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Sep 28
FBookSluts Review – My Review Of is part of Fling. If you don't know what Fling, it is one of the largest adult dating sites online at present time. FBookSluts uses the same database of dating members as I found out about FBookSluts on porn sites. This is the only place that FBookSluts is advertised, and is the only place that you will see it unless you type in your address bar.

Given that is only advertised of adult porn sites you can be assured that there is going to be lots of males on the site, because men like porn and this is the only place that FBookSluts is seen.

Just like all my other reviews I created my free membership to login to the dating and see exactly what they have to offer. I created my membership and I was immediately logged into So, like I said in numerous other reviews many online dating sites use other domain names to send traffic to the main site. In this case FBookSluts is sending traffic (members) to If you already have a dating profile on then you don't need to create one for

Just like Fling, FBookSluts has the exact same features, because they are the same site. Features

Quickly I will review what FBookSluts has to offer.

  • Some of the features for FBook Sluts include the search feature, online now, video chat, galleries, live cams, sex shop.
  • The search section enables you to search for members based on gender, age, body, type and location.
  • The online now section enables you to see is online right now at present time and chat with them live.
  • The video chat section lets you chat with other members who have a web cam installed on their computer. In order for you to video chat with other members on you will also need a webcam, and the people you're chatting with will need a web cam.
  • The galleries section is basically all nude photographs of female and male members across the world that you can see as well as rate.
  • The live cams section of the site lets you watch live webcams of web cam models, this is a paid service that will cost you about $3.00 per minute and I don't recommend using it unless you want waste your money jerking off. You're here to meet real women and to hook up with them for some fun in the sack, right? Do not pay $3.00 per minute for live Web cam action, unless you're an idiot.
  • The sex shop section enables you to buy sex toys and adult DVDs.Once again this is unnecessary and if I was you I would stay away from purchasing useless products online.

FBook Sluts pricing

The pricing for FBookSluts is exactly the same as Fling, because is that same site.

There are 2 types of memberships to choose from, gold or silver.

The gold membership is available in three different formats:

  •    18 months will cost you $119.95 in one installment, this works out to be $6.67 month.
  •    3 months will cost you $59.95, and this works out to $19.97 per month.
  •    Paying on a monthly basis will cost you $34.95.

The silver membership is also available in three different formats:

  •   12 months will cost you $99.95, this works out to be $8.33 per month.
  •   Three months will cost you $49.95, and that works out to be $16.65 per month.
  •   One month will cost you $24.95.

FBookSlut does have millions of members, because it is run by It has lots of features to choose from, video chat, webcam rooms online chat rooms and most importantly lots of local women to hook up with.

FBookSluts girls

My recommendation as always is to create a free dating profile on and create a free dating profile on the largest adult dating site online, . Test out both dating sites and see where you have better results and then you can choose which one you would like to move forward with. It's just like when you want to get your car fixed, you should always get two quotes to see which one has the better pricing. This is the same thing, try both services and see which one works out better for you. Best of all it's free to create a basic membership on both sites.

Aug 20 Review – My Review Of Seek Buddies is a newer dating site, that is actually part of The site may look different than Fling but I just registered for a free account and I can tell you that the members area looks very familiar because it uses the same look and feel as Fling.

Seek Buddies is basically what you would call a cobrand dating site, which means they use the same database of members as Fling, some of the layout features, but the homepage graphics look different. Many dating sites, and many sites in general do have a few different versions of their site.

Seek Buddies Features

Seek Buddies just like Fling offers a variety of features, such as the search option, online now, and online video chat rooms.

The search features enable you to search for other members, male and female on, as well as You can use the "new faces" feature to see who has recently registered on Seek Buddies. There is also the who viewed option that lets you see who was looking at your dating profile on Seek Buddies.

There is also the online now feature that lets you see who is online at the present time so you can chat with members live if you're interested in doing so.

The video chat feature enables you to chat with other members who have webcams. You can see them live on cam as well as chat with them through the online chat interface on Seek Buddies. The online chat rooms had 476 users all online at the same time. There are many chat rooms that range from BBW chat rooms, gay chat rooms, and much more. In order to use the chat rooms, you need to upgrade your membership by paying for it. You can either purchase a gold or silver membership so you can get access to the online video chat rooms.

