Review – Full Review Of is the oldest and largest dating  that caters to adults. AdultFriendFinder is popular right across the world from the USA, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, The UK and the list goes on. I have done many reviews and I usually compare them to (Adult Friend Finder). Review

Adult Friend Finder  is the oldest and most popular adult dating site on the Internet, hands down. AFF has been around since 1996, 14 years! In that time. Adult Friend Finder .com has built to you and very loyal following of members seeking men and women locally in their communities for fun time. Millions upon millions of people worldwide log into AFF every single day to meet other singles and couples for fun.

If you have read any of my other dating reviews usually I compare the features of the site Iam reviewing to Adult Friend Finder . The reason I do this, is because  has all the features that you would ever need in a dating site. And with millions of members and thousands of members locally in your community it's very easy to hook up with someone.

Other dating sites just don't have the amount of members that has.I have said it many times, The more people you have in one dating site the better chance you have of meeting a woman or man locally. And, the features on Adult Friend Finder are the top of the list.

Adult Friend Finder Features

  • The features located in the members area include search, browse, my lists, activities, friends, video, chat, get local, magazine, blogs, groups, and the shop feature.
  • The "search" feature enables you to search based on gender, location, whose online right now, new matches, VIPs, members near me, and you can search based on members videos, members photos and lastly the hottest members on AFF.
  • The "browse" feature enables you to browse by location from state to state and province to province all over the world, from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, France and basically every single country on earth. 
  • The "my lists" feature enables you to keep track of all the hot members on AFF that your interested in hooking up with. You can save members pages here, videos, favorite photos, and you can also send and receive flirts from other members that your interested in meeting. This is basically where you can manage all of your communication in your AFF account.
  • The "activity" section in enables you to see anything new that is happening in the Adult Friend Finder  member section. If other members add new photos, you will be updated about them in this section.
  • The "friends" section enables you to see what your friends are up to on Adult Friend Finder . You can see your friends photos, view their bulletins, videos and so on.
  • The "video" section enables you to upload all types of personal videos of yourself clothed or not clothed. This section also enables you to watch videos of hot members on AFF.
  • The Adult Friend Finder chat is the largest online chat of its type in the entire world. They have chat rooms based on location, sexual preferences, as well as fetishes. Some of the different rooms include the cybersex room, cyber fantasy room, and more.
  • The "get local" section enables you to see what's happening locally in your zip code and city. You can see who is available, and who interests you right in your neighborhood.
  • The "magazine" section of AFF basically all types of advice information can meet stories all related to online dating and hooking up. This section he a blog section is self-explanatory, people can create their own blogs and other members on Adult Friend Finder  can read them and comment on the posts.
  • The "groups" section is my favorite section, because you can basically search groups based on what you are interested in. You can find find local groups groups based on topics, you can even create your own group if you're interested in doing that.
  • Lastly the "shopping" section enables you to buy and watch adult movies directly from your computer, as well as adult products. Personally I don't see a need in purchasing adult movies since there is so much free content available on line everywhere you look. The adult products could come in handy if you're into using toys and so forth.

AdultFriendFinder Pricing

Adult Friend Finder has three different pricing options to choose from. You can pay 12 months in advance, three months in advance or you can pay monthly.

  1. 12 months will cost you $161.82. With this option you actually get another six months free, so it works out to be 18 months of AFF usage, which will in return cost you $.30 per day.
  2. The three month option enables you to buy three months and get one month free. This will cost you $59.96, which works out to be $.50 per day.
  3. Or lastly you can always pay month by month which will cost you $29.99, working out to be $.97 per day.

 have done many reviews on all types of adult dating sites. Pricing is usually roughly the same at about $30 per month if you pay monthly. Where all the dating sites differ is the quality and the amount of members who use their services. This is where people need to do their research. It's important to have lots of features to use so you can get the most bang for your buck, and more importantly it's very important to have millions and millions of members so you have a good chance of meeting someone locally in your city. Adult Friend Finder  has all of the features and more than enough members to keep you busy. The pricing is competitive to other dating sites, it has been around a very long time and has a loyal following.

Personally if I am going to pay $30 a month for any dating site you can bet that site is going to be They are at the top of the pile and have been the most popular adult dating site on the Internet for many, many years. Yes, there are other sites like Fling and AFF is the #1 dating site online, and it makes sense to go for the best why settle for anything else?

One person left a comment recently on 1 of my other reviews stating that had scammers in the chatrooms from Ghana. I'm sure this is true, all dating sites have problems with scammers trying to steal money from members. They do this by building up a friendship with you and somehow creating a fake story of their life and somehow some people send these scammers money. You need to have common sense and you need to protect yourself anywhere online. Do not chat with people from Ghana, Nigeria and Romania. Deal with people locally. If you want to build a relationship why would you want to meet someone who lives 1000s of miles away, it makes no sense. Meet people locally and you'll have no problems anywhere.

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