JustHookUp Review – Another RudeFinder Clone?

It seems like new dating sites are springing all the time, today's review is on a website called JustHookup.com. I did some digging around and I was able to find out that Just HookUp is actually part of RudeFinder.com. Basically JustHookup.com is a cobranded version of Rude Finder. You can read my review of RudeFinder.com here.

justhookup.com home page

JustHookUp features

Since JustHookup.com is a cobranded version of RudeFinder, that means they have the exact same features. If you look at the members area to both websites they are exactly the same. Both dating sites have a different look to the front homepage, that is it. Besides the different graphical look, they are exactly the same. Both sites even share the same database of members. If you have a membership to RudeFinder then you are already registered to JustHookUp.com.

These are the following features available in the JustHookup.com members area, Home, inbox,members online, search, my profile, lives cams.

Home – The home section of the site enables you to access every single area immediately.

Inbox – This is where you can send and receive e-mails to other members on just about.com.

Members Online – This section of the site enables you to see which members are on line at the present time you can contact them if you're interested.

Live Cams –  The live cams section of the site enables you to see all ages of woman performing live on their webcam from their home. This is a pay service, and you cannot access this part of the site for free.

My Profile –
The My Profile section enables you to write about yourself including your age, what you like to do for fun, favorite sexual experiences, sex toys, your employment and so on. You can basically describe everything about yourself or as little about yourself as you would like to. You can also upload photographs and videos of yourself.

Search – The search section of the site lets you search for other members.

The search function is very detailed if you want it to be. You can search based on countless different criteria.

Age – Search for someone based on their age.

Location – Find men and women based on their location. You can search as close as 5 miles to you and as far away as 100 miles.

Relationship Status –
Search for people who are separated, widowed, married, divorced, in a relationship and lastly you can actually search for someone if they are single, LOL.

Living – Find people who are living alone, living with their parents, living with their kids or if is someone is living with the roommate.

Username – Find other members of Just Hookup by inputting their username in the search box.

Looking For – Find women based on what they are interested in, such as experimenting, threesomes, group sex, webcam chat, sexual encounters in person, talk and e-mail correspondence and lastly open to having a real relationship in person.

Only Photos – You can also search based on if a person has a photograph. This makes a lot of sense, why would you search for someone if they don't even have a photograph?

Appearance – Within the search function you can search based on height, weight, haircolor, hair length, ethnic origin and so on. You can also based search based on someone's ethnic originally such as black, Latino, East Indian, Mediterranean and so on.

Personality – Search for someone based on how their personality is. If you're into someone that is easy-going, shy, energetic, adventurous and so on you can find the exact personality that matches what you are looking for with this search function.

Kinky – With the website name JustHookup.com I'm assuming a lot of people on the site are kinky. Find all types of kinky fetishes from latex and so on.

Lifestyle – Find someone who wakes up early a.k.a. early bird or you can even search based on if someone likes to sleep in and party all night such as a night owl.

Tastes – This is an interesting search function, you can search based on if someone is into giving and receiving oral, giving and receiving anal. You can also search based on someone's experience such as, if someone is inexperienced, very experienced, needs some practice and so on.

Habits – If you're into smoking or if you're not into meeting people who smoke or drink using the habits search function will enable you to eliminate those people.

Other features include Winks, Who Likes Me,My Favorites, and Block Profile.

Bonus Features

JustHookup.com has a section called bonus features, which is basically crap.

Grow Your Penis – This is basically a scam that is designed to sell you penis pills to help you enlarge your penis and I've seen news reports on television that states these penis pills do not work.

Free Porn – This link takes you to a site that states that the porn is free however you need to put in your credit card info to verify over the age of 18 and blah, blah, blah. Same old story, don't pull out your credit card unless you want to purchase something or you will be billed and then you will be very sorry.

Justhookup.com Pricing

JustHookup Prices

Like every dating site there is a free membership or you can purchase a variety of paid memberships to access different areas of the site. Justhookup.com offers free membership, a 12 month membership, 6 month, 3 month and the monthly membership.

  • 12 months – A 12 month membership is available for $46.56 and it is rebilled every 12 months at that same price. That works out to be $3.80 per month.
  • 6 months –  The six month price is $32.28 and then it is rebilled every six months. This works out to be $5.30 a month.
  • 3 months – The 3 month membership plan is $22.44 and every three months you are charge that amount. This works out to be $7.48 per month.
  • 1 month  – If you would like to pay monthly. The price is $10.48 a month.

So why would you pay for a full membership on Just Hookup?

Apparently the premium member features are as follows.

  • You can send unlimited messages.
  • You can view all photographs and profiles with a premium membership.
  • You can you view and large photographs
  • Send unlimited winks to other members
  • Message free members
  • Lastly you get full access to all the free video content on the site.

One thing is missing. There are no  free chat rooms and no live webcam chat rooms where you can see other members of the site. Yes, you can access live webcams and see where webcam models for a per minute price however you cannot see everyday regular women on webcam on this website.

I Don't Trust The Site!

Why don't I trust JustHookup.com? Read my review of  Rude Finder, which is the exact same site as  Just Hookup and you'll see my opinion. Fake e-mails, fake profiles of woman, all done to entice you to purchase a full membership. I do not recommend you pull out your credit card and pay for membership on this site or RudeFinder.com. Both sides are the same and you will not be happy if you actually pay to use their services. It is one big fraud and I can promise you that you will not hook up with anybody through this website.

On top of the fraud. There's also the question of available members on JustHookup.com. You can see from the chart below the three sites that I have compared, JustHookup.com, AdultFriendFinder.com and Passion.com. JustHookup.com has 152,000 visitors per month, Passion.com has 233,000 and AdultFriendFinder has 11,143,000 visitors per month. I recommend you stick with a large dating site such as  AdultFriendFinder, you have a much better chance of actually meeting someone, because the site is not a fraud and they have millions of members. Also on top of the millions of members they have free online chat rooms and free webcam rooms if you create a free basic membership. This is something that JustHookup.com can't offer you. Save your money, save your time and don't even bother with the site. It really is a waste of your energy. If you're looking to hook up with people then I personally recommend AdultFriendFinder.comThat site has  millions of members and has a free webcam chat rooms like I mentioned.

justhookup.com vs adultfriendfinder.com vs passion.com

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