Review – My Opinion Of Naughty Connect

Naughty Connect just like the website called self is a place where naughty people can connect with one another. is yet another website owned by the famous Adult Friend Finder. has been around for a few years now they are part of the Friend Finder network and focus on adult dating for sexy singles and couples seeking some bedroom fun.

Naughty Connect Features has a variety of different features when you login to the members area. Some of these features include, e-mail, favorites list, upload pictures, winks list, and live cam girls.

  • The e-mail section of the site enables you to send and receive emails from other members using
  • The favorites list enables you to add your favorite members on to your list so you can contact them when they are online or you can e-mail them at a later date. When you're searching through thousands of profiles the favorite lists does come in handy so you can save your favorite members and hook up with them when you feel like it. 
  • The upload pictures features is self-explanatory. You can basically upload as many photos of yourself as you would like other members to see of you.
  • The winks list basically enables you to send a wink to members you are interested in. This would be the equivalent of buying a drink for a girl you thought was hot at a local nightclub.
  • The live cam girls feature is a pay service in which you pay professional Web cam models to perform live for you from their bedroom. You can watch these girls strip right down to nothing while you are at home and they are in their own bedroom. There is no touching involved and you'll never meet women, it's all through web cam. Personally I think this is a waste of money at $3.00 per minute, but it seems lots of websites have this feature available for their members.

Surprisingly does not have an online chat feature. Since this is part of you would think that the online chat feature would be available however I can't seem to find it on this site, strange. Pricing

Naughty  Connect has two different membership options to choose from, there is a gold or silver membership.

The gold membership is available in three different options.

  1. The six-month gold membership will cost you $99.95 in one shot, this works out to be $16.65 per month.
  2. The three month gold subscription is $89.95 for 6 months one time payment, which works out to be $29.95 per month.
  3. If you want to pay monthly you can purchase a monthly subscription to Naughty Connect for $39.95 per month until you cancel.

The silver membership also comes in three different options, the six-month three months and one month package.

  1. The six-month silver subscription will cost you $89.75 if you pay six months in advance. This works out to be $14.95 a month.
  2. The three months for silver subscription is $59.85 and this works out to be $19.95 per month.
  3. The one-month silver subscription is $29.95 in and is billed monthly until you cancel your membership to naughty connect.

I'm not to go into why the prices are different for silver and the gold memberships. Personally, since this site is part of, I think you should just create a membership with Adult Friend Finder so you can have access to live member web cams, as well as the very very popular groups and online chat rooms that have thousands of members in there at any one given time.

It seems that costs more money than Adult Friend Finder but at the same time it has less features to choose. Logically you may as well go for a cheaper deal that has more features to choose from. Personally I think the online chat rooms that have live Web cams are perfect because you can see members on their webcam even before you meet them. This will save you a lot of time and grief and you will not end up meeting anxieties this way.

Well that's about it. good luck!

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