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Oct 8
Where To Meet Married Women

Today I would like to discuss some of the best places to meet married women online. Married dating, which is a new dating term meaning married women and men who date. Whether or not you find this offensive or repulsive doesn't matter. Married women and married men have their reasons why they look outside of their marriage. I am not here to judge anyone, I am strictly here as a dating review site to offer my own opinions, my reviews and my suggestions on where to find women, single or in this case married.

There are numerous websites that I have done reviews on that strictly focused on the married personals niche. Those married dating sites include and Ashley

Both of these sites work well for one reason and one reason only, you don't have to lie about what you are looking for. Prior to married dating sites being invented, most married women and married men would go to single sites and lie about their status. They did not want to be charged and he found it easier to be approved as a member if they listed the status single and not married. Obviously we think of dating you don't think of married women and married men going out and meeting new people. It doesn't make much sense but it is a very popular way for men and women to cheat on their spouses.

Why Do I Recommend These Married Dating Sites? and AshleyMadison both have millions of members that are looking for the exact same thing you are. They're missing situation so you can rest assured that discretion and discreteness will happen. You don't have to lie, you can be honest with the people on these discreet married services.

Another reason I recommend these dating sites if you are looking for discreet fun is because that if someone is actually registered on on any married dating site then you can pretty much guarantee that they are married and they are looking for fun on the side. It makes it much easier if you don't have to lie about who you are. Everything is out in the open and you have access to thousands and thousands of married women. It's like being a kid in a candy store. You can eat all the candy you want and your mother isn't going to slap your hand for reaching in to the candy jar.

And all honesty I really think those two sites are the best places to meet married women seeking discreet fun. Don't waste your time using single sites pretending to hide who you really are, with these two sites you can be who you are and you don't have to worry.

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Aug 6
Ashley Madison Targets Married Gamblers in Atlantic City

Every time I find news on Ashley Madison it seems they are pissing someone off, lol. I think that is their whole advertising strategy. If people complain about Ashley Madison billboards around their town, they are usually taken down. This is followed by news media reporting on the whole thing, and blam Ashley Madison gets free advertising and publicity. I think they are geniuses, free advertising for them. They must be laughing all the way to the bank, and it works in every town they put up billboards in, it's insane.

Now it looks like the folks at are starting the same strategy in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It seems there are tons of cheaters who also like to gamble, interesting… Read the full Ashley Madison Agency article here.

Aug 3
AttachedPeople Review – Married Dating For Attached People is a website for lonely married women and married men seeking to meet each other. Attached People is basically another website, just like Ashley These type of websites are very popular and seem to be gaining popularity every single month.

With this bond of the Internet finding discreet affairs has never been easier. Attached is designed to fill the void of married people who just aren't satisfied with their partners.

I created a basic membership and have now logged in to the members area of Attached People. The site has a nice, clean layout, which makes it very easy to navigate and see the various sections and features of the site.

Attached People Features

  • Attached has many features that I would like to discuss now. Some of the features that you can expect in the members area include search option, messages option, chat section, video section, store, cams, invite, and member features.
  • The search feature enables you to search based on me height and body type, as well as location and gender.
  • The messages section basically enables you to send and receive messages discreetly, so you don't have to receive messages in your home e-mail where it would be easy for your wife or husband to see what you are doing.
  • The chat feature I couldn't review because, you need to purchase a gold or silver membership in order to use the chat features.
  • I could not access the video section of the site because it instructs many to purchase a full membership before I can watch any videos on the site.
  •  The store section of the site is not accessible, I need to pay for a full membership before I can access that section of the website.
  • The cam section enables you to watch professional Web cam models live on your computer screen. This is a paid service, these are not married women located locally in your area. This will cost you roughly 3 dollars per minute to watch cam models strip for you live on your computer screen. You can chat with them and tell them what to do.
  • The invite section of the site enables you to invite your friends if they are married and lonely, like you are.

Attached People Pricing

Attached offers two different pricing structures, gold and silver.

  1. The silver membership enables you to reply to messages, view full profiles, see your matches, you can also set messages and you can grab their attention by sending married women your interested in virtual gifts. The price is $23.50 per month for the silver membership.
  2. The gold membership offers everything that the silver membership does, but it also gives you $25 and get credits, your able to watch live WebCam shows that is a $200 value. Other features for the gold membership include the ability for you to play adult flash games you can use a Web cam chat features with other members on Attached and you have member video access. Lastly you also have access to the famous gold room. Prices are as low as $9.95 per month.

One Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $34.75 until cancelled. Three Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $69.75 until cancelled. One Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $39.75 until cancelled. Three Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $79.75 until cancelled. One Year Gold subscription is $119.75 and will auto-renew at $79.75 for three months until cancelled. All fees charged in U.S. dollars.

You can pay with credit card, check or by mail.

Quick fact: Attached is run by the same people who run affair If you have a membership at affair match then you don't need one or the site and then

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Aug 3
Ashley Madison Billboard Gets Taken Down in Australia

It looks like the original married dating site is taking Sydney, Australian by storm and local Australian politicians are starting to step in. Where ever Ashley Madison tries to advertise they are met with barriers, Australia is no different. bought billboard space in the largest city in Australia and now they mayor is happy the huge billboard has been taken down.

The advertising team at Ashley Madison are very smart, either way they win. If the ads stay up more people learn about their service, if they are taken down then all the controversy hits the news media and they still get publicity but this time it's free for them. Any publicity is good publicity and Ashley Madison knows this fully. They like creating controversy because it cost them nothing, except free advertising. read full story.

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Jul 16
MarriedCafe Review – Dating For Married People

Today's review is on a website called Married Cafe. is yet another dating site that focuses on the married but looking niche. I have done many reviews on married dating sites in The past few months. I have received some e-mails from people wondering why I would be promoting infidelity and philandering. I am not emphasizing that you should be cheating on your wife or husband. I am not the one who owns any of these sites, I am merely offering an unbiased review of the services that each of those dating sites offers to its members.

Married Cafe

I created my basic membership and logged into the members area. I have known about this site for a long period of time and I have seen it springing up on Google, Yahoo, as well as MSN.

Married Cafe features:

Some of the features I see in the members area include own, mailbox, profile, search, account, and chat.

  • The home button shows you a quick view of everything you need to see in the members section.
  • The email section is where you can send and receive emails from members who use Married Cafe.
  • The profile section enables you to edit your profile, as well as upload images of yourself so other members can see what you look like.
  • The search section is sort of limiting, you can only search based on gender, as well as location. Many other sites I have reviewed let you search based on many other options including, height, weight, hair color, breast size, body type, sexual preferences, and even fetishes.
  • The chat section enables you to chat with live web cam models, not actual married women looking to meet other married people. This is a paid service, by the minute. It will cost you about $2.95 per minute to see web cam models nude. Personally I think it's silly to have live web cam models on a dating site, I'm sure it makes the site money. However I'm sure you want to meet real women, not web cam models.

Married Cafe Prices

The the cost to use is as follows:

  • If you want to pay six months in advance it will cost you $16.65 per month.
  • If you want to pay three months in advance it will cost you $21.65.
  • If you just want to pay monthly the price is $24.95.

** Something to note is that your monthly subscription to Married Cafe will automatically renew at the price that you have chosen.

MarriedCafe payment options

Married Cafe traffic and information

Married Cafe doesn't receive many visitors on a monthly basis, this is bad because it lacks a large membership that is needed if you plan on actually meeting someone in person. The chances of meeting someone off of are slim, just for this reason. stats

I have said in many of my other reviews, if there aren't enough visitors you are wasting your time and more importantly your own money. You need to have a large database of married women, so you actually have a good chance of meeting someone, this is common sense. Many people don't realize this so I point it out in every review I do. I am here to do an unbiased review and protect you from wasting your own time, and your own money.

You can see a screenshot of the traffic statistics compared to other popular online dating websites such as Married Date ClubAdult Friend Finder, and Ashley Madison. All 3 of these sites have many more members than Married Cafe.


If you want to create a free membership to Married Cafe go right but, also create a free memberships on and I would not recommend you buy a full membership to, unless you have tried them for free first and you feel confident that you can meet someone once you upgrade by paying for it.

Jul 2
DiscreetAdventures Review- Discreet Dating For Married People

Today's review is on a website called Discreet Adventures is a dating website that caters to married men and women seeking discreet affairs with other married people.

I am halfway through filling out my dating profile for the website. Right now I'm just filling out my interests. Some of the interests that you can choose for your dating profile are quite funny. You can choose things such as fine dining, lights on during sex, sugar daddy, and being tickled, lol.