They also have the galleries section that enables you to see nude photographs of members of Seek Buddies and Fling. In order to view this section of the site you also need to upgrade to a full membership, by paying for it. Pricing

Seek Buddies offers two memberships to choose from gold and silver.

The gold membership is available in three different formats:

  1. 18 months will cost you $119.95 in one installment, this works out to be $6.67 month.
  2. 3 months will cost you $59.95, and this works out to $19.97 per month.
  3. Paying on a monthly basis will cost you $34.95.

The silver membership is also available in three different formats:

  1.   12 months will cost you $99.95, this works out to be $8.33 per month.
  2.   Three months will cost you $49.95, and that works out to be $16.65 per month.
  3.   One month will cost you $24.95.

Seek Buddies offers a get laid guaranteed, just like Fling, "you will get laid or you get a free membership."


If you already have a membership to Fling, then you don't need one for Personally what I think you should do if you're interested in, you can register for a free membership and then do a comparison with another very popular adult dating site called Adult Friend This is a great way for you to compare two dating services and then you can go for one that you like the best. Good luck.

Jul 9
Fling Review – A Review Of

The only real competition to is a website called Fling has been around since roughly 2006 and it has gained quite a bit of popularity in that time frame.

In in terms of popularity Fling would come in second place to the ever popular Adult Friend Finder. Why is Fling so popular? One of the huge reasons for their success is their marketing. They have a very aggressive marketing team, and if you look anywhere on Google and type in any type of dating terms they are bound to come up in the sposored links.

I created my basic membership which took me about two minutes and now I am logged in to the members area of the site, so I can start my review. Features

Some of the features found inside Flings member area include search, online now, video chat, galleries, live cams, and Sex Shop.

  • The search feature enables you to find flings based on gender, country, zip code, you can choose based on "friends with benefits", open to relationship, and threesomes, and if the person is online now. You could all also search based on age if a person has a web cam, and also if they have a verified photo.
  • The next feature is the "online now" feature. This is self-explanatory, it basically tells you who is online at present time. You can chat with members who have a  web cam or by e-mail if you see someone who is online that your interested in.
  • Video chat, is basically the same as web cam chat. You can see and chat with other members live on web cam as you type to them. If you want to be viewed on your web cam, you will need to purchase one or if you have a lap top then you may have a web cam installed right into the computer. The video chat section of the site has many different chat rooms such as naked and playing, fun house, legacy,and "Chillin Pimpin".
  • The galleries section of the site basically enables you to view other members images, most of these images are nude so if you're offended by that content then obviously this website is not for you. In order to view the actual images you will need to upgrade your membership to either a gold or silver status. This is done by pulling out your credit card and paying for it.
  • Next is the live cams feature. This is for premium members only, which means you will need to pay in order to access this section of the site.
  • The "sex shop" feature is only accessible if you purchase a membership as well.

One thing I thought that was sort of funny was that Fling actually has a "safe mode" setting. This setting blocks user profiles containing explicit sexual content appearing in your search results when you are looking for someone to hook up with. I find this silly, since this is an adult dating website. The point of the site is to meet someone to hook up with, so I doubt less than 0.05% of Fling's members ever use this option, lol.

Fling Pricing

Flingcom offers two types of memberships to choose from, gold or silver.

The gold membership is available in three different formats:

  • 18 months will cost you $119.95 in one installment, this works out to be $6.67 month.
  • 3 months will cost you $59.95, and this works out to $19.97 per month.
  • Paying on a monthly basis will cost you $34.95.

The silver membership is also available in three different formats:

  • 12 months will cost you $99.95, this works out to be $8.33 per month.
  • Three months will cost you $49.95, and that works out to be $16.65 per month.
  • One month will cost you $24.95. Gold membership Silver membership

Fling was the first site that I saw that offered you a guarantee. The guarantee is this, "you will get laid or you get a free membership."

Overall Fling does have quite a bit to offer. It has millions of members, that I have said and many other reviews is very important when choosing a dating site. There are many features as well including the web cam chat, online chat, personal videos and personal photographs of other members on Fling.

Fling vs AdultFriendFinder

Fling vs AdultFriendFinder

My personal recommendation is that you create a free basic membership to, as well as you can compare both dating services. This is the best way for you to see which site you like better. It is always better to have some choice that no choice at all. Do yourself a favor and registered a both sites and, it will only take you a few minutes and you will have  that many more local women e-mailing you and contacting you for some fun.

