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Jun 28
HotLocalClassifieds Review – My Review Of is a cobrand of What does this mean? A cobrand is basically a branded version of an existing dating site. Basically Hot Local Classifieds uses the same database of members as

Many dating sites create various versions of their site to attract new members to register to the parent dating site which in this case is Passion Search. There's nothing illegal or fraudulent about this at all. You could compare this practice to Pontiac and the parent company General Motors. Many of the cars from both companies look the same, however they have slight variances in the look . This is the same with Passion Search in conjunction with It also means if you have a dating profile on Passion Search, you do not need to create a new dating profile on Hot Local Classifieds.

Hot Local Features

Well, since Hot Local Classifieds uses the exact same database of members that also means that it has the exact same features as Passion Search. In this case actually what happens when you go to and create a free profile, after you're finished creating your dating profile you are automatically redirected to the PassionSearch members area.

Hot Local Classifieds has the following features in the members area of the site, message board, featured members, my latest matches, chat rooms, virtual world, who's online, my home, my mail, recent activity, account options and the search feature.

Message Board –  The message board is an online forum for members, where you can talk what everything related to relationships dating and of course sex.

Featured members – This feature numbered the feature numbers section on the site basic Hedleys lists a bunch of men and women or members of hot local classified.

My Latest Matches – The My Latest Matches section of the site shows members that are within 50 miles of your location, of who you would like to meet.

Chat Rooms – Probably the quickest way to start meeting people is through online chat rooms unfortunately with Hot Local Classifieds you can actually use the chat rooms unless you upgrade by paying for a full membership. *** Go to this other site if you want access to free chatrooms.

Virtual World – The virtual singles world is basically an online 3-D social networking world where you can meet other members in the virtual environment. The virtual world is filled with virtual clubs, parties and lounges. You can interact and meet other members of HotLocalClassifieds through this section of the site. And of course you create your own version of yourself and you can emphasize and pick and choose exactly how and what you will look like to other members of the site.

Virtual World

Who's Online –
With this section you can see who's online at the present time, very straightforward.  You can see which members are online within 50 miles of your location that you can chat with right at that moment.

My Home – When you click the my home link you're basically taken back to the homepage of your home number is area working you can access various parts of the site.

My Mail – This is the online e-mail section of the site where you can send and receive e-mails from other members at any time of the day.

Recent Activity – The recent activity tab enables you to see items such as the new messages, who has viewed your profile, who wants to meet you and access to your friends list.

Account Options – Here you can update your profile, as well as photographs and videos of yourself on your dating profile.

Search – From the search section of the site you can see your latest matches, new members, you can see the most popular men and women on the site and search with the advanced search button.

Advanced search – You can search based on gender, age, marital status, sexual preference, height, ethnicity, languages and if a person has a photo in their profile. ** Advanced search features are only available to golden silver members of the site.

Hot Local Classifieds Pricing

On HotLocalClassifieds you can create a free basic dating profile or you can upgrade and purchase a Gold or Silver membership to the dating site. I have included a screen shot of the various membership options available.

The Silver membership enables you to view and contact all members of the site, you can reply to all e-mails you can use instant messaging and you also get 100 a guarantee. You can choose between three different options for the Silver membership.

  • 1 month – If you would like to purchase a dating membership on a monthly basis the price of $29.95 a month.
  • 3 Months – If you would like to purchase three months in advance is a one time payment of $59.95 which works out to be $19.98 per month.
  • 3 Day Trial – If you would just like to test drive the service you can get a three day trial membership for a $1.95.

The Gold membership offers all the options of the Silver membership but you also got to be featured of the top of the search results and access to all webcams.

There are three different membership plans for the Gold membership

  • 1 month – You can purchase a one month membership for $34.95 per month.
  • 3 Months – You can purchase a three month that is billed as a one time payment of $69.95 per month, that what's up to be $23.32 per month.
  • 12 Months – You can purchase a one-year membership that is billed at $149.99, which works out to be $12.50 per month.

HotLocalClassifieds Pricing
(screen shot of the various pricing options on the site)

My personal Opinion

Honestly I don't think it's actually worth paying for membership on HotLocalClassifieds, Since you can get a lot of the same features for free on other dating sites. Other sites such as Adult Friend Finder offer free webcam viewing and also free online chat rooms just for creating a free basic membership. Adult Friend Finder is the most respected and trusted online adult dating site. Realistically there really is no reason to purchase a membership to the site because you can get a lot more on for free and if you actually want to upgrade on AdultFriendFinder you get even more for about the same price that you would pay for Hot Local Classifieds. This is the honest truth and if you don't believe me you can register on both sites for free and see which one works out better for you. You can also see the traffic to both sites, AdultFriendFinder has millions more visitors per month.

