IHookUp Review – Is IHookUp.com Another Dating Scam?

Today's review is on a dating site called IHookUp.com. IHookUp is a fairly new adult dating site that seemed to start gaining speed and momentum in March of 2011, just about three months ago. Since that time the traffic has been steadily increasing to the site. Today I'm going to review the features, the pricing, and my own personal opinion of I HookUp and if it's worth registering and paying for.

IHookUp Features

I created my basic free membership on IHookUp and now I'm logged into the members area of the dating site. Below you can see a screen shot of the members area, so you can see what you're getting yourself into. On the top navigation  there is the home button, messages button, hookups, search, faves and lastly a subscribe button.

Home – The home button is self explanatory, it basically lets you get to the home page of the members area of IHookUp.com where you can access different parts of the site.

Messages – The messages section of the site enables you to send and retrieve messages. You can e-mail members of the site and they can e-mail you back, very self explanatory. As I click on the messages button I notice that I already received a message from someone on IHookUp, that's pretty funny. Why is it funny? Well I didn't even upload a photograph of myself and I just created my membership 5 minutes ago and already I have a hot looking 25 -year-old from New York who has e-mailed me, what is wrong with this scenario?

Hookups – The hookup section of the site has nothing going on.  I clicked on the hookups button and it's said " you could be playing this game if you had a photo" . I am not sure what that means.

Search –  The search section enables you to search for women based on their location near you. You can also search based on age of course. You can search based on women who have photos, relationship status,  body type and you can search based on the type of relationship you're looking for. Some of the relationships you can search include casual encounters, friends with benefits, discrete romance, dating call on my online fun and lastly activity partners. The search section of IHookUp basically shows you who was last online, who is who is nearest to your location and the newest members of IHookUps.com. It shows search results for women located near me, as well as some photos of them. You can then add the women you like to your favorites list under "faves" or you can flirt with them by using different icons such as "let's get coffee", "we should chat", "you are hot", "upload pics" or "call me". This is all found in the flirt subsection of the search section of the site.

Faves – The Faves section of the site is basically where you add people you're interested in hooking up with. If you like a member on IHookUp you add them to your Faves section, so you can contact them at a later date and so on.

Subscribe – The Subscribe section basically sends you to a payment page where you can purchase different payment options.

IHookUp Pricing

Like all other dating sites there is a free and paid version of the site. IHookUp is no different and you can purchase a paid subscription to the site on a monthly basis or you can just register for free and use basic parts of the site.

IHookUp.com  has 2 different plans, Gold and Silver.

Gold Plans

The gold plan comes in four different options, one year three months, one month and two day trial.

  1. 1 Year – The 1 year plan basically enables you to pay for 1 year in advance which will cost you $119.88. This works out to be $9.99 per month.
  2. 3 months – The 3 month plan lets you purchase a membership three months in advance for $68.97. This works out to be $22.99 per month if you pay three months in advance.
  3. 1 month – The 1 month option lets you pay on a monthly basis. The price is $34.99 per month.
  4. 2 day trial – The 2 day trial costs $9.98 for a two day trial so you can test drive the service for two days and see if you're interested in actually paying for a monthly basis.

Silver Plans

The Silver Plans come in different options just like the Gold Plans, one year, three months, one month and lastly the two day trial offer.

  1. 1 Year – You can purchase a silver plan one year in advance I will cost you $107.88, this works out to be $8.99 per month
  2. Three months – The three month membership is $19.99 per month that is paid three months advance that will cost you $59.97.
  3. 1 month – For a one month membership the price works out to be $29.99 per month.
  4. 2 Day Trial –  The 2 day trial enables you to try the service for two days for $7.98.

The Gold and Silver plans offer different benefits for each plan. The Gold Plan offers you priority matching, you can get your profile seen at the top of every search page and you can send 200 e-mails per day. With the Gold Plan you also get one year of message storage, 24 hour priority service and you get a hook up guarantee on the 3 month and 12 month plan.

The Silver Plan Benefits

The Silver Plan benefits include being able to send up to 50 e-mails per day, you get your profile listed just under a person who purchased the Gold Plan. You also are allowed to have your email messages stored for up to 30 days and you also get 72 hour customer support as well as a "hook up guarantee".Honestly there's no point purchasing a gold membership just so your profile is listed above other people, and also so you have the ability to send 200 e-mails per day. I have reviewed many, many dating sites and I have never ever sent 200 e-mails in a day, that is just ridiculous! I would not recommend purchasing a Gold Plan.

Also on both plans there is a hook up and guarantee. For the three month and one year memberships.

How does it work?

The "Hookup Guarantee" offer is open only to 1st time members to I HookUp. You also need to have a gold or silver membership with a three or 12 month plan.

Also you need to complete your dating profile and add a photograph of yourself. And lastly you do need to log in to the site at least once every week.  If you don't hook up, you can call customer support and tell him you haven't hooked up with any girls and they will then extend your subscription to I HookUp for another three months for completely free.

My Personal Opinion

As you all know if you read any of my other reviews I am pretty blunt and harsh on dating sites, especially adult dating sites. Now first off I would lock like to talk about the features that IHookUps doesn't have.IHookUp.com doesn't have online chat rooms and it doesn't have webcam chat rooms. Just for that reason I would not join this site. Why would I pay for an online dating site that doesn't even offer online chat or the ability to see other members of the site on the webcams? In 2011 all dating sites that charge a fee should have the features for you to use these

And also just for the fact that I received an e-mail from an amazingly beautiful 25 -year-old woman (see below) just 5 minutes after registered for the site makes me very wary because we all know in order for me to contact this hot girl I will have to upgrade and purchase a full membership that's the problem (scam!!). It seems like the same old scam is run over and over and over again on many adult dating site, trying to entice male members to upgrade their membership by sending automated e-mails from fake female members of the site. When you want to contact those members who aren't even really members of the site you'll need to upgrade by paying for it. It is all about money and that is the honest truth.

(screenshot of scam email to entice me to pay)

IHookUp Vs AdultFriendFinder

Like I was mentioning before IHookUp does not have webcam chat or online chat rooms, this is a big negative for the site. As well if you see if my screen shot you can compare AdultFriendFinder.com with IHookUp.com and you can see that Adult Friend Finder has almost 10 times the amount of visitors to the site on a monthly basis compared to IHookUp (see graph below). Both sites offer free basic memberships, however AdultFriendFinder offers free webcam chat and free online chat  on their site for free. Yes there is a paid version to AdultFriendFinder.com however you can still do many things without actually paying for it.

I strongly recommend that you take the time to do your due diligence and choose the best dating site. In my own personal opinion IHookup isn't the best dating site, I recommend using AdultFriendFinder, or another popular adult dating site is called Passion.com. Both sites offer much more than IHookup.com for roughly the same price, if you plan on purchasing a full membership. If you like to use either site for free you still get free webcam chat and free online chat rooms.

IHookUp vs AdultFriendFinder

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