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RealMatureSingles is a dating site for people over 40 years of age.The over 40 crowd is huge, and is here for all you over 40 people, who are single or divorced and looking to meet women or men.

Just like all the other reviews I created a free profile on When you register you need to put some personal information, but this is only used to help you get matched up with other local singles. Something that is a little different from other dating sites is that you need to input a phone number. Real Mature Singles wants serious singles and they will actually call you on the phone to screen you. If you are hiding anything (like being married) then might not be right for you.

Real Mature Singles

Like many of the dating sites I have reviewed you can create a free basic membership, but in order to gain full access to this site you will need to create an upgraded profile that will cost you money. With your free trial you can gain access to many of its the there is such as uploading photographs, and browsing profiles of other Real Mature Singles members.

The sign up process is long and detailed, but it's to your benefit to fill it all out. Their matching process uses all the information that you fill out when creating your profile to help match you up with someone locally in your area.

Once you have created your profile, hit submit and you will get a friendly email with you login information. A rep from RealMatureSingles will actually call you in the next 24-48 hours to help match up real women or men with you.

I actually deleted my membership after doing the review because I didn't want to be called, since I was only reviewing the site and not actually interested in meeting someone.

Also something to note if you have a membership on then you don't need to create a dating profile on Real Mature Singles, since they are owned by Singlesnet.

Things To Note About Real Mature Singles : is for serious singles, Like I mentioned above if you are married there are other married dating services strictly that cater to you. I you are looking for something more casual I would suggest Passion, or SeniorSizzle. Real mature singles is more of a matchmaking service then it is an online dating site.

If you're seeking casual dating, then either SeniorSizzle or  Passion are definitely  a better choice for you. if you're is seeking something more casual, or if  you're not interested in having a representative calling you on the phone.

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