HotLocalClassifieds vs AdultFriendFinder

Jun 27
YouGetLaid Review – My Review Of is today's dating review. YouGetLaid is a brand-new cobranded site of Fling and I have done reviews on both Meet Locals and, they both share the same database of dating members. If you have created a dating profile on or, then you do not need to create an new dating profile for, since they already have your dating profile in their database.

screenshot of
Proof that they use a same database is evident because when I went to I created a free dating profile and as soon as I was registered it redirected me to Meet Why do dating sites have different graphical interfaces but they lead to the same database of members? The reason dating sites do this is so they can cater or entice new users to their main dating site or sites. Also, Internet users get bored of seeing the same dating site over and over again. In order to combat bored web users, dating site owners create new websites to entice you to their dating site. The bottom line is they all use the same database of members, which in this case is MeetLocals and

You Get Laid / Meet Locals members area
(screenshot of MeetLocals members area after I created my account of YouGetLaid) Features

I'm logged into the members area of which is actually The following features are available in the You Get Laid free members area, the search function, online now, new locals, video chat, galleries, upgrade now, my account, messages, friends and the live cams section of the site.

Home – The home section basically links to the homepage in the members area of, from here you can adjust your profile as well as adding photographs of yourself. You can also upload videos of yourself, if you want to have a video in your dating profile.

Search – The search functions enable you to search for members local to your area. You can search based on sexual preference such as men, women, transsexuals and lastly couples (swingers). You can also search based on country and city. If you're looking for someone who is a specific age, you can search for that as well. And you can also search for women based on if you have a photograph or not. You can search for members who have photos and even people who are online at the same time as you.

Online Now – This section basically lists who is online at the present time.

New Locals – You can see the newest local members in your community by clicking this link.

Video Chat – The Video chat section of  You Get Laid is a flash-based online chat room where you can view live webcams of other members right across the world. In the video chat section of the site you can view some of the webcams however you cannot communicate with the people on cam. If you try to communicate with the people, you're automatically sent to an upgrade page (where you pay). You can only view webcast for a short period of time before a pop-up tries to convince you to purchase a full membership to view webcams by upgrading for it.

Galleries – The Galleries shows photograph of members of, However when you click the link to actually view the galleries you're sent you an upgrade page after a few seconds where you are required to upgrade my paying for full membership in order to view the galleries on the site.

Live Cams – Live Cams are for premium members only. You need to upgrade now to get access to all the girls on webcam. This is a completely paid service, there's nothing free about the cam section of the site. In order to view the girls on You Get Laid you will have to pay up to $4.00 per minute, so it's really not worth it to view professional cam models.

YouGetLaid Pricing

You can purchase two different types of memberships, the Gold and the Silver memberships. 

The Gold membership comes in three different options.

  1. 1 Year – You can purchase a one-year Gold membership for $119.95 and with that you receive six months for free, which works out to be $6.67 per month. 
  2. 3 Months – If you would like to purchase three months in advance, the price is $59.95. This works out to be $19.99 per month. 
  3. 1 Month – If you would like to pay monthly. The price is $35.95 per month.

Silver memberships coming three different options just like the gold memberships.

  1. 12 months – A 12 month membership cost $99.85 in one installment. This works out to be $8.33 per month.
  2. 3 Months – If you'd like to pay three months in advance the price is $49.95. This works out to be $16.65 a month.
  3. 1 Month – If you would like to pay monthly then the price is $24.95 a month.

Below I have included a chart listing the member benefits of the two plans. You can see the benefits of choosing the Gold and the benefits of choosing a Silver plan.

Gold vs Silver membership on YouGetLaid offers a guarantee. The guarantee says this, "You will get laid or you get a free membership. No one else can offer a guarantee like this."