In all honesty, these sites are the top two most popular adult dating site on the Internet today. You have to look no further than trying out either of these two sites if you are to hook up with locally.  Adult Friend Finder has been around longer and does have more members. However, don't let that from discouraging you to register for a free account at Flingcom as well.

Good luck, and happy dating.


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Jun 21
HookUpArea Review – Can You HookUp Here? is another adult dating website that is owned by, the site layout is the same as and it also shares the same database of members so if you have a membership all ready for Fling, then you don’t need to create a new membership for What a lot of these dating sites do is create multiple websites that all look different but in reality they are using the same members for all of the sites. You can easily waste money on buying dating memberships for three or four dating sites but in reality they are all the same company, that’s not always the case but I wanted to point that out to you. home page

I checked the traffic analysis for Hookup Area and it receives roughly 120,000 visitors per month, which is very low if you compare it to Fling actually receives 72 million visits per month, basically like I said if you have a membership to Fling already you don’t need to sign up to it’s just a waste of time and money .

HookUpArea stats

Hookup Area Features:

Some of the features for include, the “on line now” feature, new locals feature, video chat, galleries, and also a live cams feature. I don’t suggest you actually use live cams. Live web cams is basically a pay service which means that you have to pay to use it on a per minute basis and runs about $3.00 a minute .You go into a web cam room with a web cam model, you pay to watch her strip down. I think it’s a waste of money, don’t bother using it. pricing

HookUp Area has two different types of memberships gold and silver:


  • The gold membership if you pay in advance you get six months free which works out to $6.67 a month you pay that in one installment of $119.95.
  • The  three-month option is where you pay every three months ($59.95), which ends up costing you $19.99 a month
  • Monthly basis is $35.95  for the gold membership.



  • The Silver membership if you pay in advance will cost you $99.95 for one year installment that works out to $8.33 a month.
  • There is is also three-month membership that works out $49.95, every 3 months
  • There is also the one month membership that will cost you $24.95 a month.

hookup-area-silver-membership has the same kind of guarantee as If you don’t hook up after three months they will give you another three months free.

Personally I think you should get a free basic membership to Hookup Area and test drive their dating service. You can see if you like the features, and if you want a full membership later on you can do it. I like to try the services before I actually end up buying a membership, it’s the best way find what you like without paying before hand.

I would also suggest that you also sign up to Adult Friend Finder, that way you can compare services and then you can see which one you like better. It’s better to make a comparison between two dating sites instead of just using one right off the bat. Testing services enables to you see what you like and what you like and don’t like about each service.

May 12
MeetLocals Review – My Opinion Of is a newer adult dating/swinger site that has 2.1 million visitors per month, not bad for a newer site actually. MeetLocals is owned and run by the same people who own Fling. Meet Locals has about 58% women and 42% male according to my research. If this is actually true that a pretty good ratio. 64% of members are white and 26% are black. You can see the rest of the stats on the chart below.

I created my free basic membership, got my password emailed to me and logged to Meet Locals so I could do my review of the dating site.

MeetLocals Features:

  • Live Cams – This is a paid service with models that will run you about $3.00 per minute, a waste of money in my opinion.
  • Video Chat – Chat with other local members if you have a web cam, this is part of the paid service. When I logged onto the video chat there were only 3 people on there, 2 guys and 1 girl..
  • Online Now – You can see like it says who is online now in or by zip code, useful.
  • Photos – You can browse all the xrated images on Meet Locals, you need to turn off safe mode in order to be able to view the naughty images.
  • Search – You can do searched based on the usual stuff which is geographical location (), sexual preference, age, who’s online now,  and who has verified photos.
  • Verified photos – I like  the fact that they verify photos this helps to weed out scams and liars.
  • How do they verify photos? Verification is done by members sending  the administration a valid photo identification which matches the photos on their profile at that time. Pricing Options:

Obviously the site is only free for a basic membership which is limiting. If you want to use all the features of the site  then you need to pull out your credit card and pay. I have listed the dating packages and pricing for each.

