Review – My Personal Review Of Hot Or Not

HotOrNot is a site that most people don't realize is actually a dating site. Yes you can rate people, that's how the site initially started, however a few years back the people behind Hot Or Not launched dating. Since it offers online dating I am here to do a review on them.

Ho tOr Not

In order to use HotOrNot to meet people you will need to register, but don't worry it's free of charge. Yes, you can rate people, but if you want to meet local women, then you will need to register and then login to the members area of Hot Or Not. Don't worry it's painless and takes under 3 minutes to do. Features

I am logged onto the site, now I can discuss the features available. Across the top navigation bar, they have "rate people", "meet people", and lastly the "more" section of the site. The "more" section is broken down into subsections of the site, "best of", "blog", "hot lists" and "iphone app".

  • Rate Me – The "rate people" section of the site is pretty basic. You can rate females or males on a scale of 1-10. You can also click on  a button called "meet me", and then you are taken to that person's dating profile.
  • Meet People – Interested in meeting people on HotOrNot then hit the meet people button and it's all at your finger tips. You will see a list of all the local women or men in your city. From there you can send them emails, virtual gifts. There is no online chat or webcam chatroom available on
  • Best Of –   This section lists the highest rated people on Hot Or Not. Hot women in bikinis with bodies to die for lol, what else would you expect? Oh and the ladies usually seem to choose the guys with buff bodies etc..
  • HotOrNot Blog –  This section has dating tips, hot lady of the week, stuff like that.
  • Hot List –  The hot list enables you to show other people your interests using pictures of things that you like.  You choose pictures such as images of the NFL, BMW, Angelina Jolie and XBox360 to name a few of the images you can choose for your hot list.

Hot Or Not Pricing is not completely free. If you want unlimited chatting, unlimited messages,  and your name to be highlighted in the search results then it will cost you. This called "becoming a star member".

  1. If you pay monthly the cost is $19.99 per month.
  2. If you pay 3 months in advance the cost works out to be $12.99 per month.
  3. Lastly if you pay for one full year in advance the cost is $8.99 per month.

So What Did I Think?

  • Trying to chat with women on the site doesn't seem to work. Whenever I entered a chat room there is no one in there .
  • I only was able to find 5 girls in my city and I live in a city of over 2 million people, it doesn't make any sense.

Just the fact that I was only able to see 5 girls from my city has me worried. I don't want to pay $19.99 a month to meet no one! I can't really recommend the site just for that reason. There is no point paying for a dating membership if there is no one there to meet. You can register for the free basic membership and see if you have any luck.

There are tons of dating sites that are much better and have many more local women that For me I like AdultFriendFinder, or Passion. Both sites have millions of members, so your chance of meeting someone locally in is much easier and the cost per month is roughly the same.

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