CitySex Review – Unbiased Review Of, yet another adult dating site that I have found online in the last couple of weeks. I figured I may as well do a dating review of CitySex and see what it has to offer people looking for some adult fun.

screenshot of

Like all sites I do a review on I create a free basic membership so I can get into the members area and see the type of features it has to offer. I created my free account for and now I am in the members area of the site.

CitySex Features

The top navigation bar basically list all the features that City Sex offers from the home section, notification section, e-mail section, browse profiles, adult videos, online now, City Sex Live and the search function.

City Sex like many of the new adult dating site that I have reviewed seems to be following the Facebook style layout.

Some of the features are self explanatory. So I will go into detail on the features that aren't common sense for both of us.

Notifications – The notification section of the side enables you to see who has contacted you, the date they have contact to you, as well as the time of contact, and also tells you if they wanted to initiate an instant message chat with you or if they have viewed your profile.

Browse Profiles – The browse profile section on the site lets you see profiles of people who maybe interested in you, from your local area. In order to actually contact these people however you will need to upgrade and purchase a full membership with your credit card.

Videos – The videos section of the site basically lets you view adult videos. Once you click on this link, your take into a payment page where are you requested to buy a full membership by paying for it with your credit card.

Online Now – The online now section site is self explanatory but I'm going to explain it anyways. Online now basically enables you to see who is online right now at the present time within your city. This I guess gives you a better shot of meeting someone, because they're available and ready to chat at that moment in time.

City Sex Live – City Sex Live is basically an adult web cam service that many other adult dating sites offer at the present time. This is not a free service and it is charged by the per minute, so if you think you can watch for free and see some girls nude on their webcams you won't. This is a paid service, you'll need to create another specificaccount just to use this webcam service.

Search – The search function enables you to search based on feamles, males, gay, lesbian, as well as the ability to search for local couples. You can also search based on age, country, zip code as well of how far you like to search. You can search based on 5 miles of your location, 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, 100  miles, and 250 miles away from where you live. Pricing

As with all dating sites there is a free basic version, and then there is a full paid version of the site. City Sex is no different in this regard. You can choose to pay for your premium upgrade plan by paying monthly or paying for three month membership in advance.

One month membership – The one month membership is $29.95 per month and billed to you automatically until you cancel.

Three month membership – The three month membership works out the $19.99 a month if you pay three months in advance which will cost you $59.99.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading?

According to the benefits to upgrading to a full membership is the ability to send and receive e-mails. You can also view and upload unlimited amount of photos. The Instant Messenger system on the site is also part of the package if you pay. You'll also receive top placement in searches if you are a paid member of the site. Paid members are also called gold users. So basically the nickname that you choose (your username) will appear at the top of the search results when someone is looking for a person in your area.

Like other dating sites such as and, as well as Fling. City offers you a three month guarantee. If for any reason you cannot hook up with someone in three months it will give you the next three months for completely free.

My Personal Opinion?

Personally for me. CitySex seems like another scam. Why? Well, I created my free basic membership in about 2 minutes. I did not upload a profile photo and my information was very limited. Basically my profile was very, very basic with no photo and no real information. Even still, I'm getting friends requests and instant messages from hot women in my area who are keen in chatting with me. You think that would be awesome, hot girls want to chat with you. The problem is every time I tried to click on the chat window and chat with the women who were supposedly in my city I was sent to an upgrade page where I would have to pay in order to send instant messages to these ladies. Obviously it doesn't take a genius to figure out this must be some kind of scam. It's an automated type of program that enables the people who own the dating site to lure you into paying for a full membership. These are not real women, the photos a

re of God knows who, they are not actual people who are members of the site.

(above screenshot of scam chat window that wants me to upgrade to chat with the person)

Realistically I wouldn't bother creating a free basic membership. It's a waste of your time. If you want to stick with an honest site that has actual real members, a dating site that has been in business for over 10 years stick with Adult Friend Finder has over 10 million members that visit the site every month (see graph below), and they are in the top 100 visited sites in the United States as well as across the world. The graph below shows the monthly visitors to CitySex compared to has 594,000 visitors per month, while AdultFriendFinder has 10,588,000 visitors monthly!! Stay far away from City, the whole site is one big scam to get you to pull your credit card, so don't even bother!

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  3. Frmr Amateur Match mber Says:

    These are all tied into a large organized sex syndicate operating around the world. They use 3 modes of operation typically:
    1 is vote for girls which the girl/guy links you to joining adult websites and then drops you after you’ve joined 2-3 sites typically.
    2 is meet a local girl for hookups/drinks whatever but you 1st have to get a daters ID, which again makes you join 2-3 sites typically but guaranteed NO MONEY SPENT…providing 1 of 2 things;
    you enter your credit card on the last link which has a annoying script that pops up, which is actually a phishing script to take the credit card info from your screen shot which can then be used for whatever purposes they choose or;
    you receive a link from the girl with an email address for you to enter your credit card in and email to the “webcams” company or similar company which is in reality sent to someone else…for again their own purposes in stealing your credit card.
    3 You get into a cam session with one of the girls who wants to see you as they play. which is then recorded and used as a blackmail device to send to your friends, family, colleagues, partners, youtube, and other porn sites or you can pay them and then give them more funds to further blackmail you.
    The syndicate will book girls in advance for you if you pay enough $, ship girls which btw are sexslaves to lasvegas, miami, dallas, anywhere in the world with the “handler” and you have entered the world of human trafficking.
    The girls enter the business by businessmen approaching them or their parents offering them modeling careers, high pay, good benefits and a rewarding/travel career. The parents or girls enter a legal contract and then the girls are brought in to initially do modeling, then with less and less clothing until finally they are forced to perform on sexcam and guarantee $300/day typically for the operator or if they can’t hit their quota they are prostituted for sex with however many men is needed to hit their minimum requirement.
    Amateur match, and these other sites dont have any woman that are using their own pics or from the location they say. The information from your profiles goes into a database that is shared by many sites and is used to automatically generate instant message requests for your attention or instant friendship requests…etc. all part of the scam to lure you into their business plan… my advice is go to a bar, mingle, meet some people, go to the gym, anywhere you can actually see the person you are meeting..

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