YouGetLaid Guarantee
(screenshot of YouGetLaid Guarantee)

My Personal Opinion

If you have read any of my other reviews I compare every dating site I review to the granddaddy of them all, In this case I'm going to do the exact same thing. Comparing YouGetLaid to Adult Friend Finder, there is no comparison. has millions and millions more members than (see chart below), and they also allow you to view as many webcams for free as you want when you create a free basic membership on the site. You also have access to all the chat rooms and live webcams for completely free on cannot make this statement and I have seen this first hand because I just completed my review of the site. Also for the fact that Fling and Meet Locals both have quite a few negative reviews. This is not the case for And if you don't believe me, you can always create a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and you can see yourself. Also another option is to create a free dating profile on and and see which one works out better for you.

You Get Laid vs Adult Friend Finder

You can also see from the chat above the traffic (amount of people) visiting, and Adult Friend Finder had 10,409,689 visits in May of 2011, YouGetLaid had 167,605 visitors. Obviously the most popular dating site is Adult Friend Finder, hands down.

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Jun 24
SeniorSizzle Review – Mature Dating On

This is my review on SeniorSizzles is an adult dating site that caters to men and women over the age of 40. If you are looking for young college girls, then this is not the place for you. This site is dedicated to mature women and sexy MILFs. If you like older women then you are in the right place with Senior Sizzle.

One thing to note is that Senior Sizzle is owned by the very popular and long running adult site called Adult Friend Finder. Now I'd like to get into the features of SeniorSizzle and discuss the good and the bad that the site has to offer.

Senior Sizzle Features

I created my free basic membership and now I'm logged into the members area of and I'm looking at the various features listed at the top of the web site. The various parts of the site include the home section, my inbox, search, browse, my lists, activities, friends, the video section. There is also a chat section,  get local, online magazine, blogs and lastly groups.

Inbox  – The Inbox is basically what you expect it to be, it's an e-mail service that you access when you logon to You can send an reply to other members of the site through the Inbox section of the site.

Search – The search section enables you to see who is on line at the present time. You can browse members from here, and see members that are located near you. You can also view the hottest members here, see photos of them as well as videos they have uploaded of themselves. You can search based on gender, couples and you can even search for transvestites if you're into that sort of thing.

Interests – You can also search  based on your interests such as erotic chat, discrete relationships, bondage and discipline, cross-dressing, SMM, group sex as well as all other types of fetishes.

You can also search based on the age of the person you're interested in meeting. You can search based on location obviously, and even search based on something that most other dating sites don't have is language. Find women based on if they speak English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French Italian and so on.

Do you believe in astrology? Find women based on their astrological sign and even their Chinese zodiac sign.

Seeking black women? Meet black women or any women based on their race such as, Native Americans, Asian, black, Caucasian, Hispanic and so on, by using the search options.

If you're interested in the meeting married women, you can do that with the search functions as well. You can even search based on if people have children or not. Are you a smoker? Search for smokers, sexual orientation, if they use drugs, if they are drinkers  and so on. The bottom line here is you can pretty much search based on anything you can think off, so you can find a perfect match for you.

Senior Sizzle members area
(members of SeniorSizzle, not fake datign profiles like many other sites)

Penis Size/Breast Size

You can even search based on the size of a person's penis, if you are a female, this may come in handy for you. If you're a guy looking for a big breasted lady you can search based on breast size, and even cup size LOL. The search functions on SeniorSizzle are unparalleled. The search functions on the site are the same as and that is why they are so in-depth. Adult Friend Finder has been around for many, many years and they know exactly how to run a dating site, and since they own Senior Sizzle you can bet that they are going to offer you the best experience in a dating service that you will find anywhere.

Browse – The browse section enables you to find a sex partner in every single state in the USA. You can also find listings for Canada, Africa, Australia, Europe and every other major country in the world. So instead of using the search function you can actually just browse the listings in your country and you can break it right down to your city and find people located near you to hook up with.

My List – The My List section of the site enables you to keep track of all the hot women that you find while you're searching on the site. You can add members to your hot list by browsing or by searching the listings on the site. Once you have added those members to your list you can then view those members who are online, people near you and so on. Basically the "My List" section of the site is designed to help you keep track of what and who you're interested in it.

Activities – The Activities section is basically an area where you post what you're doing at the present time, it's sort of like the social networking aspect of SeniorSizzle.

Friends – The Friends section is basically all the people you have added to your contact  list.

Video – The (webcam) video section of the site enables you to see live members broadcasts of women who are all live on their web cam at the present time. This is actually a free service when you create your basic membership. These are NOT webcam models who charge you $4.00 per minute, this is absolutely free, once you register on the site. These are real mature women, not 23 -year-old webcam models who are getting paid to perform for you.

