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Aug 6
Ashley Madison Targets Married Gamblers in Atlantic City

Every time I find news on Ashley Madison it seems they are pissing someone off, lol. I think that is their whole advertising strategy. If people complain about Ashley Madison billboards around their town, they are usually taken down. This is followed by news media reporting on the whole thing, and blam Ashley Madison gets free advertising and publicity. I think they are geniuses, free advertising for them. They must be laughing all the way to the bank, and it works in every town they put up billboards in, it's insane.

Now it looks like the folks at are starting the same strategy in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It seems there are tons of cheaters who also like to gamble, interesting… Read the full Ashley Madison Agency article here.

Aug 3
Ashley Madison Billboard Gets Taken Down in Australia

It looks like the original married dating site is taking Sydney, Australian by storm and local Australian politicians are starting to step in. Where ever Ashley Madison tries to advertise they are met with barriers, Australia is no different. bought billboard space in the largest city in Australia and now they mayor is happy the huge billboard has been taken down.

The advertising team at Ashley Madison are very smart, either way they win. If the ads stay up more people learn about their service, if they are taken down then all the controversy hits the news media and they still get publicity but this time it's free for them. Any publicity is good publicity and Ashley Madison knows this fully. They like creating controversy because it cost them nothing, except free advertising. read full story.

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Jun 22
AffairsClub Review – Not The Best Place For An Affair  this site calls itself “the easiest place to have a affair.This is the largest collection of unfaithful and desperate wives online these women are not about playing games most have webcams and are ready to chat”. I’m going to find out if this is true, time for me to create my free account and check out the features of home page screen shot

I created my free dating profile on Affairs Club. My password  was e-mailed to me and when I click the link in the email I was directed not to, but to Like I have said in numerous blog posts this is very common. Many online dating companies own several different websites that all lead to the same database of members, is no different.

Now I am logged on to the Horny Matches members area. Realistically there’s no way for me to continue on with this review of because I am not even on Affairs Club anymore I am in the members area of Horny I have done a review of Horny Matches in a previous blog post. As I mentioned in that review, Horny Matches owns at least seven different websites. They own,,, and

Features of a.k.a.

  • They have a cam chat, where you can chat with web cam models, not married women at  a website called This is a paid service which will run you about $3.00 per minute, so don’t use it.
  • The search options for are basic, you can search for women, search for couples, you can search for two women, two men and so on. The search functions are the same as
  • Another feature is the “Winks” feature. If you are interested in a married woman then all you need to do is send them a wink, this basically means that you would like to chat with them or get to know them better.

The problem is you can’t use the web cam chat feature, or the wink feature unless you upgrade.

Affairs Club Pricing:

The only way to upgrade is that you pull out your credit card and buy the the one-month membership to

  • The membership will cost you $34.95 monthly.
  • If you want to buy four months in advance the price will drop down to $17.49 a month.

Realistically if I was a married man seeking a married woman then I would probably not use this dating site because there are better dating sites available out there for married people. If you’re looking for married women why would you join a website such as this because in reality all your joining is an adult dating website that has married and single people all put together on one site.

As I just said I recommend you use a site that is dedicated and focused on married dating for instance Ashley or if you’re going to register for a dating service you might as well register where it makes the most sense. If you’re looking for married women then obviously you need to register on a married but looking site, not an adult dating site that isn’t focused on married dating.

You could register for free  at and see if you like it but I’m sure that you will be much happier with Married Dater Club or Ashley Madison. That sums it up for my review of

Good luck meeting those married women!

May 24
MarriedButPlaying Review – Reviewed In Detail

MarriedButPlaying calls itself “The #1 Married Dating Community On The Net”, but is it? I’m going to do what I do best, sign up as a free member and review features and everything else about this dating site. has been around for 3 years, basically jumping on the success of Married Dater Club as well as Ashley Madison’s married dating web site. There are scores of married but looking web sites that have been created as a result of, with more than 25% of people on dating sites being married this niche was bound to pop up sooner or later. Married But Playing is trying to fill the void of unhappily married women and men with their web site.

Married But Playing web site

For to call itself the “The #1 Married Dating Community On The Net” is wrong and I will explain why in a little while. I created my dating profile and logged in with my password. I have said it time and time again for any dating  site to be worth joining it’s need literally millions of people to make it work for the members, why? The more married women and men that are on the dating site, the better chance you have of meeting someone in for discreet dating fun. Profiles

MarriedButPlaying reaches 55,000 married people in the USA,is allot? No it is not, it’s low actually. You can see from the website traffic statistics below it is getting more members however it’s still only 55,000 married people as of March, 2010, and this is for all of the USA! traffic

As for the type of people visiting, it’s mostly married men (62%), mostly Caucasian (77%), and over 60% make over $60,000 per year. It seem the more affluent white men seem to like this site, this is typical of married dating sites actually and nothing new. demographics

Lets move on to Married But Playing features

When it comes to features this dating is lacking unfortunately in many areas for free members. If or when you decide to pay then you have many features to help you find that discreet date in you are seeking.

