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Aug 3
AttachedPeople Review – Married Dating For Attached People is a website for lonely married women and married men seeking to meet each other. Attached People is basically another website, just like Ashley These type of websites are very popular and seem to be gaining popularity every single month.

With this bond of the Internet finding discreet affairs has never been easier. Attached is designed to fill the void of married people who just aren't satisfied with their partners.

I created a basic membership and have now logged in to the members area of Attached People. The site has a nice, clean layout, which makes it very easy to navigate and see the various sections and features of the site.

Attached People Features

  • Attached has many features that I would like to discuss now. Some of the features that you can expect in the members area include search option, messages option, chat section, video section, store, cams, invite, and member features.
  • The search feature enables you to search based on me height and body type, as well as location and gender.
  • The messages section basically enables you to send and receive messages discreetly, so you don't have to receive messages in your home e-mail where it would be easy for your wife or husband to see what you are doing.
  • The chat feature I couldn't review because, you need to purchase a gold or silver membership in order to use the chat features.
  • I could not access the video section of the site because it instructs many to purchase a full membership before I can watch any videos on the site.
  •  The store section of the site is not accessible, I need to pay for a full membership before I can access that section of the website.
  • The cam section enables you to watch professional Web cam models live on your computer screen. This is a paid service, these are not married women located locally in your area. This will cost you roughly 3 dollars per minute to watch cam models strip for you live on your computer screen. You can chat with them and tell them what to do.
  • The invite section of the site enables you to invite your friends if they are married and lonely, like you are.

Attached People Pricing

Attached offers two different pricing structures, gold and silver.

  1. The silver membership enables you to reply to messages, view full profiles, see your matches, you can also set messages and you can grab their attention by sending married women your interested in virtual gifts. The price is $23.50 per month for the silver membership.
  2. The gold membership offers everything that the silver membership does, but it also gives you $25 and get credits, your able to watch live WebCam shows that is a $200 value. Other features for the gold membership include the ability for you to play adult flash games you can use a Web cam chat features with other members on Attached and you have member video access. Lastly you also have access to the famous gold room. Prices are as low as $9.95 per month.

One Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $34.75 until cancelled. Three Month Silver subscription will auto-renew at $69.75 until cancelled. One Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $39.75 until cancelled. Three Month Gold subscription will auto-renew at $79.75 until cancelled. One Year Gold subscription is $119.75 and will auto-renew at $79.75 for three months until cancelled. All fees charged in U.S. dollars.

You can pay with credit card, check or by mail.

Quick fact: Attached is run by the same people who run affair If you have a membership at affair match then you don't need one or the site and then

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Aug 3
Ashley Madison Billboard Gets Taken Down in Australia

It looks like the original married dating site is taking Sydney, Australian by storm and local Australian politicians are starting to step in. Where ever Ashley Madison tries to advertise they are met with barriers, Australia is no different. bought billboard space in the largest city in Australia and now they mayor is happy the huge billboard has been taken down.

The advertising team at Ashley Madison are very smart, either way they win. If the ads stay up more people learn about their service, if they are taken down then all the controversy hits the news media and they still get publicity but this time it's free for them. Any publicity is good publicity and Ashley Madison knows this fully. They like creating controversy because it cost them nothing, except free advertising. read full story.

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