The Gold Membership Package:

  • 1 Year + 6 Months FREE is $119.95 , which works out to $ 6.67 a month
  • if you prepay for 3 months it costs you $ 19.99 a month
  • if you want to just pay monthly the cost is $34.95 a month

The Silver Membership Package:

  • if you prepay for 12 Months the cost is $99.85, which works out to$ 8.33 a month
  • if you prepay for 3 Months, the cost works out to be $49.95, or $16.65 a month for the 3 month period
  • if you pay monthly the cost is $24.95 monthly

You can see below in the screen shot, what you get when you buy the gold or the silver member package. membership packages gallery pictures

(screen shot of home page of  x rated gallery section)

(screen shot of home page of

(screen shot of home page of search page) members area

(screen shot of members section)

My review and opinion of

The site is decent however when you compare it to a site like, who wins? AdultFriendFinder has millions more members worldwide and the price is roughly the same. Where do you have a better chance of getting laid?  It’s like comparing New York City to Little Rock Arkansas, there is no comparison really. More members means more women, more women means a much better chance of meeting local women in . I’m sure you see what I’m getting at, go with the biggest  bang!

Like I have said tons of times, you can register to both sites for free and see where you get the most action. Please leave your own review or opinion if you take my advice and create a dating profile on both sites. I would love to know what you think and what level of success you achieve meeting local women.

Quick fact:

**Some of the other sites run by Fling include, and

Happy adult dating!!

May 8
SexxyMofo Review – What Does A Site Like SexxyMofo Offer?

Continuing on with my review of swinger sites, I am doing a review of  Sexxy Mofo. is the same type of site as XXXBlackBook, AdultFriendFinder, , Swappernet, SwingLifestyle and Fling, they focus more on swingers and adult sex personals.  Ok, lets talk about now.

Meet Swingers In Now

SexxyMofo is a pretty funny name, it’s catchy and you probably won’t forget the name anytime soon. From a marketing stand point they win, because a name like Sexxy Mofo is easy to remember and that means you will come back to the site. One problem many dating sites, especially adult dating sites seem to be plagued with is fake female profiles. If you go to, you can see all the complaints about fake female profiles on all types of dating sites from EHarmony, and so on.

Sexxy Mofo has big bold letters on the home page stating “100% verified dating profiles”. They also state  that all the dating profiles are pre-screened, how they do this, probably by requesting information from you.  Just peeking on the home page they have live web cams where you can interact with other members, swinger videos. I then registered for my basic  free membership so I could do my review. I filled out my status as single, seeking full swap with couples in or anywhere for that matter. As a free member you don’t have access to all of the features. Since this review is meant to do the homework for you I have included a screen shot of the features  for free members compared to paying members below..

Screen shot of Sexxy Mofo features:

As you can seen from the screen shot I took of the Sexxy Mofo features, you do get quite a bit for not paying . SexxyMofo members area screen shot

Once I logged into the free members area I noticed a validation area.  A validation basically proves that you are a real problem,something that seems to be a problem on adult dating web sites, this feature fixes that problem. You can also see who is online at the moment if you want to connect with someone locally in . Another cool feature is the party pics, you can see photos of local swinger parties. You get see the action even before you go to any of the swinger club parties locally.

More features in detail:

The above screen shot shows all the features dedicated to members, you can search by state, find new SexxyMofos, new swinger couples locally, SexxyMofo photographs and more.

SexxyMofo party pics

The party links section is perfect to find swinger parties locally. You can even book hedonism vacations to meet other swinging  couples in an exotic environment, hot stuff!

Local swinger events

Browse local events such as swinger parties and couples events locally, very cool .

Overall the site is pretty well laid and full of swinger events to meet real couples for real swinging fun. The regular membership cost is $27.95 per month, but if you pay for one year the cost drops to $11.66, you get 60% off if you pay for one year in advance. Honestly I don’t like this because if you pay 1 year in full it costs you $132.92. What happens if you don’t like the site? My suggestions as always is to test drive the dating service for free before you pull out your credit card. Between SexyMofo and (Adult Friend Finder my favorite & largest swinger site in the world), who would I choose? Register for both, it’s a tough call but I think both sites have a lot to offer in terms of features.

Which site has more members? is the grand daddy of swinger dating so they have millions more members for sure, try both and leave a comment with the site you prefer.