  • Web cam chat – This feature does not exist, and it would be nice if it did.
  • Instant messaging chat – This feature does not exist on the site for free members, you need to upgrade (buy a paid membership) to get this feature.
  • Send flirt – You can send a flirt to a member you are interested in getting to know better. For a free member you are allowed to send 30 free flirts, which I think is fair.
  • Married forums – Access to forums for married people looking to date other people.
  • Upload photos – You can upload multiple photos, no nudity is allowed.
  • Upload videos – You can upload videos you have taken with your video camera or web cam.  Using video to sell yourself always help on online dating sites. Pricing

All web sites are created to make the owners money, Married But Playing is no different at all.

  • For $7.95, you get a  3 day trial. This “trial” will automatically renew at $29.95 until you cancel so be aware of the trial.
  • If you purchase 3 months in advance the cost is $13.33 per month.
  • If you want to pay monthly the cost is $29.95.

Also you should note that you are automatically enrolled in other married dating site trials. I took a screen shot of the payment form and it clearly shows that you automatically get “free trials” to  and These trials will auto renew in 30 days and you will be slapped with a $90.00 credit card bill because of the 3 sites you signed up for (, and!! prices

Here is the fine print that most people will miss and get dinged later on.

  1. * Your 3 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month unless canceled.
  2. ** 3 month memberships recur at $13.33 monthly unless canceled.
  3. *** 1 month memberships recur at $29.95 monthly unless canceled.
  4. Yes I would also like a FREE Five Day trial membership to! Your 5 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month if not canceled within the trial period.
  5. ***** Yes I would also like a FREE Three Day trial membership to! Your 3 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month if not canceled within the trial period.

With  I personally think your best best is to use a free membership IF you want to. I would NOT buy a paid membership to Married But Playing if you paid for me with your own credit card!! I suggest going with a married dating site that doesn’t have you signing up to 3 dating sites at once, use Married Dater Club. There are millions of members worldwide on compared to, and they don’t auto enroll you in 2 other sites. They have web cam chat, tons of chat rooms, groups, personal member blogs and more. Go take a look and what a real dating site should look like.

Other married dating sites I have written reviews on:


May 14
MarriedSecrets Review – Should This Site Be Kept A Secret?

MarriedSecrets is another married dating service that offers discreet dating for married women and men globally . I have heard about for a few years now, but it has always remained lesser known than sites such as Married Dater Club or Ashley Madison.  Continuing on with with my reviews of “married but looking” web sites I registered and created my free profile to log on and do my review of features , pricing and comparisons to other sites. From the home page the site looks tame which actually I like, it doesn’t look like an adult site.  I think too many dating sites really go overboard with showing women with little clothes just to entice you, Married Secrets was different in that respect. OK, so I’m logged in now and the site seems slow. Features

  • Who’s online – When I searched for married women online I found 14 women available to chat. This was for all of the USA though, so do you think that’s good or bad? I was online at lunch time so maybe there are more women at night than during the day, I’m not sure though.
  • Winks – When you find a married woman or man that you are interested you can send them a wink, to show you like them. Winks are free with your free basic dating membership.
  • Married Secrets Live – This is the same as other web cam sites, you can watch cam girls strip live from their own homes via web cam chat. The cost is  over $1.99 a minute. I’m not interested in watching live porn are you?
  • Mail – You can check any email you receive from other members directly on the site instead of checking your Hotmail or Yahoo account

Married Secrets Pricing

Like other dating services they give you discounted rates if you pay for 3, 6 or 12 month memberships

  • If you pay for 6 months in advance the cost is $119.95
  • If you pay for 3 months in advance the cost is 3 months for $79.95
  • If you want to pay monthly the cost is $49.95.    You should realize that your membership will automatically renew every 30 days. They reduce the cost to $19.95 per month, until it is canceled. Recurring billing can be a pain in the ass if you don’t remember to cancel if you don’t want the membership any longer.

Now let’s compare MarriedSecrets to some other popular married dating sites. For this comparison I chose Ashley Madison versus Married Secrets. I even have a graph to show traffic comparisons between each other. Ashley Madison in the green has 724,837 unique visitors (married women & men) per month and Married Secrets in the blue has 25,844 visitors per month. This information was taken over a one year period. Why bother with a graph? The graph doesn’t lie, Ashley Madison wins. More members means you have a better chance of meeting someone locally.

Married Secrets VS Ashley Madison

My personal opinion?

