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May 13
SwapFinder Review – Part of The AdultFriendFinder Network

SwapFinder is another swinger/swapping site owned by the folks at I didn’t bother registering for a free basic membership because  I already have a free dating profile on AdultFriendFinder, so it’s a waste of my time to do another profile since Swap Finder uses the database of members from Adult Friend Finder. I have mentioned it many times on my blog that many dating sites uses the same database, so I don’t want to explain it again lol.

screen shot of homepage of SwapFinder

I would like to discuss the demographics of 56% of the members are male and 44% are female and that is about right for a swinger dating site, since swingers are going to be couples who swap with other couples usually. Roughly 45,000 people visit SwapFinders every month, that is low actually especially for a swinger site.

Since Swap Finder uses the membership database of AdultFriendFinder, then you have access to literally millions of swinging couples worldwide.  If you want to see the features that you get with SwapFinder, then you can read my review on FaceBookOfSex which also uses the same database as Adult Friend Finder. And like I mentioned on that review, the chances of meeting swapping couples in is high because this is the biggest adult dating membership in the entire world. I recommend you register for free so you can start swapping wives with other couples in .

screen shot of SwaperFinder’s members area

I have also done reviews on other swinger sites such as, Swingular, Swappernet and lastly SwingLifeStyle, if you interested.

Happy swapping!

May 11
XMatch Review – Is Just Another

While I was researching for a review for, I found another adult dating site called XMatch. XMatch is another site that uses the same database as, Face Book Of Sex and many other sites that I cannot recall right now. This is nothing new and no big deal, but I figured that if you wanted information on the best thing to do is read my review on FaceBookOfSex. All 3 sites are exactly the same just the graphics have been changed, this is nothing new to me but many people don’t realize that tons and tons of sites use this practice for various reasons. It is not a scam to do this but it’s important to know that you don’t memberships to all 3 web sites, if you can login to one of the sites then that is  enough, you have access to all the same members.

I am not in anyway knocking X Match it’s actually a good site because it has all the same features as  Adult Friend Finder and Face Book Of Sex. It also has the same millions of members as AFF (, meeting someone locally will not be a problem.  Rest assured you have made a good decision going with Like I have said before more information is better than less information, you can make better decisions that way.

XMatch has been around since 1996, as long as AdultFriendFinder. Anyways I just wanted to drop that information before I forgot about it. Sometimes I like to put up a post as soon as I think about it just because it’s fresh in my mind.

Happy adult dating! Leave a comment, so we can all benefit from your opinions, as well as mine.

May 11
FaceBookOfSex Review – Not The Face Book You Are Thinking Of

Face Book Of Sex is an adult dating site that has nothing at all to do with Face Book. They are riding on the coat tails of Face Book and registered for their dating site, no big deal there. Anyways for my review, I created a free basic membership, I got my password and I logged on to the dating site.
FaceBookOfSex is strictly adult dating, and it owned by the people of XMatch, which is in return owned by I checked out the features available and there is lots going. First off the site is available in a ton of languages from English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, French and so on.

Since Face Book Of Sex is part of AFF, they have literally have millions of members in the USA and worldwide. On The homepage they boast of having 2,216,836 members, and 124,054 members online at that moment.

screen shot of

Ok lets get down to the features of

When it comes to useful features the site is not at all lacking in any way. Face Book Of Sex has pretty much thought of everything, it’s the exact same as Adult Friend Finder so the features are exactly the same as

  • Chat – If you are looking to chat with someone in before you meet them this feature is for you. You can not only chat with local women you can also see them live on web cam (if they have one) even before you hook up with them. The last thing you want on your first date is a nasty surprise, this fixes that problem. You can choose which chat room you want to go into. Rooms are based on sexual preferences (fantasies, web cam room, cyber sex room, bbw room, swinging couples room, over 30 room, over 50 room, ebony room and much more ), as well as your location (, Las Vegas, New York, LA, Miami, etc..)
  • Magazine – The online magazine  has 1000s of articles based not only on sex but  relationship information such as, Breaking Up, Building a Relationship, Fitness, General Advice, Health and even a section dedicated to  Jokes.
  • Video – You can see local members videos, basically they create a  video of themselves in front of their web cam. Some of the videos can get pretty wild with many members appearing in bras and panties and some even less than that!
  • Blogs – You can create and have access to personal blogs of all members (if they have created a blog on Face Book Of Sex). Some of the blog posts contain sexual fantasies and experiences, basically it’s erotic reading.
  • Groups – You can join and browse groups based on geographical locations (New York, Los Angeles, etc…), sexual preferences (3somes, one on one and so on), fantasies and even groups dedicated to “married but looking”.
  • Search options – You can search the site based on numerous factors such as, Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies, 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship (for married and attached people), and Group sex (3 or more).

(above) screen shot of members videos

(above) screen shot of members blogs

You can register for free to test out the service and see if you like, but I’m pretty sure you will. The membership database is the same as, meaning you have access to millions and millions of members. The chances of meeting someone locally are quite high because this is the biggest adult dating site in the world. I recommend you register for free so you can start meeting women in .

** Please leave a comment or your own personal review  if you have had experiences, good or bad with FaceBookOfSex.