook and AmateurMatch. Before I get into the details of Horney Matches, I want to list the other dating sites that are owned by the parent company called Pimp Mansion. uses the same database of members as the following dating web sites:


The bottom line is that all the adult sites listed above including HornyMatches are owned and run by the exact same online dating company. If you have a dating membership to ANY of the personals sites above then you don't need to register to, it's a waste of your time and money. Site Statistics For HorneyMatches Horney Matches receives roughly 7.2 million visitors per month, roughly 72% are males, no surprise there. Like most adult or main stream dating sites it's the new singles bar, and singles bars always have more men than women it has always been that way. I registered for a free basic membership to,  and one thing I did like that they copied from was their guarantee. Horney Matches has a 4 month guarantee, if you don't hook up with a women in 4 months they will give you an extra 4 months for free on their site, not bad (this is for paid members only).

HorneyMatches Features:

  1. webcam chat – This is not a web cam chat with regular members, this is a paid service with web cam models ( who strip on cam for money.  I thought this was kind of stupid, if I wanted to look at porn I would sign up a porn site, not a dating site!! WTF.
  2. search options – You can search based on numerous options such as men seeking women, men seeking men, men seeking couples, men seeking 2 women and so. Its basically the same search as has.
  3. winks – When women are interested in you the send you a "wink", basically meaning they want to chat with you or meet you. The problem with the wink is an old one, that most dating sites have. If you want to contact someone who sent you a wink you need to buy a full dating membership, this is where they ALWAYS get you.   Upgrading to a full membership costs you $34.95 a month or if you buy 4 months in advance it's $17.49 per month.

Overall it's the same thing as the other dating sites I have reviewed. I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but if you want the best place to meet women, and the best chance to meet them then go where they have the most women which is AdultFrienFinder. Why bother with less when you can get more? That is my personal opinion, but it makes perfect sense.


Apr 4
Why is XXXBlackBook so popular?

Why is XXBlackBook so popular? It’s a good question and I know the answer, it’s because they give people what they want. Logging into my I realized how great their interface was.

They have soo many things going on, that there are tons of ways to meet local women. Some of the interesting features that XXX Black Book has include:

  1. XXX Video Theater – watch porn
  2. Sexy live cam sessions  – see live cam shows
  3. Webcam Strip Poker – play strip poker online
  4. US Strip Club Guide – guide to local strip clubs in your city
  5. US Swinger’s Club Guide – guide to locals winger clubs  in your city
  6. Newest Members – see the newest female members who recently registered on
  7. Sex Shop – They even have an online sex shop if you can believe that!

They even have have fun surveys such as this gem:

When it comes to food foreplay, I like to eat ______ off my partner’s body:

The big question is can you meet local women from the area? The answer is yes of course. I have been using XXXBlackBook and had some success. I have had the most success with this adult dating site.   I suggest that you register for free at both sites because each site might work differently for you.

  1. XXXBlackBook
  2. AdultFriendFinder

Happy Dating, leave a comment with your own personal results at each site. Thanks!

Nov 3
Closer Look At

It’s been a few days since I posted some info so here we go. Like I mentioned in a previous post I signed to XXX Black Book to check it out. Since then I have been surfing around the site. Some of the features I never saw before include the bonus content such as adult vids. I’m not sure about you but I’m always ready to watch some adult fun. The adult video section is called, XXX Video Theater which is pretty cool. You can watch videos whenever you have the “need”.

Other bonus content include on

  1. Bonus Live Cams – check out hot girls on their web cams live!
  2. Sexy live cam sessions
  3. Webcam Strip Poker – play strip poker with other XXBlackBook members via webcam
  4. Texas no-holdem-poker via webcams – play Texas Holdem with other XXBlackBook members via webcam
  5. See strip clubs in your area – a guide to local strip clubs in all major cities world wide.
  6. Swinger’s Club Guide – a guide to local swinger clubs in all major cities world wide.

I have been getting emails from girls interested in me, so far I have been sitting on the fence. When a girl that interests me hits my inbox I will pounce on the chance that is for sure. I’m just really picky when it comes to the right girls. That’s about it for right now. Go check out XXXBlackBook and meet some hot local girls.

Oct 25
XXXBlackBook Review

OK, it’s time to start doing some reviews for all you online daters out there. Today I will review the famous XXXBlackBook is an adult dating site that offers something for everyone.

You can find  all types of dating niches that include:

  1. men seeking women in
  2. men seeking men
  3. women seeking men in
  4. women seeking women
  5. group sex and a few others

You can sign up to XXX BlackBook for free as a basic member. A basic member is entitled to view profiles and browse the whole site top to bottom. If you actually want to contact someone then it will cost. Do I think it’s a good dating site?

Yes, XXXBlackBook is one of the most popular adult dating sites online just under AdultFriendfinder, Fling and XXXBlackBook has come a long way in a short time frame and continues to grow like crazy. There are more than enough members from to keep you dating and having that’s for sure.

Some of the features for XXXBlackBook include:

  1. Instant Messaging – Contact other members if they are online via XXXBlackBook’s instant messenger.
  2. Video Chat – Do you have a web cam? If you have a web cam you can enjoy some online with other XXXBlackBook members.
  3. Search – You can search based  on a variety of options such as, live web cam chat, erotic email  fantasies, phone sex, one on one sex, threesome or group sex.

**Take a look at XXXBlackBook and sign up for free, test drive the service and see how you like it.

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