YouGetLaid Review – My Review Of is today's dating review. YouGetLaid is a brand-new cobranded site of Fling and I have done reviews on both Meet Locals and, they both share the same database of dating members. If you have created a dating profile on or, then you do not need to create an new dating profile for, since they already have your dating profile in their database.

screenshot of
Proof that they use a same database is evident because when I went to I created a free dating profile and as soon as I was registered it redirected me to Meet Why do dating sites have different graphical interfaces but they lead to the same database of members? The reason dating sites do this is so they can cater or entice new users to their main dating site or sites. Also, Internet users get bored of seeing the same dating site over and over again. In order to combat bored web users, dating site owners create new websites to entice you to their dating site. The bottom line is they all use the same database of members, which in this case is MeetLocals and

You Get Laid / Meet Locals members area
(screenshot of MeetLocals members area after I created my account of YouGetLaid) Features

I'm logged into the members area of which is actually The following features are available in the You Get Laid free members area, the search function, online now, new locals, video chat, galleries, upgrade now, my account, messages, friends and the live cams section of the site.

Home – The home section basically links to the homepage in the members area of, from here you can adjust your profile as well as adding photographs of yourself. You can also upload videos of yourself, if you want to have a video in your dating profile.

Search – The search functions enable you to search for members local to your area. You can search based on sexual preference such as men, women, transsexuals and lastly couples (swingers). You can also search based on country and city. If you're looking for someone who is a specific age, you can search for that as well. And you can also search for women based on if you have a photograph or not. You can search for members who have photos and even people who are online at the same time as you.

Online Now – This section basically lists who is online at the present time.

New Locals – You can see the newest local members in your community by clicking this link.

Video Chat – The Video chat section of  You Get Laid is a flash-based online chat room where you can view live webcams of other members right across the world. In the video chat section of the site you can view some of the webcams however you cannot communicate with the people on cam. If you try to communicate with the people, you're automatically sent to an upgrade page (where you pay). You can only view webcast for a short period of time before a pop-up tries to convince you to purchase a full membership to view webcams by upgrading for it.

Galleries – The Galleries shows photograph of members of, However when you click the link to actually view the galleries you're sent you an upgrade page after a few seconds where you are required to upgrade my paying for full membership in order to view the galleries on the site.

Live Cams – Live Cams are for premium members only. You need to upgrade now to get access to all the girls on webcam. This is a completely paid service, there's nothing free about the cam section of the site. In order to view the girls on You Get Laid you will have to pay up to $4.00 per minute, so it's really not worth it to view professional cam models.

YouGetLaid Pricing

You can purchase two different types of memberships, the Gold and the Silver memberships. 

The Gold membership comes in three different options.

  1. 1 Year – You can purchase a one-year Gold membership for $119.95 and with that you receive six months for free, which works out to be $6.67 per month. 
  2. 3 Months – If you would like to purchase three months in advance, the price is $59.95. This works out to be $19.99 per month. 
  3. 1 Month – If you would like to pay monthly. The price is $35.95 per month.

Silver memberships coming three different options just like the gold memberships.

  1. 12 months – A 12 month membership cost $99.85 in one installment. This works out to be $8.33 per month.
  2. 3 Months – If you'd like to pay three months in advance the price is $49.95. This works out to be $16.65 a month.
  3. 1 Month – If you would like to pay monthly then the price is $24.95 a month.

Below I have included a chart listing the member benefits of the two plans. You can see the benefits of choosing the Gold and the benefits of choosing a Silver plan.

Gold vs Silver membership on YouGetLaid offers a guarantee. The guarantee says this, "You will get laid or you get a free membership. No one else can offer a guarantee like this."

YouGetLaid Guarantee
(screenshot of YouGetLaid Guarantee)

My Personal Opinion

If you have read any of my other reviews I compare every dating site I review to the granddaddy of them all, In this case I'm going to do the exact same thing. Comparing YouGetLaid to Adult Friend Finder, there is no comparison. has millions and millions more members than (see chart below), and they also allow you to view as many webcams for free as you want when you create a free basic membership on the site. You also have access to all the chat rooms and live webcams for completely free on cannot make this statement and I have seen this first hand because I just completed my review of the site. Also for the fact that Fling and Meet Locals both have quite a few negative reviews. This is not the case for And if you don't believe me, you can always create a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and you can see yourself. Also another option is to create a free dating profile on and and see which one works out better for you.

You Get Laid vs Adult Friend Finder

You can also see from the chat above the traffic (amount of people) visiting, and Adult Friend Finder had 10,409,689 visits in May of 2011, YouGetLaid had 167,605 visitors. Obviously the most popular dating site is Adult Friend Finder, hands down.

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