Chat – The instant messaging chat system is available even if you just have a free basic membership on  When I logged onto the chat section of the site, there were 12,560 members chatting on instant messenger. You can pick a chat room by topic or by geographical location. You can pretty much find whatever you want in the online chatrooms and instantly connect with other local like-minded mature people for some fun. It's hard to find a dating site that actually offers you free online chat rooms.

Get Local – The "Get Local" section of the site basically enables you to see what's happening locally in your city and in your general location. It's just a quick way for you to see what's happening in your city such as, swinger parties, clubs, bars, nude beaches, strip clubs and anything else. It's all found under the "Get Local" section of the site.

Magazine –  The Magazine section of the site is where you can find advice, information and erotic literature that is submitted by other SeniorSizzle members.

Blogs – If you like reading personal blogs, then this is the section is for you. Members upload videos, photos and post erotic fantasies and literature and as part of the their blogs.

Groups –  The groups section enables you to meet similar people who are interested in the same type of things as you are. Groups are broken down into various categories such as location, topic, general interest and fetish as well as anything else you can imagine. It is basically an online sex forum where anything goes.

SeniorSizzle Pricing

Senior Sizzle offers a free and a paid version of the site. All dating sites offer this in order to entice you to upgrade to a full membership. offers two different membership plans, Gold and Silver.

Gold Plan

12 months – If you purchase a 12 month membership in advance you actually get six months free which works out to be a total of 18 months on the site. This is billed at $143.00, which works out to be $7.99 per month.

Three months – If you purchase a three month membership you get one month free and that is bill that $55.96. This works out to be $13.99 per month you also get one month free with it so it actually works out before months.

1 month – One month if you like to pay monthly. The price is $26.99 per month.

Silver Plan

12 months –  The twelve-month silver plan is build a $95.80 which works out to be $7.99 per month

Three months – The three month plan is Bill the third $32.97. This works out to be $10.99 per month.

1 month – If you want to pay monthly the price of $17.99 per month.

Why Upgrade?

You're probably asking yourself why even pay for membership, well if you do intend on getting the best results with Senior Sizzle you might want to upgrade. First off if you actually upgrade your dating profile will be at the top of the search results when someone is looking to hook up with a mail in your area. For instance if you lived in Las Vegas and someone in your city is looking to hook up with a guy in Las Vegas, your dating profile will be at the top of the search results which will give you a better chance of hooking up with someone. You also get access to all the adult movies you can ever handle. And at the present time is the special offer if you actually upgrade you get six months completely free with a 12 month Gold membership.

My Personal Opinion

I do like SeniorSizzle, because it is associated with AdultFriendFinder. With a free basic membership you get access to free live webcams of real members of you also get access to all the online chat rooms, all for free. What other site can claim this?? This site is what all dating sites should be about. Unfortunately most dating sites tried to deceive and scam you into purchasing a membership by sending you fake e-mails of young college girls looking to hook up with you. Browsing the members section of SeniorSizzle you can see all types of real women, not just fake boobs and fake profiles. This site is real and I recommend it. Take the time to create a dating profile, and fill it out completely and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results you get with Senior Sizzle.

Jun 21
XXXBook Review – My Detailed Review Of

Today I'm going to review XXXBook is own and run by the same people who have created,,,, and lastly probably the most popular site they have All these sites are run by the same company, they just create different websites but they all use the same database of members. It's important to know this as a dating site user because if you are to have a membership to any of the sites above there is no need to create another membership for

I am just going through the registration process right now and basically how it works is you are viewing a video of a hot lady in her bra and panties and as you go through the registration process she will take off her clothing as you finish each registration step. Once you are completely finished the sign up process, she will be completely nude. This is just a way to entice you to create a membership on the site. Now I'm going to discuss the features of as well as my opinion about the site and a few other things so stay tuned here. completed registration

(after you complete registration, the girl in the video is fully nude) Features

Now out that I have finished creating my free membership to the site I'm logged in and I can do my review. First off, the top navigation links consists of the following sections my home, my mail, recent activity, account options, search, XXX Theater, chat, and member features. Other features on the right hand side of the site include the message board, my latest matches, chat rooms, Virtual Sex World, and who's online. I am only going to discuss the features that are not common sense.

