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Today am will going to discuss cougar dating. One cougar site I haven't reviewed yet is Cougar Life is geared towards towards older women seeking younger man. Many guys fantasize about being with an older attractive lady, and that is what cougar dating is all about.

Like with all my reviews I created my free basic dating account on, so I could log into the members area and review the features, pricing and general overall feel of the website.

Cougar Life Features

Some other features include dashboard, messages, search, browse and the upgrade now button.

  • The dashboard feature basically enables you to see which cougars just registered on
  • The messages feature is the online e-mail service for Cougar Life. If other members are e-mailing you it will show up in messages section. This is a great way to keep your cougar dating discreet, because you don't need to use your personal e-mail address in order to log in to the messages account.
  • The search feature enables you to search based on if a member has a photograph, if they are online, if they are available for a date tonight and you can also exclude Cougar Life members that you have contacted before. You can also search based on body type, eye color, hair color, ethnicity and you can search based on key words.
  • The browse button basically takes you to profiles and you can click next and previous to browse through various profiles located in your location.
  • The upgrade now feature basically enables you to upgrade your membership to a full membership, this will cost you money and CougarLife will no longer be free.

CougarLife Pricing

Paying for a membership on Cougar Life gets you unlimited messaging, your dating profile being listed at the top of the search results of CougarLife and you will be recommended new cougars.

  1. If you purchase a monthly membership it will cost you $40 per month.
  2. If you pay three months in advance your membership will cost you $29 and month and this includes a one-year subscription to Maxim magazine.

What do I think about Cougar Life?

Well first off something I like to see with all dating sites is an online chat, as well as a web cam chat. This is a great way to save yourself time when searching for someone. You can see members instantly and live on their webcams with the webcam feature, unfortunately doesn't have this ability.

Realistically the only way to communicate with members on the site is through e-mail which is very primitive in this day and age. Obviously you need e-mail, however there are much better ways of communicating with people your interested in. Those would be webcam chat and online chat rooms.

Also in regards to pricing, $40 per month for a dating site that lacks many features really isn't worth it. And to top it off I did a quick traffic analysis and I found out that Cougar Life only receive about 100,000 visitors. If you compare that to a real adult dating site like Adult Friend Finder that receives millions of visitors, then CougarLife cannot compare. You can create a free membership on the site if you want, it's up for you. Personally I don't recommend upgrading to a paid membership, there are many other alternatives such as or Both sites have many more members on them, and they have many more features including free online WebCam chat and free online chatrooms that enable you to talk instantly with other members in your city. stats

Hopefully this review has helped your your decision, please leave a comment with your personal opinion or experiences with Cougar

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