Okay, now I am logged in to the members area of Discreet Adventures. The catch phrase for this site is "married but looking for some extra fun and excitement."

Discreet Adventures Features:

The search feature for the site is pretty cool, you can use an "easy search" or a "detailed search". The detailed search enables you to search based on marital status, attached or married. You can search based on how many children another member has, from zero right up to eight children. You can also search based on drinking habits, smoking habits, eye color, hair color, height, body type (a few extra pounds, athletic, muscular, and slender). You can also search based on race, religion, occupation, education, and the type of relationship that you are seeking.

Other features include match finder, who's online, favorites, hot list and mailbox. In order to contact other members by sending a message you need to upgrade to a paid membership. You can however send winks to other members for free. The match finder feature basically does all the calculations and searching, you state  what you are looking for and match finder will find what you are looking for.

I didn't see any type of online chat feature or any type of web cam options available on Discreet Adventures. Personally, I think it's always nice to be able to chat as well as see someone live on web cam that you are interested in meeting a person. It saves you the pain of meeting someone who doesn't look anything like their photograph at all.

Discreet Adventures Pricing:

Pricing for Discreet Adventures comes in three different options, one month, three months, and six month subscriptions.

  • The one-month subscription will cost you $26.95 per month.
  • The three month subscription will cost you $59.95 for three months.
  • The six-month subscription will cost you $89.95 for six months.

Here we go again, I am brutally honest with every dating site I review. Discreet Adventures will cost you $26.95 a month, that is the average price of a monthly online dating membership. Here is the problem, Discreet is lacking quality features such as web cam chat and online text chat. Why would you pay $26.95 per month for this site, when there are countless others that are roughly the same price but offer many other features including webcam chat and text chat area. In this day and made there is no reason for a dating site not to have those features, it has become the norm and almost essential.

Also I almost forgot to mention that the amount of visitors visiting Discreet is very low. Discreet Adventures receives roughly 8000 visitors per month. If you compare visitors of Discreet Adventures to adult friend you will drop your jaw. Married Dater Club receives over 15 million visitors per month. With the price of Married Dater Club been around $30 per month realistically you know which website makes more sense to go with. It's like comparing a Honda to a Ferrari, there is no comparison.

Discreet Adventures stats



comparison of visitors for DiscreetAdventures (blue) to Dater Club (green).


Jun 30
AffairMatch Review – Affair Match Dating Site In Detail

Today's review is on a site called Match is yet another website dedicated men and women who are married but looking for more. The tagline for Affair Match is "explore your options".

The site seems fairly clean and easy to navigate, and it looks like there are many features to choose from. I created my free membership and I am now logged in to the members area. Features:

Here are the list of the features that I am able to see in the members area. There is search, messages section, chat button, videos, stores section, web cam section, and an area called member features.

  • This search option enables you to choose based on gender, location, age, as well as body type, and even height. You can also search based on if a person has a photograph, and if someone is currently online.
  • The messages section is basically just the e-mail service that is provided by Affair Match.
  • The chat section is only available to members who paid by upgrading with a credit card. 
  • The videos section is the same as live chat section,you need to pay in order to view videos on the site. 
  • The store section is the same thing, you need to upgrade by purchasing a full membership.
  • The web cam section of the site is a paid service. You get to see live cam girls, not local married women. This part of the site is run by a company called
  • The members features section basically just lists of schedule of when web cam girls will be performing live on their web cam. Watching girls on their web cams is not free, it will cost you money. Codes of of this section include porn videos, adult DVDs, I sat, sex toy store, whiter teeth, building muscle, playing games,
    and a few other tidbits.

Affair Match Pricing: offers two different memberships, gold and silver.

The silver membership enables you to reply to messages, view profiles, send messages to other members, and you can also send other members of virtual gifts.

The gold membership enables you to reply to messages, view profiles, you can send messages to other members, send virtual gifts, you also have access to live cam shows, adult flash games, web cam chat with other members, access to members of videos, as well as the famous "Gold room" (not sure what that is).

The gold package comes in three different payment options:

You can pay $44.05 for a monthly membership, $88.37 for three months membership, or $132.97 for a one year membership. All memberships are recurring.

