XProfiles Review – My Full Review Of XProfiles.com

Today I'm going to do review on XProfiles.com. XProfiles is another new adult dating site that has been popping up all over the web lately. X Profiles is actually quite similar to CitySex.com, in regards to lay out and some of the features that it has to offer. I'll get that in a minute.

XProfiles.com homepage

Like every other site I have reviewed, I created my free basic membership and I am now logged into the members area of XProfiles.

XProfiles.com Features

Just like the previous site I have reviewed, CitySex, XProfiles.com has the same basic layout in regards to the left side navigation. I'm not sure if the sites are associated but from the way they look (FaceBook style look), and the features that they both offer you would think that they are owned by the same company or someone is copying somebody else. The navigation on the side is as follows on my home button, messages, friends, browse users, photos , videos, bonus videos, blogs, polls, flash games, Flirts and lastly the cam chat feature.

Home – the home button enables you to get to the homepage, very basic.

Messages – The messages section enables you to send and receive messages with other members on Xprofiles.com.

Browse Users – The Browse users link enables you to browse users and search for women and men,based on gender, location, sexual preference, and so on.

Photos- The photo section of the site lets you view photos of other members and you can upload photos of yourself as well to share with other members of the site.

Videos – The video section is the same kind of thing, you can view amateur videos of members on XProfiles. You can also share videos of yourself if you're willing to bare yourself for all the world to see.

Bonus Videos – The bonus videos section enables you to purchase adult DVDs and have them shipped your home. This is a pay service.

Blogs – The blog section of the site lets you view other members blog and you can create your own blog and talk about anything you desire, from sexual fantasies, everyday life and everything in between.

Polls – The polls feature enables you to engage in polls with other members. You can also create your own polls and have other members of the site interact with the polls your creative.

Flash Games – The flash games are interactive games that are sexual in one way or another. Some of flash games include Desk Top Job, Play The Pimp, Personal Trainers, and so on.

XProfiles Pricing

XProfiles offers 3 different payment options:

Monthly – If you would like to pay monthly, the price is $34.95 per month.

3 Months – If you would like to pay three months in advance the price drops to $19.90 per month which is billed as a single payment of $59.95.

6 Months – If you'd like to pay six months in advance the monthly price works out to be $13.33 per month which is billed in a single payment of $79.95.

18 Months – If you'd like to pay 18 months in advance to save even more then the price is $6.66 per month. It is billed in one payment of $119.95.

"Get Laid Guarantee"

free versus paying for a membership on X Profiles

My Opinion Of The Site

Well XProfiles.com reminds me of the last two sites I have reviewed, especially CitySex.com. Also, it has some of the same bad characteristics as  CitySex.com. As soon as I registered on X Profiles, a few minutes later I had an instant message chat window pop-up asking me if I wanted to chat. I saw the profile of a hot girl in the chat window, so I clicked to message the girl and I was taken to a payment page where I was requested to buy a full membership in order to chat with the girl. Does this sound familiar to you? It's pretty sad when online companies have to use such scam task tactics in order to get you to pay.

(Screen shot of automated chat programs try to entice to you to buy a monthly membership)

Personally I wouldn't even waste 2 minutes registering for a free account on XProfiles. Seriously, I'm sick and tired of all these f*cken scams!! Isn't anyone honest anymore? Go to AdultFriendFinder.com and stick with them, they are a no BS dating site that has EVERYTHING you want and need. Register for a free basic account on Adult Friend Finder now.

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