OkCupid.com Review – My Review Of Ok Cupid

OkCupid.com is another free dating site that competes with PlentyOfFish.com.I created my account for free on OkCupid to see what all the fuss was about. First off I did a quick check to compare the amount of visitors of OkCupid to PlentyOfFish. As you can see by the chart below OkCupid.com receives 1,600,000 visitors per month and PlentyOfFish.com receives 5,200,000 unique visitors. Both sites are completely free to use. Let's look at OkCupid's features.

Ok Cupid

OkCupid.com Features

Looking across the top navigation bar in the members areas of OKCupid I see the following sections. Messages, matches, connections and treasures.

  • To start off the messages section is self explanatory. This section is where you can send and receive messages from other members of Ok Cupid.
  • The matches sections is a basic search function that enables you to search based on gender, location (within 25 miles from you).Once you choose the advanced search then the fun can begin. You can search based on ethnicity, height, job, income, languages spoken, body type, religion and a ton of other options. 
  • The connections section has a favorites section that enables you to see who has viewed your profile. You can save your favorite OKCupid members for viewing and  contacting at a future date. You can also rate members in this section and they can rate you as well.
  • The treasures sections (interesting name) seems to be filled with various online tests you can take.

All I have to ask is where are the chatrooms? Where is the web cam rooms? Seriously I know free is great but all you get is email contact. There is no way of seeing the person you are chatting on the site. Overall I cant 't complain  free so I shouldn't.

Ok, So What Is My Suggestion?

Since the site is free, I suggest you register and try it out. I also recommend you register for free on Passion.com. Passion has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, it's a great site if you are seeking something casual, yet romantic. You can register for free on Passion, and Passion DOES have online chat rooms, as well as web cam rooms . Web cams are an instant way to see the person you are interested in.

*** Create a free account on Passion and OkCupid.com and leave a comment to tell us how it goes. Good luck!

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