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May 12
Swappernet Swinger Dating Site Review

I already did a short review of Swappernet last year, but I wanted to be more detailed with this post. Like my other reviews I registered for free to test drive the dating service, so I could check out the sites features. I created a basic dating profile, checked my email and it was in the spam folder, clicked the link and logged on. calls itself  “The Most Authentic Swingers Community In The World”, and that’s what I’m here to find out. First off Swappernet is owned by Eroticy a company located in Toronto, Canada. Eroticy is an adult dating site for singles. The site has 66% male members and 33% females, it seems a little off. I thought swingers were usually couples, maybe I’m wrong but I thought single guys weren’t allowed to join in too much. 91% of members are white and they have an income over $60,000 per year. Swingers for some reason always seems to be upper middle class. I’m not sure if these tid bits of info are useful to you but I have included them anyways.

screenshot of Swappernet homepage

Swappernet Features:

  • Swinger Events – Swinger sites are a little different that other adult dating sites because they tend to list local swinger events and couples parties, which is pretty cool. Swappernet has a section for current local parties, as well as hedonism vacations, where you travel to exotic places such as Mexico for your swinging fun.
  • Clubs – Swappernet lists all types of local swing clubs nationwide
  • Chatrooms – I couldn’t gain access to the chat rooms because they wanted me to pay.
  • Groups – I tried to find groups in however it just kept  taking me back to personal member profiles instead, I’m not what happened.
  • Fun stuff – This section has erotic stories, jokes, videos, lube and sex toys for sale.
  • Swinger Galleries – Once again I couldn’t the gallery because I didn’t pay for a full membership.

screenshot of members area

Swappernet Membership Prices:

Standard Membership

  • a 6 month membership costs $20.83/month if you pay in one installment of $124.95
  • a 3 month membership costs  $24.99/month if you pay in one installment of $74.95
  • if you want to pay monthly the price for a standard membership is $29.94/Month

Gold Membership

  • a 6 month Gold membership costs $27.49/month if you pay in one installment of $164.95
  • a 3 month membership costs $34.99/month if you pay in one installment of $104.95
  • and  a 1 month membership is $39.95/monthly

I took a screen shot of what you get for a standard membership compared to a basic membership.

screenshot of travel area.

Like I mentioned in my other post about Swappernet, I still think AdultFriendFinder is your best bet in meeting local swingers.

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May 8
SexxyMofo Review – What Does A Site Like SexxyMofo Offer?

Continuing on with my review of swinger sites, I am doing a review of  Sexxy Mofo. is the same type of site as XXXBlackBook, AdultFriendFinder, , Swappernet, SwingLifestyle and Fling, they focus more on swingers and adult sex personals.  Ok, lets talk about now.

Meet Swingers In Now

SexxyMofo is a pretty funny name, it’s catchy and you probably won’t forget the name anytime soon. From a marketing stand point they win, because a name like Sexxy Mofo is easy to remember and that means you will come back to the site. One problem many dating sites, especially adult dating sites seem to be plagued with is fake female profiles. If you go to, you can see all the complaints about fake female profiles on all types of dating sites from EHarmony, and so on.

Sexxy Mofo has big bold letters on the home page stating “100% verified dating profiles”. They also state  that all the dating profiles are pre-screened, how they do this, probably by requesting information from you.  Just peeking on the home page they have live web cams where you can interact with other members, swinger videos. I then registered for my basic  free membership so I could do my review. I filled out my status as single, seeking full swap with couples in or anywhere for that matter. As a free member you don’t have access to all of the features. Since this review is meant to do the homework for you I have included a screen shot of the features  for free members compared to paying members below..

Screen shot of Sexxy Mofo features:

As you can seen from the screen shot I took of the Sexxy Mofo features, you do get quite a bit for not paying . SexxyMofo members area screen shot

Once I logged into the free members area I noticed a validation area.  A validation basically proves that you are a real problem,something that seems to be a problem on adult dating web sites, this feature fixes that problem. You can also see who is online at the moment if you want to connect with someone locally in . Another cool feature is the party pics, you can see photos of local swinger parties. You get see the action even before you go to any of the swinger club parties locally.

More features in detail:

The above screen shot shows all the features dedicated to members, you can search by state, find new SexxyMofos, new swinger couples locally, SexxyMofo photographs and more.

SexxyMofo party pics

The party links section is perfect to find swinger parties locally. You can even book hedonism vacations to meet other swinging  couples in an exotic environment, hot stuff!

Local swinger events

Browse local events such as swinger parties and couples events locally, very cool .

Overall the site is pretty well laid and full of swinger events to meet real couples for real swinging fun. The regular membership cost is $27.95 per month, but if you pay for one year the cost drops to $11.66, you get 60% off if you pay for one year in advance. Honestly I don’t like this because if you pay 1 year in full it costs you $132.92. What happens if you don’t like the site? My suggestions as always is to test drive the dating service for free before you pull out your credit card. Between SexyMofo and (Adult Friend Finder my favorite & largest swinger site in the world), who would I choose? Register for both, it’s a tough call but I think both sites have a lot to offer in terms of features.

