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Passion is a very popular dating site that I forgot to do a review on! I'm not really sure how it slipped my mind because that is the site that I frequently use. In any case Passion could be compared to Mate1. singlesnet or LavaLife. is owned and run by the same people behind This is a great thing, and I will explain why in great detail. First off if you have read any of my other reviews I almost always compare the site I am reviewing to AdultFriendFinder, because Adult Friend Finder is the largest adult dating site online today.

Passion and AdultFriendFinders share the same database of members. This is a really good thing, and I will explain why right now. If you look at the chart below you can see that I have done a comparison between AdultFriendFinder, Mate1 and LavaLife.

You can see from the numbers that in August of 2010, AdultFriendFinder has 13,300,000 visitors to its site, had 2,900,000, and had 87,000. Now, if you think of adult dating site like nightclubs where would you rather be in a nightclub with 15 people, or a nightclub that has over 500?!? Dating is a numbers game, the more women you are surrounded by, the better chance you have of hooking up with them. Obviously has six times more members than Mate1 and millions more members than LavaLife.

Passion Features

Passion has all the exact features that AdultFriendFinder has. The breakdown of the features available on Passion are as follows, the search page, browse, my lists, activities, friends, video, Web cam chat, get local, magazine, personal blogs groups and the shop feature. I have written about all these features on my AdultFriendFinder review, which you can find right here.

Passion Pricing

Passion has three different pricing options to choose from. You can pay 12 months in advance, three months in advance or you can pay monthly.

  1. 12 months will cost you $161.82. With this option you actually get another six months free, so it works out to be 18 months of AFF usage, which will in return cost you $.30 per day.
  2. The three month option enables you to buy three months and get one month free. This will cost you $59.96, which works out to be $.50 per day.
  3. Or lastly you can always pay month by month which will cost you $29.99, working out to be $.97 per day. is a great dating site. Obviously it has a huge following, with millions and millions of people flocking to their dating site every single day. Passion has been around for over 10 years and it is definitely not going anywhere any time soon. They are established, they are well known, and they have great features and competitive pricing if you choose that route. My recommendation is for you to create a free membership on Passion, so you can see for yourself what they offer and you can see if this dating service is right for you. Test it out, see how you like it and if you have the time I would really appreciate if you leave a comment and tell me your personal experiences with the dating site.

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