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Apr 1 Review – Is A Scam, Find Out & Learn If It’s Legitimate

my recommended site: Review – Is A Scam, Find Out & Learn If It's Legitimate

Are you looking for a honest review of Discreetcrush. com? If you want to know if Discreetcrush is legitimate or a fraudulent site then watch this video review.

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Apr 1 Review – Is Bogus & A Scam? Find Out The Truth In My Review

my recommended site:

Getyourhoe. com Review – Getyourhoe. com Is Fake And A Scam? Find Out The Truth In My Review

Are you looking for honest info on Getyourhoe. com? My video is done in 2 parts first I show you why I think Getyourhoe is a scam and then I discuss the best casual dating that has real women on it. Without real girls there is no dating site. Watch the video so you can understand how to Getyourhoe. com defrauds people

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Oct 22
Free Adult Chat Rooms – The Best Chat Rooms I Have Found

I created my 1st YouTube video explaining the best place to find free adult chat rooms, you can click this link to access them right away. The rest of the information is in the video, so watch it now!

Click this link to get free access to the AdultFriendFinder chat rooms right away.

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Oct 12 Review – Is Fuck Book Dating A Scam?

Another adult dating site has been popping up online called Obviously FuckBookDating is an adult website that shows profiles in the naughtiest forms. Most of the dating profiles are nude and pretty much reveal everything.

In order to create even a free dating membership on Fuck Book Dating you will need to enter your credit card for verification purposes. It says you will not be charged for your free trial membership but I find that very hard to believe. Why do they need your credit card then?

It says your credit card will not be charged by if you scroll down the page when creating your free dating membership you'll notice that a box has been checked for you. It says bonus offer to Porn City and XXX Obsession.

Fuck Book Dating scam

This is where becomes a scam. First it says your credit card will not be charged but in fact it is. You are registered and signed up for Porn City and XXX Obsession. If you don't read the fine print sometimes you can really screw yourself and this is what could happen if you're not paying attention in this case. Basically you get a free three-day trial and if you don't cancel it before the 3 days is up you will automatically be renewing every three months at $99.64. So much for free right?!

It's funny in the fine print it says "fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law", they should read their fine print. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, scumbags.

Here is a huge red flag for you, if any dating site will not let you create a free membership without actually inputting your credit card information do not do it!! This site is a complete scam. Since this adult dating site is actually advertising on porno sites, I'm not really surprised at their billing practices. Many porn sites do the same type of billing, where they give you a three-day trial and then charge your card $99 month or whatever.

Stay far away from, complete scam. If you want to stick with a trusted adult dating site, then I recommend Adult Friend Finder. You can create a free membership, and you not have to pull your credit card to pay for anything for a basic dating membership. I suggest you try out and see if you like their service. At least it's free, you don't have to pay like this stupid site!!

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Oct 8
Where To Meet Married Women

Today I would like to discuss some of the best places to meet married women online. Married dating, which is a new dating term meaning married women and men who date. Whether or not you find this offensive or repulsive doesn't matter. Married women and married men have their reasons why they look outside of their marriage. I am not here to judge anyone, I am strictly here as a dating review site to offer my own opinions, my reviews and my suggestions on where to find women, single or in this case married.

There are numerous websites that I have done reviews on that strictly focused on the married personals niche. Those married dating sites include and Ashley

Both of these sites work well for one reason and one reason only, you don't have to lie about what you are looking for. Prior to married dating sites being invented, most married women and married men would go to single sites and lie about their status. They did not want to be charged and he found it easier to be approved as a member if they listed the status single and not married. Obviously we think of dating you don't think of married women and married men going out and meeting new people. It doesn't make much sense but it is a very popular way for men and women to cheat on their spouses.

Why Do I Recommend These Married Dating Sites? and AshleyMadison both have millions of members that are looking for the exact same thing you are. They're missing situation so you can rest assured that discretion and discreteness will happen. You don't have to lie, you can be honest with the people on these discreet married services.

Another reason I recommend these dating sites if you are looking for discreet fun is because that if someone is actually registered on on any married dating site then you can pretty much guarantee that they are married and they are looking for fun on the side. It makes it much easier if you don't have to lie about who you are. Everything is out in the open and you have access to thousands and thousands of married women. It's like being a kid in a candy store. You can eat all the candy you want and your mother isn't going to slap your hand for reaching in to the candy jar.

And all honesty I really think those two sites are the best places to meet married women seeking discreet fun. Don't waste your time using single sites pretending to hide who you really are, with these two sites you can be who you are and you don't have to worry.