If you are going to pay for a discreet dating service you may as well go with web sites that gives you the best odds at meeting married women.  Do you want to pay $50 a month to chat with 14 women across the USA? I hope you didn’t say yes to that question! Go with websites than have many more married women in or anywhere in the world, use Married Dater Club or Ashley Madison. Actually better yet is register to both for free and see where you meet the most women at.

Other married dating sites I have written reviews that you might want to read:


Happy dating!

May 14
MeetAWife Review – Can You Meet A Wife Here? is a newer website that follows along the lines of Married Dater Club or AshleyMadison, the “married dating category. “If you are looking to “meet a wife”, then this might be the kind of dating site for you. MeetAWife targets  married women and the men that want to meet them.

I registered for a free basic account, and created my quick dating profile  so I could do my review, and write this post. I noticed right off the bat that there are lots of banners to up sell you to sites such as,, etc.  Lots of sites have up sells to  make more money from you, I just ignore them. It is common practice, however when you can’t do anything because every link wants you to upgrade them it pisses me off, like the site called

I clicked on search for “married women”, without any location to see how many profiles came up, quite a few did. When people complain about fake profiles it’s pretty obvious they are fake because every single profile looks like a super model. Meet A Wife is different, there are regular overweight ladies and a mix of attractive younger women as well.

Meet A Wife Features

The features are lacking on the site, compared to others sites I have reviewed. They do  have live chat, video  and search.

  • Live chat – When I clicked on the live chat button I thought I would be taken to a chat room to talk to married women, however that isn’t the case at all. When you click on the live chat button, you get directed to If you don’t know, is a web site that enables you to watch live web cams of nude girls from their homes. The cost is $2.99 per minute. I don’t know why so many dating sites have links to web cam sites but I’m assuming that lots of members must like it?
  • Video – Hmm , I was ready for this to go to an adult site and I was right. When you click on the video link you go to At least watching the videos is free…

That’s about it for the features, no local married dating groups, no married but looking chat rooms with real married women. Pricing

Meet A Wife only has 2 pricing options to choose from which are listed below.

  • If you pay monthly for your membership, the cost is  $39.43.
  • If you pay for 3 months at  a time the cost  is $83.88, you end up saving $34.

screen shot of home page

screen shot of profile area

If you’re interested in meeting local married women I really suggest going with another website such as MarriedDaterClub or There aren’t enough features here to pay $39.43 per month. That’s my own personal opinion. Create a free profile at MarriedDaterClub or, then wait and see if you get any bites.

Happy Dating!

Apr 12 Review

If you have never heard of, then this will be your introduction to the "married  dating" niche that is growing at leaps and bounds.  You might be asking yourself what exactly is "married  dating"? Married Dating, Another Form Of Dating Married dating is a new terms spawned from the search term that people use in Google or Yahoo or any search engine to find married people looking to date one another. Sounds strange? It is very, very popular to say the least. There are countless dating sites that cater to married women and men.

Some Sites That Cater To Married Personals Include:

The absolute granddaddy of "married but looking" sites is Ashley Madison has been around since 2001 and since that time has grown like crazy. They advertise not only online  but on billboards in major U.S. cities  such as Los Angeles. Television is another place you will see them advertising on late night TV. I have seen them personally, and some of their ads are pretty funny. They even tried to buy advertising during the Super Bowl this year but they were denied. And like all major corporations Ashley has their own slogan, "Lift Is Short Have An Affair". Ashley Madison also known as the Ashley Madison Agency boasts 3,630,000 married women who are seeking discreet martial affairs.  I signed up for a free basic membership and filled in my details, so I was ready to go. Into the members area I see lots of local females from around . One thing I noticed was many of the female profiles were seeking  a cyber affair or erotic chat. That sounded pretty boring to me.  After some digging I found women seeking discreet fun etc, that was more my style. You can do searches based on location, as well as distance from your zip code or postal code.

Ashley Madison Membership

So what does a paid membership to entail? Unlike other dating sites, with Ashly Madison you buy "credits". Credits enable you to do numerous things such as email, instant message and so on. To start with is the basic 100 credits package, that costs $50.00.

Ashley Madison Credit System Broken Down:

There are a value system for the credits that you purchase to meet married women. 30 credits will get you 30 minutes of instant message time, virtual gifts (whatever they are) come in credits of  20, 30, and 50 credits. You get credits to email people, but I not sure how many credits that is. Whatever function you do on the site involves some type of credit, and credits will cost money.

The Ashley Madison Guarantee:

The president of offers a guarantee that he will promise you that you will have an affair through the Ashley Madison Agency or you will get a full refund. My review on Ashley Madison leads me to believe it's a great site to local meet married women and men around the area. That being said there are other sites such as as well as that work awesome as well. I suggest you test drive all 3 sites with a free basic membership and see which one you like better.