XXX Theater –  The XXX theater section of the site is basically what you think it would be which is adult videos. You have access to over 10,000 movies right at your fingertips . This is something that you will gain access to once you upgrade your membership by purchasing it.

Chat – The chat section of the site takes you to This is also a pay service and you cannot use a free basic membership to gain access to this area. This is where you can see live webcam models on their webcams for a price. The cost is usually around $2-$4 per minute. This can add up very quickly so I suggest you stay away from the webcam services.

Member Features – Members feature section of the site drops down into a sub menu which has Videos On Demand, XXX bookstore, DVD store, swinger clubs, Viagra sample and lastly a penis enhancement page. The Video on Demand section enables you to watch videos the same as XXXTheater section of the site. The DVD store enables you to purchase adult videos that are sent discreetly to your home. The swingers club section lists all the local swinger clubs across the USA Canada, as well as and many other parts of the world. The Viagra sample page enables you to purchase Viagra that is shipped directly to you. The penis enhancement page lets you purchase penis enlargement pills, lol!

Message Board – The message board is basically an online forum that discusses everything about adult dating, as well as sex and everything in between. You can post and read other people's post regarding all the topics that are listed in the online forum.

Chat rooms – The video chat room section of the site has a variety of different categories from girls home alone, watch me pee, my big tits, I like it kinky, first-timers and so on and so on. You can also choose video chat rooms by geographical location. This is only accesible if you pay.

Virtual Sex World – The Virtual Sex World section enables you to create a virtual version of yourself with endless options. You can exaggerate your physical features and make things bigger and longer than they are if you know what I mean. You can explore the virtual environment which is filled with S&M dungeons, swingers parties, and sex clubs as well. In order to gain access to Virtual Sex World you will need to upgrade your membership by pulling on your credit card and paying for a monthly subscription.

XXXBook Pricing

Just like many other dating sites XXXBook has a free and paid version of the site. They offer two different types of paid memberships, gold and silver.

Gold Membership –  The gold membership enables you to view and contact all members on the site, reply to all e-mails, you get instant messaging chat and you get the hundred day guarantee. You also are featured at the top search results when people are looking for someone to hook up with. You also get access to all the hard-core porn and you can watch members live on their webcams.

Gold Membership – The gold membership is available in three different pricing formats, 12 months, three months and one month.

  1. 12 months – The12 month subscription is paid in one payment of $149.99. You save 60% by purchasing one year in advance and the price works out to be $12.50 per month.
  2. Three months – The three month membership is billed as a one time payment of $69.95 which works to be $23.32 per month. 
  3. One month – For a one month membership it works out to be $34.95 per month for this gold membership.

Silver Membership – The silver membership enables you to view and contact all members on the site, reply to e-mails and you get to use the instant messaging chat on the site as well as you get the 100 day guarantee. You do not get access to the hard-core porn or access to the live webcams on the site, with a silver membership. You need a gold membership on XXBook to get access to the hard-core porn and live webcams.

  1. 3 Day Trial – With a silver membership you can purchase a three day trial membership for $1.95.
  2. Three months – You can purchase a three months silver membership for $19.98 per month that is billed in a one time payment of $59.95 per month.
  3. One month – You can also purchase a one month membership at a cost of $29.95 per month.

XXXBook prices

XXXBook Get Laid Guarantee

Apparently their site work so well they guarantee if you don't hook up with a girl within 90 days they will give you an additional 90 days for completely free. This is something that lots and lots of adult dating sites have copied from one another in the last year. In order to be eligible for "Get Laid Guarantee" you need to purchase a three month subscription and if you don't hookup with a girl in three months, you can contact customer service. In order to be eligible for this you need to create a truthful dating profile site and upload a least one photograph of yourself. You also need to respond or send out 5 emails per month. Apparently, the "Get Laid Guarantee Program" is available for a limited time only, and open to anyone not currently participating in the program.

My Personal Opinion

Overall the site does have a lot of features however just for the fact that you actually need to purchase a membership to get access to webcams and the online chat rooms doesn't make it worth your time, why? Well you could register for a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and you will get access to free online chat rooms that have thousands of members in there. You can also watch live webcams for free as well on Adult Friend Finder. Why would you register on if you can get the exact same thing for completely free? It doesn't make much sense to spend money on something that you don't need to, especially since we are in a recession right now. And on top of it Adult Friend Finder has  10,409,689 visitors per month compared to XXXBook at 258,588 (see graph below). Stick with AdultFriendFinder. 