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Aug 6
Ashley Madison Targets Married Gamblers in Atlantic City

Every time I find news on Ashley Madison it seems they are pissing someone off, lol. I think that is their whole advertising strategy. If people complain about Ashley Madison billboards around their town, they are usually taken down. This is followed by news media reporting on the whole thing, and blam Ashley Madison gets free advertising and publicity. I think they are geniuses, free advertising for them. They must be laughing all the way to the bank, and it works in every town they put up billboards in, it's insane.

Now it looks like the folks at are starting the same strategy in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It seems there are tons of cheaters who also like to gamble, interesting… Read the full Ashley Madison Agency article here.

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Aug 3
AttachedPeople Review – Married Dating For Attached People is a website for lonely married women and married men seeking to meet each other. Attached People is basically another website, just like Ashley These type of websites are very popular and seem to be gaining popularity every single month.

With this bond of the Internet finding discreet affairs has never been easier. Attached is designed to fill the void of married people who just aren't satisfied with their partners.

I created a basic membership and have now logged in to the members area of Attached People. The site has a nice, clean layout, which makes it very easy to navigate and see the various sections and features of the site.

Attached People Features

  • Attached has many features that I would like to discuss now. Some of the features that you can expect in the members area include search option, messages option, chat section, video section, store, cams, invite, and member features.
  • The search feature enables you to search based on me height and body type, as well as location and gender.
  • The messages section basically enables you to send and receive messages discreetly, so you don't have to receive messages in your home e-mail where it would be easy for your wife or husband to see what you are doing.
  • The chat feature I couldn't review because, you need to purchase a gold or silver membership in order to use the chat features.
  • I could not access the video section of the site because it instructs many to purchase a full membership before I can watch any videos on the site.
  •  The store section of the site is not accessible, I need to pay for a full membership before I can access that section of the website.
  • The cam section enables you to watch professional Web cam models live on your computer screen. This is a paid service, these are not married women located locally in your area. This will cost you roughly 3 dollars per minute to watch cam models strip for you live on your computer screen. You can chat with them and tell them what to do.
  • The invite section of the site enables you to invite your friends if they are married and lonely, like you are.

Attached People Pricing

Attached offers two different pricing structures, gold and silver.

  1. The silver membership enables you to reply to messages, view full profiles, see your matches, you can also set messages and you can grab their attention by sending married women your interested in virtual gifts. The price is $23.50 per month for the silver membership.
  2. The gold membership offers everything that the silver membership does, but it also gives you $25 and get credits, your able to watch live WebCam shows that is a $200 value. Other features for the gold membership include the ability for you to play adult flash games you can use a Web cam chat features with other members on Attached and you have member video access. Lastly you also have access to the famous gold room. Prices are as low as $9.95 per month.

One Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $34.75 until cancelled. Three Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $69.75 until cancelled. One Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $39.75 until cancelled. Three Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $79.75 until cancelled. One Year Gold subscription is $119.75 and will auto-renew at $79.75 for three months until cancelled. All fees charged in U.S. dollars.

You can pay with credit card, check or by mail.

Quick fact: Attached is run by the same people who run affair If you have a membership at affair match then you don't need one or the site and then

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Aug 3
Ashley Madison Billboard Gets Taken Down in Australia

It looks like the original married dating site is taking Sydney, Australian by storm and local Australian politicians are starting to step in. Where ever Ashley Madison tries to advertise they are met with barriers, Australia is no different. bought billboard space in the largest city in Australia and now they mayor is happy the huge billboard has been taken down.

The advertising team at Ashley Madison are very smart, either way they win. If the ads stay up more people learn about their service, if they are taken down then all the controversy hits the news media and they still get publicity but this time it's free for them. Any publicity is good publicity and Ashley Madison knows this fully. They like creating controversy because it cost them nothing, except free advertising. read full story.

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Jul 2
Online Dating Scams Run By Members Not The Actual Sites

It seems that all of online dating sites get listed as scams. People need to realize that many of the scams are run by members of the dating sites.

Some scams that are running on websites right now:

Many times women and female impersonators join online dating sites in order to scam you. These scams are not run by the actual websites, many times the websites do their very best to keep these scammers off their sites. This is a difficult job to do.


Scams generally happen in larger cities across the world.The first one is basically escorts signing up as female members looking for a date. Here is the problem, escorts will pretend to like you and you then when they build your trust, they will  ask you to pay for their services. So, if you meet someone on an online dating site and soon after they are telling you that you need to pay to date them then obviously this is an escort service. You can contact the dating site support and they should be able to ban that person from the website. That is the first scam.

