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Today I'm going to review XXXBook is own and run by the same people who have created,,,, and lastly probably the most popular site they have All these sites are run by the same company, they just create different websites but they all use the same database of members. It's important to know this as a dating site user because if you are to have a membership to any of the sites above there is no need to create another membership for

I am just going through the registration process right now and basically how it works is you are viewing a video of a hot lady in her bra and panties and as you go through the registration process she will take off her clothing as you finish each registration step. Once you are completely finished the sign up process, she will be completely nude. This is just a way to entice you to create a membership on the site. Now I'm going to discuss the features of as well as my opinion about the site and a few other things so stay tuned here. completed registration

(after you complete registration, the girl in the video is fully nude) Features

Now out that I have finished creating my free membership to the site I'm logged in and I can do my review. First off, the top navigation links consists of the following sections my home, my mail, recent activity, account options, search, XXX Theater, chat, and member features. Other features on the right hand side of the site include the message board, my latest matches, chat rooms, Virtual Sex World, and who's online. I am only going to discuss the features that are not common sense.

XXX Theater –  The XXX theater section of the site is basically what you think it would be which is adult videos. You have access to over 10,000 movies right at your fingertips . This is something that you will gain access to once you upgrade your membership by purchasing it.

Chat – The chat section of the site takes you to This is also a pay service and you cannot use a free basic membership to gain access to this area. This is where you can see live webcam models on their webcams for a price. The cost is usually around $2-$4 per minute. This can add up very quickly so I suggest you stay away from the webcam services.

Member Features – Members feature section of the site drops down into a sub menu which has Videos On Demand, XXX bookstore, DVD store, swinger clubs, Viagra sample and lastly a penis enhancement page. The Video on Demand section enables you to watch videos the same as XXXTheater section of the site. The DVD store enables you to purchase adult videos that are sent discreetly to your home. The swingers club section lists all the local swinger clubs across the USA Canada, as well as and many other parts of the world. The Viagra sample page enables you to purchase Viagra that is shipped directly to you. The penis enhancement page lets you purchase penis enlargement pills, lol!

Message Board – The message board is basically an online forum that discusses everything about adult dating, as well as sex and everything in between. You can post and read other people's post regarding all the topics that are listed in the online forum.

Chat rooms – The video chat room section of the site has a variety of different categories from girls home alone, watch me pee, my big tits, I like it kinky, first-timers and so on and so on. You can also choose video chat rooms by geographical location. This is only accesible if you pay.

Virtual Sex World – The Virtual Sex World section enables you to create a virtual version of yourself with endless options. You can exaggerate your physical features and make things bigger and longer than they are if you know what I mean. You can explore the virtual environment which is filled with S&M dungeons, swingers parties, and sex clubs as well. In order to gain access to Virtual Sex World you will need to upgrade your membership by pulling on your credit card and paying for a monthly subscription.

XXXBook Pricing

Just like many other dating sites XXXBook has a free and paid version of the site. They offer two different types of paid memberships, gold and silver.

Gold Membership –  The gold membership enables you to view and contact all members on the site, reply to all e-mails, you get instant messaging chat and you get the hundred day guarantee. You also are featured at the top search results when people are looking for someone to hook up with. You also get access to all the hard-core porn and you can watch members live on their webcams.

Gold Membership – The gold membership is available in three different pricing formats, 12 months, three months and one month.

  1. 12 months – The12 month subscription is paid in one payment of $149.99. You save 60% by purchasing one year in advance and the price works out to be $12.50 per month.
  2. Three months – The three month membership is billed as a one time payment of $69.95 which works to be $23.32 per month. 
  3. One month – For a one month membership it works out to be $34.95 per month for this gold membership.

Silver Membership – The silver membership enables you to view and contact all members on the site, reply to e-mails and you get to use the instant messaging chat on the site as well as you get the 100 day guarantee. You do not get access to the hard-core porn or access to the live webcams on the site, with a silver membership. You need a gold membership on XXBook to get access to the hard-core porn and live webcams.

  1. 3 Day Trial – With a silver membership you can purchase a three day trial membership for $1.95.
  2. Three months – You can purchase a three months silver membership for $19.98 per month that is billed in a one time payment of $59.95 per month.
  3. One month – You can also purchase a one month membership at a cost of $29.95 per month.

XXXBook prices

XXXBook Get Laid Guarantee

Apparently their site work so well they guarantee if you don't hook up with a girl within 90 days they will give you an additional 90 days for completely free. This is something that lots and lots of adult dating sites have copied from one another in the last year. In order to be eligible for "Get Laid Guarantee" you need to purchase a three month subscription and if you don't hookup with a girl in three months, you can contact customer service. In order to be eligible for this you need to create a truthful dating profile site and upload a least one photograph of yourself. You also need to respond or send out 5 emails per month. Apparently, the "Get Laid Guarantee Program" is available for a limited time only, and open to anyone not currently participating in the program.

My Personal Opinion

Overall the site does have a lot of features however just for the fact that you actually need to purchase a membership to get access to webcams and the online chat rooms doesn't make it worth your time, why? Well you could register for a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and you will get access to free online chat rooms that have thousands of members in there. You can also watch live webcams for free as well on Adult Friend Finder. Why would you register on if you can get the exact same thing for completely free? It doesn't make much sense to spend money on something that you don't need to, especially since we are in a recession right now. And on top of it Adult Friend Finder has  10,409,689 visitors per month compared to XXXBook at 258,588 (see graph below). Stick with AdultFriendFinder. 

XXX Book vs Adult Friend Finder

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