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Jun 21
LonelyWifeHookUp Review – HookUp With A Lonely Wife

Today I’m going to do a review of another married dating website called As with all my reviews I did register for so I could do a proper review of the basic members area to check out its features, so I can see what this site has to offer people seeking other married people, men seeking married women, married women seeking married men. This is a very popular niche in online dating nowadays, it was all started by Ashley Now as I mentioned in my married dating blog posts there are countless copycat websites such as this site,, and so.

First off in my research I realized that is actually owned by the same people who run you, which is another adult dating website. As in any dating website it is important that there are are enough numbers to keep you busy, the last thing you want to do is join a website that has very few married women. What is the point of joining a dating site to meet married women if they’re a very few married women on the site,  there is no point even joining. That’s why with all the dating reviews I do, I make sure to check the traffic analysis. Basically what I do is check to see how many members there are, and how many people are visiting the site on a monthly basis. Lonely Wife HookUp has just under 1.6 million visitors per month which isn’t too bad for married dating website

As expected 72% of the members are married males, 27% are married females, it’s the same as other married dating websites.

Lonely Wife HookUp Features:

Okay let’s talk about dating features of, first off they have the “online now” feature meaning who is online at the present time. Another feature called new faces basically lists the newest members of, then is a video chat feature which enables you to chat with other married people men and married women all across the world. I find video chat very beneficial because you can actually see people live even before you ever meet them in person so they can’t lie as with pictures, and put up an old photograph. Next on LonelyWifeHookUp  is the groups category some of the groups includes categories such as BBW for people who like heavy woman, dominatrix, group sex, foot fetish, leather, lingerie, they have a masturbation section, phone sex, sex toys, three somes, sex games, bondage, and the list goes on, there are quite a  few different groups.

Another feature is a forums section of Some of the sections include online dating, Sex and  Pleasure, Couples and a Woman section. Another feature is the movie section where you can basically pay to watch porn, which I think is basically useless and I just consider it another money grab from Lonely Wife HoookUp. Why I would you pay for porn when there are thousands of the videos available online for free? Besides that you’re here looking to meet real married women not videos of them! Most of the features are only accessible if you pay which sucks as well.

There different types of membership packages:

  • The first is a two-day preview which basically cost you a 1.85 for a two-day trial.
  • One-month package that basically cost $7.00 weekly, which works out to $29.95 monthly.

You have the option of paying by either credit card or paying by check now. I mentioned before in another blog post that you need to be aware of the renewing subscriptions of dating site, so if you do actually go for a two-day trial you better watch out because the membership automatically renews $30.95 every single month until you cancel it, so it’s important that you realize that before you actually pay. Or you end up getting your credit card statement and you see the charge $32.95 from Lonely Wife HookUp.

I have been doing reviews on numerous dating sites for the last year now, does have a sufficient amount of members at 1.6 million per month but to use most of the features on Lonely Wife HookUp, you have to pay.What I suggest you do is sign up to if you want to. And also use another website called and you can compare the two married dating services. With you can actually use all the services such as chat rooms and live cam as well as the features for completely free. If you want to get into more  features like contacting individuals by email this does cost you but you get a lot more for free with than you would with

Apr 11 Review

Since I own this blog (, I am able to write about whatever I feel like. Me being the wild guy that I am I started searching for “swinger personals” and “swinger dating” and so on (want to know what swinging is, read this). I did those searches just to see what would pop up in Google. Well what do you know “swinger dating”, is actually pretty popular. Probably the biggest site is still, but in second place I think would take it.

My Review Of is strictly for swingers and no one else. It is not a singles site such as ULust, XXXBlackBook or This is for swingers only which makes it unique to say the least.

Browsing the SwingLifeStyle Site They List Facts Ssuch As:

  1. 5654 Swingers Online Now
  2. 7549 New Swingers This Week
  3. 20585 New Pictures This Week
  4. 169 Swingers Chat Room
  5. 2162 Swingers Groups

After I checked out their homepage I did what I always do and I signed for a free Swing LifeStyle membership. When you register for free and you are a single male such as myself then you only get one week to try the site out for (boo hoo). After the week is up, then you need to pay or get lost, pure and simple.

From the site: was designed by and for couples. It is not really designed or intended for single males.

We do allow a limited number of single males to join, but there are a few conditions and limitations you should be aware of:

  • This is NOT a porn site and there is no pornographic material available on this site.
    Some of our members have nude and erotic photos but they can only be viewed by paid members.
  • We require single males to become paid members within a week or the account will be deleted.
  • You will not be able to send mail to any of our members until your account has become paid.
    You will only be able to reply to mail sent to you. Once your account is paid, you will have full access.

Just like I mentioned is for couples wanting to meet other couples, so for the most part you may find it harder to find a  date if you’re a single male such as me.

Ok, I had to go through the basic sign up process and created a profile describing myself, attaching a photo and  my preferences of what I am looking for for and who I would like to meet.

Obviously as a free basic member there are some daily caps. You have the ability to send and receive email, you can send only 5 emails per day for a 7 day period. You can view 50 profiles per day. You can browse the swinger forums on, but you cannot respond to any forums.

So I’m in the basic section of the  SLS ( site and I have to say it’s pretty limited as to what you can do without paying. The site looks pretty boring from what I have seen. When I was online there were another 5654 swingers  on the site as well, not bad.

One thing that I did find interesting is that they list national and international swinger meet up events. If you’re looking for local swinging events then they have those as well. Depending on your zip code you can see swinger functions located around the area.

Before I keep babbling on, do you want my opinion?

If you’re a swinging couple, then this might be a good site for you but for single males? If you’re  a single male then use XXXBlackBook, ULust or even better If I compare it to, which is the biggest swinger site in by far, then comes in second place. has been around longer so it has millions more members, as well as great web cam and online chat rooms to see and meet local swingers. If I was a swinging couple then I would be using to meet  local swingers in . More members and better functions, that is my personal opinion.

screenshot of

screen shot of

Mar 24 – Review & Comparison To

One of the newer dating sites  that I have been seeing around (including my spam box)  is has taken the same style as and  I ended up signing for free to ULust just to see what this dating site was all about and this is my review of the service.

ULust Review

Like every other online dating site you can sign up for free to test drive the service and see if you can meet girls in the area. The site I have to say looks clean and uncluttered with a nice “easy on the eyes” white background. They have tons of features like Fling, and

Some of the features included in the free membership:

  1. blog – setup your own personal blog on their site.
  2. messenger service – chat with girls in
    even before you see them in person.
  3. email – email people directly from the ULust members area.
  4. web cams – you can view live web cams of girls, which is awesome because the last you want to do is meet a girl and she doesn’t look like her profile. This is perfect because you can verify if people who say they are who they are.

I logged into the members areas and I like the “who’s online” page, you can see available women who are interested in meeting guys.


** screen shot of who’s online page in members area of

Snooping around with my technical background I was able to find out that the owners of also owns other dating sites such as:

  6. as well as 20 other not so popular dating sites.

Why does it matter what other sites they are owners of? Well if you already have a membership on any of the sites above then you don’t need to buy a membership for U Lust because they all use the same membership database. I just gave you  a good tip there so remember it.

So far the site looks like most dating sites. From a members point  of view they have 5,461,865 registered members now if you compare then to then they loose. has a huge membership of 27,435,722 members worldwide so meeting someone in If you really want to meet local girls in
I suggest that you sign up to you have a much better chance to meet way more local
women compared to YouLust so it makes more sense to register there.


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