Webcam Girls

The second type of scam that are common on dating sites is when a girl contacts you, and then asks you if you want to see their webcam. This is another scam. How this scam works is that you will need to pay to see that girl on their webcam, they are not actually interest in meeting you. A'll they want is for you to register on their webcam site that they are working with. Many times these girls will make a commission when you register on the webcam site that they are promoting. Also, many times the dating profiles are created by men, who pose as women so you will pay to see a girl from thewebcam service on their webcam. Again, they are paid a commission to bring in new viewers to these webcam sites.

Russian/Nigerian Scammers

Lastly you have overseas scammers, this includes Nigeria and Russia as well as other parts of Eastern Europe. These scammers operate in a different type of scam, many times they befriend you as a woman, and build up your trust. Once these scammers have built up trust with you they start doing strange things like offering you a business opportunity in which you send packages to addresses that are located in Nigeria, Russia, Romania, and many other countries. This last scam can actually end sending you in jail. What you would be doing any type  is that you would basically be receiving DVD players, flatscreen TVs and lap top computers that were purchased with a stolen credit card. and shipped to a US address, which happens to be your home address. You are then told to read package those products and ship them to locations across the world. The reason this scam involves you is because, you live in the United States.  the scammers need someone who lives in the United States and who is willing to receive parcels for them. These parcels are bought with a stolen credit card and then sent to you, you repackage their products and resend them oveseas.  The reason they need you is because many online companies who sell DVD players and laptop computers will not ship their products overseas just for this very reason.This last scam was actually featured on Dateline NBC.

I just wanted to make you realize not all the scams are run by online dating websites. Many times they have no clue that these problems are even on their sites. If you do a scan like any other ones I have described above, you should contact support at the site your site you are registered with.

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Jun 28
AdultDateLink Review – Adult Dating Or Scam? is an adult dating site similar to Adult Friend I have done other reviews of Date Link sites including, AdultDateLink is for people seeking casual sex and swingers looking for other other couples to play with. has all the features of every other Date Link website. site
The site receives roughly 110,000 visitors per month. This is relatively low for an adult dating site. The most popular adult sites receive millions of users per month, so this is roughly 5% of what a good adult dating website should have in terms of numbers. Look at it this way, the more visitors to a dating site, the more chances you have of meeting women in your area.

AdultDateLink stats Features:

The features for Adult Date Link include the message board, live chat, my mailbox, and the sexy links section.

  • The message is an online forum for members of AdultDateLink. You can ask questions and interact with other members on the forum.
  • The "live chat" section enables you to with other members through Instant Messenger, this is a paid service. In order to use the service you need to upgrade your free membership and buy a paid membership .
  • The "my mailbox" feature is basically just an online e-mail service that enables you to send and receive e-mail messages with you and other members of
  • The "sexy links" section basically just lists members recommended links including fast size penile extender, weight control formula, and a product to increase your sperm volume by 500%. All these links are just a money grab from AdultDateLink. I am not saying they work or they don't work but Adult Date Link makes a referral fee if you actually purchase any one of the 3 products I have just described.

AdultDateLink upsells

Adult Date Link Pricing:

When you upgrade to a full membership on the web site, you have access to all of the features I described above. Adult Date Link
 has three different pricing options to choose from.

  •  You can buy one year in advance for $99.44, this is the cheapest plan that they offer.
  •  Secondly, you can pay for three months in advance and you will save 40%, the price is $49.72. Basically, you get one month free (three months for the price of two).
  •  Lastly, you can pay the standard one month option which will cost you $29.86 per month.

Adul tDate Link billing

Unfortunately, just like automatically subscribes you into a free two-day trial for yet another website. This free trial is for a website called, yes it is a porn website.  After your 2 day trial is up you are charged $39.95 per month until you cancel. This is where the website operators get me angry. Why are they trying to milk more money from a person who is already going to join your dating service? This is the fastest way to piss people off and lose customers very quickly and I'm sure it happens quite a bit with this website.

You don't have to actually enroll in the free trial to Teen Sweetie Pies however it is automatically checked for you. You need to uncheck the little box or you will be paying for that service.

I suggest you stick with larger trusted dating websites that don't have sneaky billing agreements when you try to pay for membership. I can recommend, and both websites have millions more members than, they don't have you paying for porn sites such as You as a consumer really have to watch where you put your credit card, or you can automatically pay for useless crap, and end up meeting no one at all.

Do yourself a favor and stick with trusted online dating sites where you actually have a chance to meet real women, instead of paying for porn sites.

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