The silver package comes in two different payment options:

You can pay $38.51 for a 1 month membership,you can purchase a three month membership for $77.29. All memberships are recurring. has a sneaky tactic in where they automatically sign you up for aone year free membership to a website called This automatically charges your card $44.27 after 30 days.

Is it seems that smaller dating sites enroll you in free trials in order to make more revenue from you. This is a bad business practice, and will only piss off anyone that registers on the site. receives roughly 25,000 visitors per month. And it is steadily declining. In January this site received 100,000 visitors by the and now it has dropped 75%, could it be because they are pissing off their members? Having free trials that automatically renew after 30 days is a quick way to make people angry.

I don't recommend you register to this site. Why take the chance of having unknown charges on your credit card.Do yourself a favor and stick with larger and more trusted online dating sites such as Married Dater Club.

Jun 24
MarriedDateLink Review – Meet Married Women Here? is a married but looking dating site. I signed up to Married Date Link, created a free profile and now I am logged in to the members area. Is part of the Date Link Network. This site has been around for a few years now, it's not the most popular married dating website but it still attracts new members. First off I did a traffic analysis, to see how many unique visitors Married Date has got on a monthly basis receives very few visitors on a monthly basis. Roughly 26,000 people visited Married Date Link in May. If you have read any of my other reviews you know that 26,000 visitors per month is very, very low. In order for a dating site to be effective personally I feel it needs to have at least 1 million members on a countrywide level. The bottom line is this, your chances of meeting a married woman in  is very slim. In any case I will still continue on with this review.

Married Date Link features:

Browsing in the members area I can see a variety of features such as, live chat, sexy links and my mailbox.

  •  The sexy links button takes me to a page that tries to sell you a variety of penis enhancement pills, weight control pills and some pills that actually are supposed to increase your sperm volume by 500%. I actually laughed out loud at the sperm volume advertisement.
  • When I clicked on the live chat button I was taken to the payment page in order to get into the chat rooms.
  • The message board on did have a variety of topics but this message board is actually part of the larger Date Link network. I couldn't actually find any topic related to married dating. Everything that was on the message board was related to hooking up and having sex with single women, not married women. The bottom-line is the forum is sharing its members with other dating sites such as,,, and about 15 other websites in the Date Link network. They also own other sites in the married dating niche such as,,, I'm actually quite sure that the members on Married Date Link are probably the same members that you will see on any of the other Date Link website.

Married Date Link pricing:

Ok, this is where it gets a little bit ridiculous. The site has a limited time offer, if you pay for one full year, the price is reduced to $99.44 from the inflated price of $358.32. If you do the second payment option you get three months for the price of two.The price works out to $49.72. You can pay monthly at the standard price of $29.86 if you like.

Married Date Link pricing

Realistically I wouldn't put my credit card information on this site if my life depended on it, why? There are very few members on the site, so basically you're paying to talk to yourself.

Do yourself a favor and sign up to this site instead. You'll have much more success, and also the ability to contact many, many more married women in the area then you would with Married, has millions of members worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and many other countries that speak different languages. Don't waste your time on smaller dating site, you will you will waste not only your time, but also your money. If you are looking for married women you need to go where those married wives are. Stick with the big sites and you'll be okay. Think of Married Date Link as a tavern in a small Southern town and then think of as at nightclub in New York. You need to go where the action is!

I have done many reviews, and while I may seem biased on which sites I like, there is a reason behind it. I like certain sites because they actually work, they have millions of members, and they enable you to use many features for free. Not all sites are created equal many dating sites have very little to offer and if you don't watch out you can easily waste your hard earned money on fresh air.

Take my advice and you'll do just fine. I welcome and encourage comments from you. Please leave a comment and help us all learn from your experiences. If you don't agree with my review of MarrieDateLink, then tell me why. I'm open to debates.

Jun 22
MarriedButLonely Review – Is Worth Your Time?, is another married dating website catering to be a unhappily married men and women across the world, or people who are just looking for some fun on the side. Married But Lonely is owned by the same company who run as well as If you have a membership to any of those sites then you don’t need to create a new dating profile on home page

As with all my other reviews of dating websites I make sure to check the traffic analysis. A traffic analysis means that I check to see how many people visit on a monthly basis. Why do I do this? It’s important when joining a dating site that you make sure there are enough members there, that you have a good chance of meeting married local women in your area. There is no reason  paying for a membership on a dating site if you have little to no chance meeting a married woman for some fun on the side. So, how do the traffic look for, not too good. On an average month Married But Lonely receives about  29,000 visitors, this is very low.

