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XXXBlackBook is right behind AdultFriendFinder, then Fling as one of the most popular adult dating sites online at the moment. has 1.6 millions visitors per month compared to Adult Friend Finder at 14.3 million and at 6.06 million visitors per month. Is this important information to know, hell yes!

XXXBlackBook  is in the top three most popular adult dating sites online. But does it have the features that you need to succeed in meeting local women? Features

XXX Black book  has quite a few features to choose from including, browse, the search section, video chat, sex shop and the mail section.

  • The browse section enables you to find hot women located in your your area. You can search by woman closest to you, the hottest women online, the newest women and also you can choose randomly if you like.
  • The search section of the site has a variety of options to choose from. You can choose based on location, based on age, based on if a member has photos or even videos available to watch. You can also search based on interest sites such as casual dating, discreet relationship, online fun, and even love. 
  • You can also search based on relationship status such as, single, open relationship, and attached and Tien Street find on the side.
  • Other options in the search include body type. You can search for other members based on if they are slim, average, athletic, if that person you are searching for has a few extra pounds, curvy where it counts and you can even search for large women or even disabled women.
  • I have never seen this search option but you can search based on personal style. Some of the search options in this category include actual, lastly, God, that we, professional, punk, sporty, trendy and even her been style dressing.
  • You can even search based on sexual fetishes. Some of the search options in this category include people who are amputees, men with big cocks, women with big breast if s, blindfolds, bondage, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, foot fetish, hairy women, latex, leather, shaved and smooth, smoking and many more options.
  • The video option gives you the opportunity to see hot local women while chatting with them live on WebCam. So I rose in the video chat rooms include the penthouse, hot trivia,and lastly adult lobby. Which means I need to pay with my credit card to do so.
  • The sex shop section enables you to buy adult toys, fetish toys and the really popular Flesh Light. The Flesh Light basically enables you to masturbate with the use of the latex vagina shaped sex toy. Pricing

XXXBlackBook enables you to buy two different memberships, gold or silver.

  1. The gold membership will cost you $9.95 for two day tile, one month membership is $34.95 and if you would like to pay three months in advance price is six $9.95
  2. The silver membership is available on the one-month package a $29.95 and you can pay three months in advance $59.95.

The difference between the gold and silver membership is with the gold membership you will appear at the top of the search results when people are searching for local men in your area, you can host your own chat room and lastly you get hard core video is part of your gold membership, that is the only difference between the gold and silver membership. The silver membership offers you e-mail, instant messaging, access to photos and videos and obviously you can use the video chat room to meet other members.

Like many sites, XXBlackBook has a get laid guaranteed offer. If after three months you haven't actually hooked up with anyone through the site, they will give you a three month bonus for completely free.

I have had a free basic membership for this site for at least 3 to 4 months now. I have received numerous e-mails from women. I haven't followed up on any e-mails that I have received because in all honestly, I'm getting too many e-mails. I have signed up to numerous adult sites as part of my ongoing review process and the amount of e-mails I receive is overwhelming.

Not to be biased or anything but if I'm going to dish out $34.95 per month for, I would rather go to site that has even more members. Hint, hint, hint,

What you could do is register on XXX Black Book, as well as Adult Friend Finder for a free membership on both sites and you can see which service you personally like that. It will cost you nothing but a bit of time to create 2 dating profile one.

***note: Some readers on my site have complained that XXBlackBook, is a scam I have no way to prove this. This is just information I am passing on to you.

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