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I just registered on a website called, it looks and has the same layout as This is the adult version of Facebook, same look and feel but the members are not wearing clothes.

I really don't know too much about Rudester, I just stumbled on it, but in logging into the members area it has that Facebook feel. Let's get into the features of Rudester. Features

The different areas of the site include what's new, polks, friends, album, blogs, polls and lastly the video chat section of the site.

  • The what's new section of the site basically lists what members are to up,new photographs, new videos and updated  status messages, the same as you would see on Facebook.
  • The Polk section of the site enables you to poke someone. Basically if you're interested in someone you would poke them, and if they're interested in you they would poke you back. 
  • The friends section basically lists all your friends, the same as any other social networking sites including Facebook or MySpace would offer you.
  • The album section of the site enables you to view photographs and upload photographs of yourself. Since this is an adult social networking site, no clothes are necessary.
  • The blog section enables you to create your own personal blog and you can read adult blogs of other members on Rudester.
  • The poll section enable you to ask questions from all the members on and see what kind of response you get. For instance you can ask what type of sex do women prefer, etc.
  • The video chat section enables you to chat live on webcam with other members and you can see them, and interact with them all from the comfort of your home. In order to use the video chat section of the site you will need to upgrade your account by paying for it.

Unlike other social networking sites Rudester is actually a pay service, it is not completely free. Yes, you can register for a free basic membership, but if you want to interact with other members in the online chat rooms on WebCam that will cost you on a monthly basis.

Rudester Pricing

There are three different options when you want to upgrade your membership, you can pay monthly, three months in advance or one year in advance.

  1. The one-month VIP membership will cost you $29.95 per month.
  2. The three months VIP membership will cost you $59.95, which works out to be $19.98 per month.
  3. The one year VIP membership will cost you $99.95, and that works out to be $8.32 a month. This is the best value available on the site.

Looking through the site, to me personally it seems like some of the dating profiles are a little fake. Why do I say that? It seems every single girl on is amazingly hot and looking to hook up. There is not even one older, overweight girl on the entire site. Does that make sense to you? I find it hard to believe.

(Rudester female profiles…)  vs
(**chart showing Rudester visitors (828,697 visits per month) compared to AdultFriendFinder (12,385,079 visits per month!))

As I have suggested in many of my other dating site reviews you can create a free basic profile on to test out the online dating service. I would not recommend actually pulling your credit card and paying for a full membership unless you feel certain that you are speaking with real girls that you will actually have a chance to hooking up with.

Usually my best advice is to create a free dating profile on the site I am reviewing and also create another free dating profile on, the granddaddy of adult dating. has been around for over 10 years and not going anywhere. You can rest assured that there are real girls on Try creating free account to the two most trusted adult sites, as well as AdultFriendFinder and see where you have the best luck. But it's always your choice, I'm just here to give you my new personal advice and unbiased reviews, what you do after that is up to you.

Good luck!!

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