Which site has more members? is the grand daddy of swinger dating so they have millions more members for sure, try both and leave a comment with the site you prefer.

May 7
Swingular Review – A Site For Wild Swinger Couples

I have done a few reviews of swinger dating sites such as SwingLifeStyle, Swappernet and now I am reviewing Swingular. is just like the dating sites I just mentioned it caters to the swinging lifestyle, usually couples engaging in sex with other couples, big deal this is nothing new. For my reviews I like to compare the features to other sites that target the same niches, in this case it’s swingers.

The first thing I noticed on the home page of is they you can actually buy sex toys, lol. Actually this is a neat idea, you can buy toys in the same place that you go to meet swinging couples. One thing about swinger dating sites compared to regular dating sites is that most of them have actual dates of current events coming up. Just the fact that they have local current events from , as well as other cities coming up make the whole site more real and enticing to me. Also one thing to remember is that swinger sites really are catered more to couples, if you are a single guy you might find it tougher to get any action,but it can’t hurt to try right? They have tips for single men seeking to get into the “lifestyle”. The homepage of has many links to articles and many useful tips if you are new to the swinging lifestyle, which I found refreshing to see.

Some of the articles that I found useful on Swingular:

Joining is free, but only for the basic membership if you actually want to contact anyone it does cost money.  This is normal practice, all dating sites use this technique to hook you in.

*note: Swingular is focused more on the American swinging scene, other countries such as Canada and the UK are not represented according to their homepage.

screen shot of

Ok lets talk about the features of

webcam chat – Swinger sites are different that regular dating sites so some of the features aren’t as necessary (but would be nice to have). I didn’t see any web cam video chat rooms, but swingers are more open to meeting in person more quickly. A single girl on a regular dating site is going to be much more cautious than a swinging couple for the obvious security reasons. It would be nice to have video chat to see couples before you meet them in person but it’s not there. I personally would rather have that feature myself.

Forums – Yes there are online forums so you can chat and interact with other locals wingers. If you have questions about the swinger lifestyle, then this is the place to ask them. Also the forum seems like it’s the perfect place to share your wildest couple stories and experiences.

Up coming swinger events – This is pretty common on swinger sites, and is always nice to see to local swinger events. I see

Overall, Swingular is a good swinger site, compared to AdultFriendFinder which is better? Swingular seems to have “local swinger club events”, I don’t believe has that (they should). Comparing the amount of people visiting each site Swingular has about 54,000 visitors per month, has over 30 million monthly visitors. Swingular is strictly swingers, but Adult Friend Finder is for swinger couples as well as single women and men looking for adult dating fun. Personally for me I still think is the best bang for your buck, however if you are a die hard swinger that really follows the swinging lifestyle then might be what you are looking for. My suggestion is test drive both sites (register for free at both services) and see which one appeals to you more, it’s the easiest way for you to compare services.

Other swinger sites you might want to read reviews on include, SwingLifeStyle and Swappernet.

Good luck!!

Jun 29
Swappernet Review is a website dedicated to local couples, as well as singles in the “swinging” lifestyle. A few months back I did a review of Swappernet offers the same type of services. Esentially is for couples seeking other couples for fun times. If you are single don’t worry as you are still included in the fun. Many swingers seek threesomes for fun times, so it’s not all couples seeking couples. Swappernet boasts 1,807,176  swinging members in their database. When I browsed around the site there were 2985 other members on the site as the same time that I was.

Swappernet Features:

Ok, lets get into the features for Swappernet. offers a variety of features to help you interact and meet other couples and single swingers in the area. For starters they have online forums that enable you to ask questions and join in various discussions relating to swinging and dating. This is a basic feature that most dating sites have. You can also browse the “galleries”, where you see all types of “fun”. Some of the photos should be viewed without younger people in the room (obviously).  I couldn’t find any online web cam rooms, which is always a nice feature to have. It’s the best and quickest way to verify if people are real.

My Favorite Features:

Probably the fastest way to  and best way to meet couples on Swappernet is to go to the chat rooms. I personally am not into endless emails, back and forth. I would rather go to a chat room and start chatting right away.  The chat rooms offer the best way to meet couples in . Another great feature is the “parties & events” feature. The “parties & events” sections lets you view what’s happening locally in , or whatever city is local to you. Swappernet is a newer swinger dating site, there have been others before them such as, as well as the grand daddy of swinger sites (

screenshot of

Before you register for Swappernet, why not try out AdultFriendFinder? AdultFriendFinder has millions more members than Swapernet, so you’re chances of meeting local couples is much better if you have more members to browse through. Or, you can register for  free on both dating services and see which swinger site works for you. If I did have to pick one I would go with AdultFriendFinder.