FaceToFace Review – FaceToFace.com Or Fling.com, It’s The Same

FaceToFace.com has been around for little while. I have been digging around and I know that FaceToFace.com is actually part of Fling.com. If you don't already know, Fling is one of the biggest adult dating sites online. Like many adult dating sites they create cobrands, or other sites that use the same database of members but they have a different domain name. For example you could have 10 different dating sites but when people register for the dating sites, it actually logs you into a members area that all 10 dating sites share. There's nothing wrong with this but if you have already have a membership with Fling.com, then you don't need to create another membership for FaceToFace.

Many dating sites employ this tactic and it is not fraud or anything of that nature but it's something you should be aware of. Since Face To Face is basically Fling.com, then you can just read my review of Fling to see what you will get if you register on FaceToFace.com. I have already done a full review of Fling and there's no point for me to reiterate myself by writing another full review of FaceToFace.com.

Other sites that are using the same database as Fling.com include, SeekBang, PartyFunDate, HookUpArea, MeetLocals, SeekBuddies and YouFling.com.

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