About Passion Match. PassionMatch.net is an online dating review site focusing more on the adult dating niche than regular online dating. I will conduct reviews and blog about them on Passion Match.

I realize there are many blogs that do online reviews of dating sites however my approach is a little more in depth as I actually register for each site I review. In my reviews I get into detail describing features, the good, bad and the ugly of each site I sign up for.

I try to do the homework for you so you can have detailed information on any site you consider going with. I have been doing online dating reviews for about the past 3 years and I have seen many sites coming onto the scene. I know it’s hard to choose a good dating site that offers real value to you. Through my comparisons I can give you real information, guiding you to choose the best site for it’s value. Remember all dating sites are not created equal, I am here to help you.

Feel free to leave comments, the more user feedback I have the better it is for everyone who visits  Passion Match looking for information on dating reviews. Hopefully you get value from my site. enjoy it..