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Aug 20 Review – My Review Of Seek Buddies is a newer dating site, that is actually part of The site may look different than Fling but I just registered for a free account and I can tell you that the members area looks very familiar because it uses the same look and feel as Fling.

Seek Buddies is basically what you would call a cobrand dating site, which means they use the same database of members as Fling, some of the layout features, but the homepage graphics look different. Many dating sites, and many sites in general do have a few different versions of their site.

Seek Buddies Features

Seek Buddies just like Fling offers a variety of features, such as the search option, online now, and online video chat rooms.

The search features enable you to search for other members, male and female on, as well as You can use the "new faces" feature to see who has recently registered on Seek Buddies. There is also the who viewed option that lets you see who was looking at your dating profile on Seek Buddies.

There is also the online now feature that lets you see who is online at the present time so you can chat with members live if you're interested in doing so.

The video chat feature enables you to chat with other members who have webcams. You can see them live on cam as well as chat with them through the online chat interface on Seek Buddies. The online chat rooms had 476 users all online at the same time. There are many chat rooms that range from BBW chat rooms, gay chat rooms, and much more. In order to use the chat rooms, you need to upgrade your membership by paying for it. You can either purchase a gold or silver membership so you can get access to the online video chat rooms.

They also have the galleries section that enables you to see nude photographs of members of Seek Buddies and Fling. In order to view this section of the site you also need to upgrade to a full membership, by paying for it. Pricing

Seek Buddies offers two memberships to choose from gold and silver.

The gold membership is available in three different formats:

  1. 18 months will cost you $119.95 in one installment, this works out to be $6.67 month.
  2. 3 months will cost you $59.95, and this works out to $19.97 per month.
  3. Paying on a monthly basis will cost you $34.95.

The silver membership is also available in three different formats:

  1.   12 months will cost you $99.95, this works out to be $8.33 per month.
  2.   Three months will cost you $49.95, and that works out to be $16.65 per month.
  3.   One month will cost you $24.95.

Seek Buddies offers a get laid guaranteed, just like Fling, "you will get laid or you get a free membership."


If you already have a membership to Fling, then you don't need one for Personally what I think you should do if you're interested in, you can register for a free membership and then do a comparison with another very popular adult dating site called Adult Friend This is a great way for you to compare two dating services and then you can go for one that you like the best. Good luck.

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Aug 20 Review – Is Mate1 A Scam?

Today I am going to do review on a website called Mate1 is not a completely adult dating website, they like to call their site "intimate dating". I think the reason they call themselves intimate dating, is to attract more women. It sounds more softcore if you say intimate instead of adult. In reality it's the same thing, people looking to hook up with one another.

Mate1 has been around for many, many years and they are very popular. I created my basic account, logged into the members area so I could do my review. Features

Mate1 has all the basic features that you would expect in an online dating site including, online e-mail section, search, hot list, and the online chat section.

  1. The online email enables you to send and receive tell members on the site.This is basic and all dating sites that I have ever reviewed have this service available. It's a great way to keep your personal e-mail account and you Mate1 account completely different.
  2. The search section of the site enables you to search based on a few different criteria including, by country,city, you can search by members nicknames and you can also search by keyword. With the keyword search you can search based on words like guitar, the Godfather, basketball and things such as coffee and so on. You can basically search for your own interests and see if other people have the same interests as your by inputting that keyword in the search result.
  3. You can also search for people who are 50 miles away from you, people who are online at the present time, people with new photos and also people who are very popular on the site.
  4. The chat section enables you to chat one-on-one with other members. There actually isn't a chat room, you can just chat one-on-one with other members. Personally I think an online chat room combined with one-on-one chat would be the best solution.

Now for this review I actually created a female profile. That is right, I created a profile pretending to be female and see what type the results I would get and how the site would treat me if I was a woman instead of a man. I have had this Mate1 membership for a long time, over one year now. Obviously I don't actually use the membership however I created the membership a long time ago, so I could do some reviews and test out the services of

Now I know that many online dating sites actually have something called bots which actually send out computer-generated e-mails to male members to entice them to upgrade to a paying membership. Honestly, I didn't realize this was a problem if you are a female as well. Well I do have the proof that this does actually happen if you were a female member on I have taken a screenshot of my mailbox on the site to show how many of the e-mails I received are the same, but they are actually from different members. Many of the emails say the exact same thing, "I've read your profile, and would like to see a photo of you. Would you please add one to your profile and notify me?" SCAM! scam

(actual emails I received on, above)

Now, this is really just fraud and nothing else. People will think it's actual different members contacting them and they will need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to send e-mail to that person. So in reality this is really just fraud and websites like this should be under investigation because this is complete bullshit.

