Review – My Review Of Flirt is a mix between Adult Friend Finder and Mate1. I created my free account for Flirt and I am now logged in to the members area. I did some research on Flirt and it seems that only receives 80,000 visitors per month. Trust me, that isn't very many people if you are looking for woemn to meet locally. If you compare Flirt to large dating sites such as AdultFriendFinder or Fling then you will realize that flirt is very small in the online dating arena.

I will talk about why it's important to have lots of members on the site in a little bit, right now would like to discuss the features of

Flirt Features

Now I am logged in to the members area, the online features for the site include the search button, online now, mail, chat, activity, my account and the help button.

  • The search button enables you to search based on zip code, if a person is online right now, if the person is in a chat room, or if the person has recently been online.
  • The online now feature enables you to see who is online at the present time. I clicked on "online now" however in order to use this feature you will need to upgrade your membership and pull out your credit card.
  • The mail option is self-explanatory, basically you can use the e-mail service provided by and you can send and receive e-mails with other members discreetly. This is great if you don't want to mix your personal e-mail account with your online dating. 
  • The online chat button gives you access to the chat rooms of Flirt. You cannot access or use the online chat rooms unless you pay for it, the free membership will not work for the online chat feature. 
  • The "my account" section of the site enables you to upload photos, upload videos of yourself and you can also upgrade your free membership to a platinum or gold membership.
  • The "activities" section has a few different set of features including winks, who viewed my profile, who added me as a friend, comments and who asked for my photograph. Pricing

You can buy two different type of memberships plans to flirt which include gold and platinum.

Platinum Package

  1. The platinum package comes in three different membership options. You can pay $34.99 per month for one month package
  2. A three months package will work out to be $23.33 per month from me if you pay three months in advance. 
  3. The six-month package works out to be $20 a month and that is also paid in advance by six-month.

Gold Package

  1. Gold Package works out to be $29.99 per month if you pay monthly.
  2. If you pay three months in advance, the Gold package will cost you $20 per month.
  3. If you want to save even more money can pay six months in advance, the price works out to be $16.07 per month.

I have listed the membership benefits of gold, you can compare it to the platinum dating package. You can read all the benefits below.

For $30 per month I recommend you purchasing a dating membership on other larger and more established dating websites. Considering only receives about 80,000 unique visitors per month, realistically that isn't a large enough database of members to keep you busy. If you're looking to meet local women for fun then I suggest you check out and see what they have to offer you. What you can do is you can register for free on both websites and compare the services and see where you have better luck. If you find that Adult Friend Finder works better for you then you can upgrade your membership, if works better for you then you can upgrade your membership there. At least this way you have an option which website to choose.

2 Responses

  1. Stevil Says:

    Signed up for this dating website, it is not what you expect. If you end up being a gold member they are taking money for mostly having spam and bots on there finders. Never once had the chance to talk to a normal person. I think this is another scam website. Be aware before being gullible.

  2. Jean Owens Says:

    Pretty good overall. Some cool functions and rating systems that work well. The more time I spent on the site interacting and sending and replying to messages and generally getting involved, the greater my visibility became to other users on the site. Once my fun ratings and star ratings built up, so did the amount of genuine interest from proper users (doing this got my pic on the home page). You can see how many and who has browsed your profile too, so you can see if someone your interested in is already interested in you. If you’re not particularly charming or witty (like me, unfortunately ???) then the site offers some useful ice breaker gadgets such as winks and gifts. These are pretty handy when you want to get the ball rolling with someone but can’t come up with anything smart or romantic to say… yet. You might think they’re a bit lame or pointless and gimmicky but they make sure you start something on impulse which you can come back to later when you’re feeling a bit more confident. Compared to the other dating sites I’ve used (Plenty of fish, eharmony) this one is by far the easiest to get the hang of and has the simplest user interface, the people I’ve met through the site seem to be a lot more laid back than those I’ve met on other sites too, but that’s probably just my luck and not anything to do with the site itself eh!!! I’m gonna be sticking with for a while yet to see how it pans out. I’ve been a member for 3 months now, which is my record for any one site, and so far my experiences have been positive and encouraging.

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