Review – Is Mate1 A Scam?

Today I am going to do review on a website called Mate1 is not a completely adult dating website, they like to call their site "intimate dating". I think the reason they call themselves intimate dating, is to attract more women. It sounds more softcore if you say intimate instead of adult. In reality it's the same thing, people looking to hook up with one another.

Mate1 has been around for many, many years and they are very popular. I created my basic account, logged into the members area so I could do my review. Features

Mate1 has all the basic features that you would expect in an online dating site including, online e-mail section, search, hot list, and the online chat section.

  1. The online email enables you to send and receive tell members on the site.This is basic and all dating sites that I have ever reviewed have this service available. It's a great way to keep your personal e-mail account and you Mate1 account completely different.
  2. The search section of the site enables you to search based on a few different criteria including, by country,city, you can search by members nicknames and you can also search by keyword. With the keyword search you can search based on words like guitar, the Godfather, basketball and things such as coffee and so on. You can basically search for your own interests and see if other people have the same interests as your by inputting that keyword in the search result.
  3. You can also search for people who are 50 miles away from you, people who are online at the present time, people with new photos and also people who are very popular on the site.
  4. The chat section enables you to chat one-on-one with other members. There actually isn't a chat room, you can just chat one-on-one with other members. Personally I think an online chat room combined with one-on-one chat would be the best solution.

Now for this review I actually created a female profile. That is right, I created a profile pretending to be female and see what type the results I would get and how the site would treat me if I was a woman instead of a man. I have had this Mate1 membership for a long time, over one year now. Obviously I don't actually use the membership however I created the membership a long time ago, so I could do some reviews and test out the services of

Now I know that many online dating sites actually have something called bots which actually send out computer-generated e-mails to male members to entice them to upgrade to a paying membership. Honestly, I didn't realize this was a problem if you are a female as well. Well I do have the proof that this does actually happen if you were a female member on I have taken a screenshot of my mailbox on the site to show how many of the e-mails I received are the same, but they are actually from different members. Many of the emails say the exact same thing, "I've read your profile, and would like to see a photo of you. Would you please add one to your profile and notify me?" SCAM! scam

(actual emails I received on, above)

Now, this is really just fraud and nothing else. People will think it's actual different members contacting them and they will need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to send e-mail to that person. So in reality this is really just fraud and websites like this should be under investigation because this is complete bullshit.

I can't seem to find payment options on Mate1, because I'm pretty sure that women actually are free on the site. It's been so long I don't even recall but I pretty sure that is the case. Even still, the proof is right there that the site sends out fake e-mails to entice members, male and female.

Personally I wouldn't touch the site with a 10 foot pole I can see the proof in my own e-mail box on the website. If you want to deal with the site that has honest people and millions of members try out, and see how a real dating site should work.

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