May 1
HorneyMatches Review – A Review Of is probably one of the more popular adult dating sites, next to Fling, AdultFriendFinder, XXXBlackBook and AmateurMatch. Before I get into the details of Horney Matches, I want to list the other dating sites that are owned by the parent company called Pimp Mansion. uses the same database of members as the following dating web sites:


The bottom line is that all the adult sites listed above including HornyMatches are owned and run by the exact same online dating company. If you have a dating membership to ANY of the personals sites above then you don't need to register to, it's a waste of your time and money. Site Statistics For HorneyMatches Horney Matches receives roughly 7.2 million visitors per month, roughly 72% are males, no surprise there. Like most adult or main stream dating sites it's the new singles bar, and singles bars always have more men than women it has always been that way. I registered for a free basic membership to,  and one thing I did like that they copied from was their guarantee. Horney Matches has a 4 month guarantee, if you don't hook up with a women in 4 months they will give you an extra 4 months for free on their site, not bad (this is for paid members only).

HorneyMatches Features:

  1. webcam chat – This is not a web cam chat with regular members, this is a paid service with web cam models ( who strip on cam for money.  I thought this was kind of stupid, if I wanted to look at porn I would sign up a porn site, not a dating site!! WTF.
  2. search options – You can search based on numerous options such as men seeking women, men seeking men, men seeking couples, men seeking 2 women and so. Its basically the same search as has.
  3. winks – When women are interested in you the send you a "wink", basically meaning they want to chat with you or meet you. The problem with the wink is an old one, that most dating sites have. If you want to contact someone who sent you a wink you need to buy a full dating membership, this is where they ALWAYS get you.   Upgrading to a full membership costs you $34.95 a month or if you buy 4 months in advance it's $17.49 per month.

Overall it's the same thing as the other dating sites I have reviewed. I know I'm going to sound like a broken record but if you want the best place to meet women, and the best chance to meet them then go where they have the most women which is AdultFrienFinder. Why bother with less when you can get more? That is my personal opinion, but it makes perfect sense.


Apr 29
SexInYourCity Review – My Personal Review Of

A newer site that seems to be gaining popularity is a dating site called Sex In Your City (, not to be confused with the HBO show called Sex In Your City… The first thing I found out is that is actually from the UK with around 18.1 million US visitors per month. This is actually quite popular. I compared SexInYourCity to Fling and AdultFriendFinder and SexInYourCity was third in terms of people visiting the site. It looks the site is actually losing popularity compared to the and When it comes to ALL dating sites, males always, always, dominate and is no different at all with 67% of the visitors to the site being male. Besides that all the other research is pretty boring. Like all adult sites I review, I check out all the features to see the good the bad and the ugly of the dating site. Features:

  • Hot list – The hot list showcases sexy women located in your area.
  • Sex mag – The sex mag is basically all about sex. They have link to online porn sites, as well as real sex articles and tips on how to meet and interact with women. Actually some of the articles are pretty good such as the one about "Eating A Peach".
  • Member interviews – Actual interviews with members of Sex In Your City, pretty interesting.

Overall the site is the same as every other adult dating site. I would chose AdultFriendFinder over SexInYourCity. More members same basic price. Lastly, I checked and it seems some people have complained about the dating service. Some of the complaints include fraud and fake dating profiles. I have no way to verify this information but I am putting the info on here so you can decide for yourself what you want to do. It's better to have more information about something than less information.

Apr 13
SeekBang Review – Seek & Bang Hot Women By reading This Review

Ok here we go again another day another adult dating review. Today I would like to discuss Seek Bang seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity lately.  On the home page of  Seek Bang it states "People call it the Face Book of sex". Just like every adult dating site out there males seems to dominate the membership. That is no surprise to me, guys are horny right? Girls are looking for love, we are looking for one night of love. From what I can tell is owned by meaning that they use the same database of members for BOTH sites. If you have a dating membership to Fling, then you don't need to sign up to Seek Bang . I haven't reviewed Fling but I have checked out their site before. They offer the same type of options as other adult dating sites such as online chat, web cam rooms (see local women, couples or men  live on cam). It's the same thing over and over with most of these dating sites.

meet women in right here.

If they are all the same then who do you choose?

Well, if I had to choose like I have said on many of my blog posts I would choose AdultFriend Finder. You may as well choose a site that has literally millions of members seeking sex. Surprisingly has 25 millions visitors per month and has 28 million visitors, it looks like they are actually quite close in popularity now. So who do you go with? Well if you are not really sure you can register for free to both services and see where you meet the most women and then decide, simple!  It takes 2 minute to register to AdultFriendFinder and SeekBang (Fling) and then take your time browsing around and see what works for you. That is honestly the best advice I can give you. Good luck, now go meet some hot women in !