Review – An Unbiased Review Of Eroticy

One dating site that I seem to have forgotten reviewing is a website called Eroticy. is an adult dating site geared towards singles and couples seeking adult dating and bedroom fun.

I have seen this site over the years and somehow I never really looked at it too closely. Eroticy like most dating sites enables you to create a free basic membership and that is what I did. For the review I am logged into the members area, so I can do a full review with detailed information on the type of features, pricing and my personal opinion of the site.

Eroticy Features

Looking on the menu bar of the site, I see the following features e-mail, chat, whose online, live web cam, videos, sex guide, voyeur web cams and lastly the galleries section of the site.

  • E-mail section is self-explanatory, basically this section enables you to send and receive email from other Eroticy members.
  • I tried to click on the chat button however it didn't seem to be working. It says that I need to have Java installed which I'm very sure that I do have. Unfortunately there is only one member currently chatting on Eroticy so even if I wanted to chat, there is only one person to chat with.
  • The who's online feature enables you to see who is online at a particular moment.
  • The live cams section enables you see private web cams, live sex shows all for a price. These are not members of, they are actual professional web cam models who are paid to perform for people over the Internet. The price for this feature is about three dollars per minute, so it can drain your wallet very quickly if don't watch it. Personally I don't understand why they have live webcam shows available on dating sites. I guess someone is paying for this stuff or else it wouldn't be available. Personally I would rather meet someone in person than watch a girl on her web cam 20,000 miles away with no chance of ever meeting her. 
  • On to the videos section of the site. This section of the site is available for members who buy a full membership, free memberships like the one I'm using for this review will not work for you to watch videos through
  • The sex guide of the site basically talks about various topics such as aging, birth control, positions, safe sex, tips and sex tutorials. I guess this section can come in useful if you don't know what you're doing in the bedroom, ha ha.
  • The voyeur web cam section enables you to watch live couples and single women directly into their bedrooms as they perform sexual acts on each other and on themselves. Once again this is a paid service and will cost you roughly 3 dollars per minute.
  • The galleries section is basically where you can find all types of erotic photos of hot and couples in various positions. I'm not sure if they are actual paid models, or just amateurs who submit their photos to Eroticy.

Eroticy Pricing

You can pay for your membership with your credit card, by faxing in your payment information or lastly you can pay by phone. Memberships come in two formats, gold and well as the standard silver membership.

Gold will cost you $34.95 and, or you can pay six months in advance at $149.95. This will cost you less than $25 per month if you pay in advance.

  1. The standard silver membership is $24.95 or if you pay six months in advance it will cost you $119.95. That works out to be less than $20 per month.
  2. A gold membership is more money because you are ranked higher in the search for people looking for local members in their area.Your dating profile will appear before other peoples profiles, so you have more people seeing your profile this way.. Also you can send and receive e-mails by paying as well as unpaid members of the site.

If, I was going to buy a membership for I would not buy the gold membership it's just a waste of money to get ranked higher in the search results.

Lastly,I did a traffic analysis on, and compared it to the granddaddy and largest adult dating site online, Adult Friend You can see below that Adult Friend Finder blew Eroticy out of the water. Last month, July, 2010 had 14,368,740 visits to its site. Eroticy had only 68,377 visit in July 2010.

Common sense tells me that you want to go where the rest of the people go. There's no point going to nightclub if you and the bartender are going to be the only ones there, online dating sites are no different. You need to go where the action is, you can see from the traffic analysis below Eroticy does not have the action going for it.


My personal opinion is if you are going to pull out your credit card you may as well do it where you have the best chance possible of meeting hot local women, I doubt that you will have this at Adult Friend Finder has the most adult dating action online.

Hopefully you found this review informative.. You could always register for a free membership at both sites and see which one performs better for you before you upgrade to a full membership.

Good luck.

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