FuckBookDating.com Review – Is Fuck Book Dating A Scam?

Another adult dating site has been popping up online called FuckBookDating.com. Obviously FuckBookDating is an adult website that shows profiles in the naughtiest forms. Most of the dating profiles are nude and pretty much reveal everything.

In order to create even a free dating membership on Fuck Book Dating you will need to enter your credit card for verification purposes. It says you will not be charged for your free trial membership but I find that very hard to believe. Why do they need your credit card then?

It says your credit card will not be charged by if you scroll down the page when creating your free dating membership you'll notice that a box has been checked for you. It says bonus offer to Porn City and XXX Obsession.

Fuck Book Dating scam

This is where FuckBookDating.com becomes a scam. First it says your credit card will not be charged but in fact it is. You are registered and signed up for Porn City and XXX Obsession. If you don't read the fine print sometimes you can really screw yourself and this is what could happen if you're not paying attention in this case. Basically you get a free three-day trial and if you don't cancel it before the 3 days is up you will automatically be renewing every three months at $99.64. So much for free right?!

It's funny in the fine print it says "fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law", they should read their fine print. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, scumbags.

Here is a huge red flag for you, if any dating site will not let you create a free membership without actually inputting your credit card information do not do it!! This site is a complete scam. Since this adult dating site is actually advertising on porno sites, I'm not really surprised at their billing practices. Many porn sites do the same type of billing, where they give you a three-day trial and then charge your card $99 month or whatever.

Stay far away from FuckBookDating.com, complete scam. If you want to stick with a trusted adult dating site, then I recommend Adult Friend Finder. You can create a free membership, and you not have to pull your credit card to pay for anything for a basic dating membership. I suggest you try out AdultFriendFinder.com and see if you like their service. At least it's free, you don't have to pay like this stupid site!!

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