XXX Book vs Adult Friend Finder

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Jun 21
IHookUp Review – Is Another Dating Scam?

Today's review is on a dating site called IHookUp is a fairly new adult dating site that seemed to start gaining speed and momentum in March of 2011, just about three months ago. Since that time the traffic has been steadily increasing to the site. Today I'm going to review the features, the pricing, and my own personal opinion of I HookUp and if it's worth registering and paying for.

IHookUp Features

I created my basic free membership on IHookUp and now I'm logged into the members area of the dating site. Below you can see a screen shot of the members area, so you can see what you're getting yourself into. On the top navigation  there is the home button, messages button, hookups, search, faves and lastly a subscribe button.

Home – The home button is self explanatory, it basically lets you get to the home page of the members area of where you can access different parts of the site.

Messages – The messages section of the site enables you to send and retrieve messages. You can e-mail members of the site and they can e-mail you back, very self explanatory. As I click on the messages button I notice that I already received a message from someone on IHookUp, that's pretty funny. Why is it funny? Well I didn't even upload a photograph of myself and I just created my membership 5 minutes ago and already I have a hot looking 25 -year-old from New York who has e-mailed me, what is wrong with this scenario?

Hookups – The hookup section of the site has nothing going on.  I clicked on the hookups button and it's said " you could be playing this game if you had a photo" . I am not sure what that means.

Search –  The search section enables you to search for women based on their location near you. You can also search based on age of course. You can search based on women who have photos, relationship status,  body type and you can search based on the type of relationship you're looking for. Some of the relationships you can search include casual encounters, friends with benefits, discrete romance, dating call on my online fun and lastly activity partners. The search section of IHookUp basically shows you who was last online, who is who is nearest to your location and the newest members of It shows search results for women located near me, as well as some photos of them. You can then add the women you like to your favorites list under "faves" or you can flirt with them by using different icons such as "let's get coffee", "we should chat", "you are hot", "upload pics" or "call me". This is all found in the flirt subsection of the search section of the site.

Faves – The Faves section of the site is basically where you add people you're interested in hooking up with. If you like a member on IHookUp you add them to your Faves section, so you can contact them at a later date and so on.

Subscribe – The Subscribe section basically sends you to a payment page where you can purchase different payment options.

IHookUp Pricing

Like all other dating sites there is a free and paid version of the site. IHookUp is no different and you can purchase a paid subscription to the site on a monthly basis or you can just register for free and use basic parts of the site.  has 2 different plans, Gold and Silver.

Gold Plans

The gold plan comes in four different options, one year three months, one month and two day trial.

  1. 1 Year – The 1 year plan basically enables you to pay for 1 year in advance which will cost you $119.88. This works out to be $9.99 per month.
  2. 3 months – The 3 month plan lets you purchase a membership three months in advance for $68.97. This works out to be $22.99 per month if you pay three months in advance.
  3. 1 month – The 1 month option lets you pay on a monthly basis. The price is $34.99 per month.
  4. 2 day trial – The 2 day trial costs $9.98 for a two day trial so you can test drive the service for two days and see if you're interested in actually paying for a monthly basis.

Silver Plans

The Silver Plans come in different options just like the Gold Plans, one year, three months, one month and lastly the two day trial offer.

  1. 1 Year – You can purchase a silver plan one year in advance I will cost you $107.88, this works out to be $8.99 per month
  2. Three months – The three month membership is $19.99 per month that is paid three months advance that will cost you $59.97.
  3. 1 month – For a one month membership the price works out to be $29.99 per month.
  4. 2 Day Trial –  The 2 day trial enables you to try the service for two days for $7.98.

The Gold and Silver plans offer different benefits for each plan. The Gold Plan offers you priority matching, you can get your profile seen at the top of every search page and you can send 200 e-mails per day. With the Gold Plan you also get one year of message storage, 24 hour priority service and you get a hook up guarantee on the 3 month and 12 month plan.

The Silver Plan Benefits

The Silver Plan benefits include being able to send up to 50 e-mails per day, you get your profile listed just under a person who purchased the Gold Plan. You also are allowed to have your email messages stored for up to 30 days and you also get 72 hour customer support as well as a "hook up guarantee".Honestly there's no point purchasing a gold membership just so your profile is listed above other people, and also so you have the ability to send 200 e-mails per day. I have reviewed many, many dating sites and I have never ever sent 200 e-mails in a day, that is just ridiculous! I would not recommend purchasing a Gold Plan.

