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Today's review and it is on a website called . AdultSpace basically got the ideal of its name for, the popular social networking site. is an adult dating site or should I say social networking site for the adult community. This site is not for teens or anyone who's afraid of adult type dating. They have many different sections of the site though will go into further detail with.

AdultSpace Features

This different navigational areas of the site include home, search, live shows, contest, free sex, blogs, forum, rate, poll, groups, classifieds, chat, video, events, and lastly local f*ck. I'm in the members area now , so I can discuss the features of the site.

Search – The search button enables you to search based on age, gender, location and you can also search based on members of the site who have photographs. You can search based on proximity to where you live, such as 25 miles away, 100 miles away and so on.

Live Shows – The live shows section of the site lets you view live webcam performers on their webcam. This is a pay service, you can tell the girl on the web cam to do exactly what you want. Consider this like having your own private stripper that you can view on cam anytime you wish. It will run you four dollars per minute.

Contest  – The contest section of the site enables you to submit your photographs and other members of the site can vote for you. You have a chance to win various prizes if you get the most votes. I tried to check with the prizes but I couldn't find and any information on what you exactly would win.

Free Sex – The free sex button takes you directly to Adult, which is the largest online adult dating site. I'm not sure why it's called "Free Sex:, probably just to entice you to click on the button.

Blogs – The blog section of the site enables you to create your own blog and comment on other people's blog. Realistically I don't see too much of a point for this section. It seems like many adult dating sites have that option available for its members.

Forum – The forum section of the site gives you access to different sections and interests. Some of the categories in the forum include ask a guy, ask a girl, dating advice, dating over 30, and much much more.

Rate – The rate section of the site lets you rate other members of the site and other people can rate you as well.

Poll – The poll section of the site lets you interact and create your own polls, you can also answer other peoples polls. Some of the polls I've seen include what would you do for me, would site on my face, who you give me a massage and so on.

Groups – The group section is broken down into various different areas, including gay and lesbian sex, money and investing, mature, automotive,and everything under the sun. Again, this section seems pretty useless.

Classifieds – The classified section is broken down into 4 subsections, women seeking women, woman seeking men, men seeking woman and men seeking men. I'm not really sure what the point of a personals section on a dating site is?!

Chat – The chat section of the site lets you chat with other members. I don't see any actual webcam chat options. e-mail me if I'm wrong about this. It's always nice to see who you are chatting with.

Video – The video section of the site enables you to see adult videos the same as you can on any of the tube sites. There is not much going on here unless you really like porn a lot.

Events – The event section lets you see if there are any local events in your community, and you can also see events all across the world. This section is good if you're a swinger because it lists all of different local swinger parties that they have at different locations across the nation.

Local F*ck – The local f*ck section of the site goes directly to, which is another dating site. Pricing

Like all dating sites, there is a free and paid version of the site, AdultSpace is no different. When you become a VIP member of AdultSpace and pay, you get access to bunch of different things including, 24/7 tech support (pretty lame you need to pay for this lol), you get instant messaging. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Realistically I don't really see a point in becoming a VIP member since you can get quite a few of the options on Adult Space for free.

There are three different packages to choose from:

  1. If you pay for one year in advance the price is $89.97.
  2. If you pay for three months in advance, the price is $39.97.
  3. If you pay monthly the price is $19.97 per month.

Overall I don't see a point actually purchasing a full membership on AdultSpace. You can get many of the features for free and the ones that you need to pay for really don't make much of a difference. Do yourself a favor and just create a free dating profile on and see how it works for you, paying for extra features is a waste of your money.

I also suggest that you create a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and see if you have any luck on that site, since it is the largest online dating site and the longest-running adult dating site online. Create free memberships to both sides and see how it works for you.

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