Review – Review Of Mate Local is part of the family of websites. If I'm always looking around online and if I see in the web site offering dating services that I have heard of before I start researching it. The first time I saw MateLocal was on

Since I'm a dating review junkie, I had to do review on Mate Local. I created my free basic account for and I hit submit and then I was redirected to So, if you already have a dating membership on SinglesNet then you do not need to create another dating profile for

Why do dating sites create other versions of the site?

From a marketing perspective sometimes people get bored of seeing the same dating site advertised over and over. What many online dating sites will do is create versions of the dating service using different domain names. It isn't fraud and it's not really deceptive either, it's just a way to attract new singles to the site. Many sites will have different niche sites that will go to the mother site. For instance Singlesnet  may have a site targeting black people and it will entice black men and women to register on the site because they see the site is specifically geared towards them and it is/isn't the case. However they can still find black men and women on the mother site and the site they registered with. I really don't consider this anything deceptive is just a way of attracting more people. As long as the dating site gives you what you are looking for it is not a scam.

I have already done a review of SinglesNet, probably about a week ago. There really is no reason for me to reiterate the information that I wrote on the SinglesNet review. I'll just copy the information from that review regarding the features as well the pricing because it is exactly the same and there's no point for me to research that information because I already have done so.

MateLocal Pricing

You can pay for your dating membership in three different ways that I have outlined below.

  • You can purchase 12 months  in advance and the cost will work out to be $7.49 per month, that works out to be a 69% savings. This is billed in one payment of $89.95.
  • If you pay  3 months  in advance the cost works out to be $16.65 per month , and is a 33% savings. This is billed in one time payment of $49.95.
  • You can also pay monthly, which works out to be $24.95 per month.

MateLocal is like Singlesnet it is more of a long-term/Romance site. If you are seeking something more casual I would suggest If you are unsure of what you want here is an even better suggestion. You can create two dating profiles, one for Singlesnet and another for Adult Friend Finder. Both dating sites offer free basic memberships so you have nothing to lose and that way you can test drive both services see where you have the best luck!

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