Also on both plans there is a hook up and guarantee. For the three month and one year memberships.

How does it work?

The "Hookup Guarantee" offer is open only to 1st time members to I HookUp. You also need to have a gold or silver membership with a three or 12 month plan.

Also you need to complete your dating profile and add a photograph of yourself. And lastly you do need to log in to the site at least once every week.  If you don't hook up, you can call customer support and tell him you haven't hooked up with any girls and they will then extend your subscription to I HookUp for another three months for completely free.

My Personal Opinion

As you all know if you read any of my other reviews I am pretty blunt and harsh on dating sites, especially adult dating sites. Now first off I would lock like to talk about the features that IHookUps doesn't doesn't have online chat rooms and it doesn't have webcam chat rooms. Just for that reason I would not join this site. Why would I pay for an online dating site that doesn't even offer online chat or the ability to see other members of the site on the webcams? In 2011 all dating sites that charge a fee should have the features for you to use these

And also just for the fact that I received an e-mail from an amazingly beautiful 25 -year-old woman (see below) just 5 minutes after registered for the site makes me very wary because we all know in order for me to contact this hot girl I will have to upgrade and purchase a full membership that's the problem (scam!!). It seems like the same old scam is run over and over and over again on many adult dating site, trying to entice male members to upgrade their membership by sending automated e-mails from fake female members of the site. When you want to contact those members who aren't even really members of the site you'll need to upgrade by paying for it. It is all about money and that is the honest truth.

(screenshot of scam email to entice me to pay)

IHookUp Vs AdultFriendFinder

Like I was mentioning before IHookUp does not have webcam chat or online chat rooms, this is a big negative for the site. As well if you see if my screen shot you can compare with and you can see that Adult Friend Finder has almost 10 times the amount of visitors to the site on a monthly basis compared to IHookUp (see graph below). Both sites offer free basic memberships, however AdultFriendFinder offers free webcam chat and free online chat  on their site for free. Yes there is a paid version to however you can still do many things without actually paying for it.

I strongly recommend that you take the time to do your due diligence and choose the best dating site. In my own personal opinion IHookup isn't the best dating site, I recommend using AdultFriendFinder, or another popular adult dating site is called Both sites offer much more than for roughly the same price, if you plan on purchasing a full membership. If you like to use either site for free you still get free webcam chat and free online chat rooms.

IHookUp vs AdultFriendFinder

Jun 13
XDating Review – Is Any Good?

Today's review is on XDating. is a newer adult dating site that I have been planning review for about a month now. I just got some free time available so here is my review., reminds of the layout, it also reminds me of my iPhone with text messages going down the page on the left hand side. Overall the layout is very different and much more basic than any other site I have seen. Okay, let's discuss the features for

XDating Features

In all honesty I really don't think has very much to offer you. The features are lacking substantially. Like I mentioned it has a Twitter style layout and basically you can write something to the group and the most you can write is 140 characters, just like

Chat Rooms – I don't see any type of chat rooms.

Search – The search function is very basic you can search based on gender, location, age and who has photos, as well as who is online at the present time. You cannot search based on sexual preferences such as group sex,erotic chat and so on.

I really don't have anything good to say about XDating. I can't find any features to discuss besides the updating feature which is basically like a Twitter status bar.

Who Viewed You – You can see who viewed you, and then you click on a button, if you like her you can either upgrade by purchasing a premium membership or you cannot send messages to the person.

XDating Pricing

XDating offers two different type of pricing features, three months and a one month membership

3 Month Membership – The three month membership works out to be $19.95 per month and it is building a one time installment of $59.95.

1 Month Membership – The one month membership is where you pay monthly. This works out to be $29.95 per month if you pay monthly.

payment page for
Apparently there are benefits to becoming na premium number. You can send and reply to messages, you can visit unlimited profiles, you all photos, as well as priority support handling.

This is the worst site I have ever seen that actually expects you to pay to use their site. I would never pay for this site, and honestly I wouldn't even create a free membership on the site. It is just not worth it.

