Review – My Review Of Sexy Ads is an adult dating site has been around for very long time, since 1997. Although not as big as many of the other adult sites like Adult Friend Finder and Fling the site has gained a following.

SexyAds Features

Sexy Ads has quite a few features I'm going to discuss. Here is a list of some of the features as I see them on the site. SexyAds has the basic features such as the forum, chat, photos, videos, search, browse, find, tags, and trivia. Other features include whose online, whose new, whose and chat, whose certified real. They also have a galleries section, another section for voice ads, adult blogs, sex forums, free adult chat and erotic stories. They also have a birthday section which will show you who's birthday it is today on the

  • The sex forums on the site basically enable you to post and talk about anything related to sex as well as adult dating and anything in between.
  • The free adult chat rooms are actually free to use and this is probably the best way to chat with local women instantly. You can chat with women all night long if you want there is no time limit on how long you can use the adult chat.
  • The photos section enables you to see photos of various Sexy Ads members. The video section is the same thing you can see you videos that members have posted of themselves and see if that is a person you may be interested in contact.
  • The "certified real" section is kind of unique. How this section works is that you need to take a photograph of yourself holding up a sign that says "SexyAds" on it,  this is how they verify that you are an actual real person and you have not just used a photograph that you took off of the Internet somewhere and pasted on your profile.
  • The galleries section is basically like the photo section, where there is a gallery of photographs of member submitted photos of themselves doing naughty things, with no clothes, with clothes or whatever.
  • The voice ads section enables you to hear other SexyAds members voice ads. All you do is record yourself talking and you can upload your own voice clip to this site and posted in the voice ads section. 
  • The adult blog section is an area where you as a member of SexyAds can read about here all personal sex, your erotic encounters and anything else that you'd like other people to read.
  • The erotic stories section of the site is an area where there are like it says erotic stories posted, I'm not sure who has written the stories but if you're into reading erotic literature then this is a place that you might find interesting.
  • Lastly there is a birthday section like I mentioned basically if it's your birthday and you are a member of SexyAds your name will appear in this list and you will get thousands of happy birthday greetings from other SexyAds members.

There is quite a bit you can do on SexyAds without paying for it however there is limitations. In order to send and receive unlimited e-mails, use video chat and respond to every email you will need to upgrade by paying for a full membership. Pricing

SexyAds offers three different subscription levels you will you can pay monthly, three months in advance, or one year in advance.

  1. $24.97 – monthly membership that rebills monthly
  2. $69.97 – 3-month membership that is a One time billing. You will save 6.6% over paying monthly.
  3. $199.97 – Yearly membership that is a one time billing. You will save 33.4% over paying monthly.

My Final Opinion

I did a quick comparison between SexyAds, Adult Friend Finder, and Fling. You can see from the chart above that came on top with 13 million visitors per month. In second place was that had 7 million visitors per month and was at only 77,000 visitors per month. On almost every blog post I've written I discuss why it's important to use a dating site that has millions of members. Your chances of meeting local women are much greater with a dating site that has a large database of women on it. The price for a membership on all three sites is roughly the same, so why would you choose a service that has only 77,000 visitors on compared to another website that has 13 million visitors monthly. If you want to you can register on SexyAds but also do yourself a favor and registered on Adult Friend Finders and if you want to Fling as well. All basic membership to all three web sites are free and it's a great way for you as a consumer to test drive their features and see which one will work out for you.

More members means more women, and more women means more fun for you!


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