In reality a site with 29,000 visits is useless to you, if it’s a dating website. I have lots of experience with dating websites so trust me that this is not the kind of website that you want to waste your time with. Unfortunately 29,000 visitors on a worldwide level will give you very slim pickings, the chance of you meeting a married local woman in your area is very, very slim. You will have a much higher chance of meeting married women if you go with websites that have millions of users. Everything is a numbers game and meeting women is no different, if there are more married women on a dating site then your chances of meeting someone in real life are that much calls itself your number one source where married lonely women find men for discreet relationships, I highly doubt that.

I just tried to register on the sign-up page however they are already asking for my credit card details even before I create a free dating profile!! Why would I input my credit card details even before I have had a chance to review and test out the features of the site, it makes no sense to me. On the sign up page it says to please enter your credit card for age verification. There is a trial that says “you have chosen access for three days using our promotional trial offer. There is a small processing fee of $1.87 for your three day trial.” So basically you cannot even create a free dating membership on, which is really bogus. And of course if you forget to cancel your three day trial membership you are automatically billed at $47.39 month until you will membership.

Married But Lonely join page

Well, I guess I can even do A real review of if they want me to input my credit card information even before I get to see what they can offer me. The site states on the page that my ip has been recorded for tracking, this is to protect them against fraud. Who’s going to protect me against their fraud?

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from there are too many dating sites out there that offer real service and value, so go with one of them. I recommend or Ashley  Better yet, register for both sites and see which one you personally like better, they are both free for a basic membership.

Enough people have been complaining about dating sites for a long time now that I feel it’s my duty to give you unbiased and detailed reviews of dating sites so you can learn from my experience and make the right choice. Now I see why Married But Lonely wants you to pay in advance for their service, it’s because they really don’t have any service with only 29,000 members there is not much of a dating site there to use at all.

Stick with Married Dater Club or Ashley and you will be much happier.

Jun 22
AffairsClub Review – Not The Best Place For An Affair  this site calls itself “the easiest place to have a affair.This is the largest collection of unfaithful and desperate wives online these women are not about playing games most have webcams and are ready to chat”. I’m going to find out if this is true, time for me to create my free account and check out the features of home page screen shot

I created my free dating profile on Affairs Club. My password  was e-mailed to me and when I click the link in the email I was directed not to, but to Like I have said in numerous blog posts this is very common. Many online dating companies own several different websites that all lead to the same database of members, is no different.

Now I am logged on to the Horny Matches members area. Realistically there’s no way for me to continue on with this review of because I am not even on Affairs Club anymore I am in the members area of Horny I have done a review of Horny Matches in a previous blog post. As I mentioned in that review, Horny Matches owns at least seven different websites. They own,,, and

Features of a.k.a.

  • They have a cam chat, where you can chat with web cam models, not married women at  a website called This is a paid service which will run you about $3.00 per minute, so don’t use it.
  • The search options for are basic, you can search for women, search for couples, you can search for two women, two men and so on. The search functions are the same as
  • Another feature is the “Winks” feature. If you are interested in a married woman then all you need to do is send them a wink, this basically means that you would like to chat with them or get to know them better.

The problem is you can’t use the web cam chat feature, or the wink feature unless you upgrade.

Affairs Club Pricing:

The only way to upgrade is that you pull out your credit card and buy the the one-month membership to

  • The membership will cost you $34.95 monthly.
  • If you want to buy four months in advance the price will drop down to $17.49 a month.

Realistically if I was a married man seeking a married woman then I would probably not use this dating site because there are better dating sites available out there for married people. If you’re looking for married women why would you join a website such as this because in reality all your joining is an adult dating website that has married and single people all put together on one site.

As I just said I recommend you use a site that is dedicated and focused on married dating for instance Ashley or if you’re going to register for a dating service you might as well register where it makes the most sense. If you’re looking for married women then obviously you need to register on a married but looking site, not an adult dating site that isn’t focused on married dating.

You could register for free  at and see if you like it but I’m sure that you will be much happier with Married Dater Club or Ashley Madison. That sums it up for my review of

Good luck meeting those married women!

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