I suggest you stick with other dating sites that actually have features and make it worthwhile using their site. Most dating sites nowadays have online chat rooms, webcam chat, you can upload videos yourselves, photographs of yourself and so on. This site is the type of dating site that existed way back in the late 1990s. This is not a modern-day side and they should not even be charging anything for the service at all.

I suggest creating a basic membership on  AdultFriendFinder has 10.5 million  visitors per month compared to XDating at 614,000 visitors per month (see graph below). AdultFriendFinder has webcam chat rooms, and anything else you can imagine.

AdultFriendFinder vs XDating

I can recommend these sites:

  1. AdultFriendFinder
  2. Passion
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Jun 7
AdultSpace Review – My Review Of


Today's review and it is on a website called . AdultSpace basically got the ideal of its name for, the popular social networking site. is an adult dating site or should I say social networking site for the adult community. This site is not for teens or anyone who's afraid of adult type dating. They have many different sections of the site though will go into further detail with.

AdultSpace Features

This different navigational areas of the site include home, search, live shows, contest, free sex, blogs, forum, rate, poll, groups, classifieds, chat, video, events, and lastly local f*ck. I'm in the members area now , so I can discuss the features of the site.

Search – The search button enables you to search based on age, gender, location and you can also search based on members of the site who have photographs. You can search based on proximity to where you live, such as 25 miles away, 100 miles away and so on.

Live Shows – The live shows section of the site lets you view live webcam performers on their webcam. This is a pay service, you can tell the girl on the web cam to do exactly what you want. Consider this like having your own private stripper that you can view on cam anytime you wish. It will run you four dollars per minute.

Contest  – The contest section of the site enables you to submit your photographs and other members of the site can vote for you. You have a chance to win various prizes if you get the most votes. I tried to check with the prizes but I couldn't find and any information on what you exactly would win.

Free Sex – The free sex button takes you directly to Adult, which is the largest online adult dating site. I'm not sure why it's called "Free Sex:, probably just to entice you to click on the button.

Blogs – The blog section of the site enables you to create your own blog and comment on other people's blog. Realistically I don't see too much of a point for this section. It seems like many adult dating sites have that option available for its members.

Forum – The forum section of the site gives you access to different sections and interests. Some of the categories in the forum include ask a guy, ask a girl, dating advice, dating over 30, and much much more.

Rate – The rate section of the site lets you rate other members of the site and other people can rate you as well.

Poll – The poll section of the site lets you interact and create your own polls, you can also answer other peoples polls. Some of the polls I've seen include what would you do for me, would site on my face, who you give me a massage and so on.

Groups – The group section is broken down into various different areas, including gay and lesbian sex, money and investing, mature, automotive,and everything under the sun. Again, this section seems pretty useless.

Classifieds – The classified section is broken down into 4 subsections, women seeking women, woman seeking men, men seeking woman and men seeking men. I'm not really sure what the point of a personals section on a dating site is?!

Chat – The chat section of the site lets you chat with other members. I don't see any actual webcam chat options. e-mail me if I'm wrong about this. It's always nice to see who you are chatting with.

Video – The video section of the site enables you to see adult videos the same as you can on any of the tube sites. There is not much going on here unless you really like porn a lot.

Events – The event section lets you see if there are any local events in your community, and you can also see events all across the world. This section is good if you're a swinger because it lists all of different local swinger parties that they have at different locations across the nation.

Local F*ck – The local f*ck section of the site goes directly to, which is another dating site. Pricing

Like all dating sites, there is a free and paid version of the site, AdultSpace is no different. When you become a VIP member of AdultSpace and pay, you get access to bunch of different things including, 24/7 tech support (pretty lame you need to pay for this lol), you get instant messaging. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Realistically I don't really see a point in becoming a VIP member since you can get quite a few of the options on Adult Space for free.

There are three different packages to choose from:

  1. If you pay for one year in advance the price is $89.97.
  2. If you pay for three months in advance, the price is $39.97.
  3. If you pay monthly the price is $19.97 per month.

Overall I don't see a point actually purchasing a full membership on AdultSpace. You can get many of the features for free and the ones that you need to pay for really don't make much of a difference. Do yourself a favor and just create a free dating profile on and see how it works for you, paying for extra features is a waste of your money.

I also suggest that you create a free basic membership on AdultFriendFinder and see if you have any luck on that site, since it is the largest online dating site and the longest-running adult dating site online. Create free memberships to both sides and see how it works for you.

Recommended site: 

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