HotLocalClassifieds Review – My Review Of is a cobrand of What does this mean? A cobrand is basically a branded version of an existing dating site. Basically Hot Local Classifieds uses the same database of members as

Many dating sites create various versions of their site to attract new members to register to the parent dating site which in this case is Passion Search. There's nothing illegal or fraudulent about this at all. You could compare this practice to Pontiac and the parent company General Motors. Many of the cars from both companies look the same, however they have slight variances in the look . This is the same with Passion Search in conjunction with It also means if you have a dating profile on Passion Search, you do not need to create a new dating profile on Hot Local Classifieds.

Hot Local Features

Well, since Hot Local Classifieds uses the exact same database of members that also means that it has the exact same features as Passion Search. In this case actually what happens when you go to and create a free profile, after you're finished creating your dating profile you are automatically redirected to the PassionSearch members area.

Hot Local Classifieds has the following features in the members area of the site, message board, featured members, my latest matches, chat rooms, virtual world, who's online, my home, my mail, recent activity, account options and the search feature.

Message Board –  The message board is an online forum for members, where you can talk what everything related to relationships dating and of course sex.

Featured members – This feature numbered the feature numbers section on the site basic Hedleys lists a bunch of men and women or members of hot local classified.

My Latest Matches – The My Latest Matches section of the site shows members that are within 50 miles of your location, of who you would like to meet.

Chat Rooms – Probably the quickest way to start meeting people is through online chat rooms unfortunately with Hot Local Classifieds you can actually use the chat rooms unless you upgrade by paying for a full membership. *** Go to this other site if you want access to free chatrooms.

Virtual World – The virtual singles world is basically an online 3-D social networking world where you can meet other members in the virtual environment. The virtual world is filled with virtual clubs, parties and lounges. You can interact and meet other members of HotLocalClassifieds through this section of the site. And of course you create your own version of yourself and you can emphasize and pick and choose exactly how and what you will look like to other members of the site.

Virtual World

Who's Online –
With this section you can see who's online at the present time, very straightforward.  You can see which members are online within 50 miles of your location that you can chat with right at that moment.

My Home – When you click the my home link you're basically taken back to the homepage of your home number is area working you can access various parts of the site.

My Mail – This is the online e-mail section of the site where you can send and receive e-mails from other members at any time of the day.

Recent Activity – The recent activity tab enables you to see items such as the new messages, who has viewed your profile, who wants to meet you and access to your friends list.

Account Options – Here you can update your profile, as well as photographs and videos of yourself on your dating profile.

Search – From the search section of the site you can see your latest matches, new members, you can see the most popular men and women on the site and search with the advanced search button.

Advanced search – You can search based on gender, age, marital status, sexual preference, height, ethnicity, languages and if a person has a photo in their profile. ** Advanced search features are only available to golden silver members of the site.

Hot Local Classifieds Pricing

On HotLocalClassifieds you can create a free basic dating profile or you can upgrade and purchase a Gold or Silver membership to the dating site. I have included a screen shot of the various membership options available.

The Silver membership enables you to view and contact all members of the site, you can reply to all e-mails you can use instant messaging and you also get 100 a guarantee. You can choose between three different options for the Silver membership.

  • 1 month – If you would like to purchase a dating membership on a monthly basis the price of $29.95 a month.
  • 3 Months – If you would like to purchase three months in advance is a one time payment of $59.95 which works out to be $19.98 per month.
  • 3 Day Trial – If you would just like to test drive the service you can get a three day trial membership for a $1.95.

The Gold membership offers all the options of the Silver membership but you also got to be featured of the top of the search results and access to all webcams.

There are three different membership plans for the Gold membership

  • 1 month – You can purchase a one month membership for $34.95 per month.
  • 3 Months – You can purchase a three month that is billed as a one time payment of $69.95 per month, that what's up to be $23.32 per month.
  • 12 Months – You can purchase a one-year membership that is billed at $149.99, which works out to be $12.50 per month.

HotLocalClassifieds Pricing
(screen shot of the various pricing options on the site)

My personal Opinion

Honestly I don't think it's actually worth paying for membership on HotLocalClassifieds, Since you can get a lot of the same features for free on other dating sites. Other sites such as Adult Friend Finder offer free webcam viewing and also free online chat rooms just for creating a free basic membership. Adult Friend Finder is the most respected and trusted online adult dating site. Realistically there really is no reason to purchase a membership to the site because you can get a lot more on for free and if you actually want to upgrade on AdultFriendFinder you get even more for about the same price that you would pay for Hot Local Classifieds. This is the honest truth and if you don't believe me you can register on both sites for free and see which one works out better for you. You can also see the traffic to both sites, AdultFriendFinder has millions more visitors per month.

HotLocalClassifieds vs AdultFriendFinder

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