I can't seem to find payment options on Mate1, because I'm pretty sure that women actually are free on the site. It's been so long I don't even recall but I pretty sure that is the case. Even still, the proof is right there that the site sends out fake e-mails to entice members, male and female.

Personally I wouldn't touch the site with a 10 foot pole I can see the proof in my own e-mail box on the website. If you want to deal with the site that has honest people and millions of members try out, and see how a real dating site should work.

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Aug 18
OnlineBootyCall Review – My Review Of Online Booty Call is one of those websites that has been lurking in the shadows for a few years now. Online Booty Call is a website that caters more to the urban crowd. The site caters more towards African-Americans than any other race. 44% of the members of Online Booty Call are African-Americans, 47% are Caucasian and lastly Hispanics make up 7% of the total visitors to the site.

I created my free basic membership to Online Booty Call about a month. I figure two months will give me enough time to do a good review of my experience. At this moment I am logged in to the members area and I'm ready to do my review of Online Booty Call.

Online Booty Call Features offers a variety of features, including find booty, contests, booty call list, messages, and my profile.

  • The find booty tab is a drop-down menu that lets you find booty. The various section of the find booty tab include whose online, quick search, find friends, rate booty, top 10 and advanced search. Most of these features are self-explanatory. The rate booty feature basically enables you to rate members between 1 and 10. Everything else in the booty tab section is easy to understand. 
  • The next section of the site is called the contest tab. With the content you upgrade to a gold status for one day for every 50 e-mails that you send out to your friends. This is a good way to see if it's worth paying for Online Booty Call without actually paying for it.    
  • The booty list enables you to add members from the site onto your booty list, so you can contact them when they are all online or you can also email them when you like. It's just a quick way to add people you are interested in hooking up with. Pricing

There are a few different pricing options when you want to upgrade to a full membership.

  1. You can pay for 12 months in advance, which works out to be only $59.99. This would make it cost you $4.99 per month if you broke it down on a monthly level.
  2. If you want to pay three months in advance it's a one time payment of $29.99, which works out to be $9.99 per month.
  3. If you would like to pay monthly the price works out to be $19.99 per month.

And if you don't like paying at all, you can try in the contest by sending e-mails to 50 of your closest friends so you can get three days free on

A couple of things I don't really like about the site is the fact that it has no online chat room, this is essential in 2010 and every good dating site has online chat rooms available so you can chat with people any time, day or night . Another feature Online Booty Call does not have is the webcam feature. With webcams you can see other members live on their webcam, while you're chatting with them in the chatroom. This is a mistake on their part, because I wouldn't pay for dating site if they didn't have online chat or webcam features available.

For little bit more you can have access to the best adult dating site online, which is Adult Friend Finder. You could create a free basic membership with and and then you can compare the features of both sites and see where you have more success. This costs you nothing to try out each site for free and then you can make your own evaluation on which site you prefer.

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Aug 16 Review – My Opinion Of Naughty Connect

Naughty Connect just like the website called self is a place where naughty people can connect with one another. is yet another website owned by the famous Adult Friend Finder. has been around for a few years now they are part of the Friend Finder network and focus on adult dating for sexy singles and couples seeking some bedroom fun.

Naughty Connect Features has a variety of different features when you login to the members area. Some of these features include, e-mail, favorites list, upload pictures, winks list, and live cam girls.

  • The e-mail section of the site enables you to send and receive emails from other members using
  • The favorites list enables you to add your favorite members on to your list so you can contact them when they are online or you can e-mail them at a later date. When you're searching through thousands of profiles the favorite lists does come in handy so you can save your favorite members and hook up with them when you feel like it. 
  • The upload pictures features is self-explanatory. You can basically upload as many photos of yourself as you would like other members to see of you.
  • The winks list basically enables you to send a wink to members you are interested in. This would be the equivalent of buying a drink for a girl you thought was hot at a local nightclub.
  • The live cam girls feature is a pay service in which you pay professional Web cam models to perform live for you from their bedroom. You can watch these girls strip right down to nothing while you are at home and they are in their own bedroom. There is no touching involved and you'll never meet women, it's all through web cam. Personally I think this is a waste of money at $3.00 per minute, but it seems lots of websites have this feature available for their members.

Surprisingly does not have an online chat feature. Since this is part of you would think that the online chat feature would be available however I can't seem to find it on this site, strange. Pricing

Naughty  Connect has two different membership options to choose from, there is a gold or silver membership.

The gold membership is available in three different options.

  1. The six-month gold membership will cost you $99.95 in one shot, this works out to be $16.65 per month.
  2. The three month gold subscription is $89.95 for 6 months one time payment, which works out to be $29.95 per month.
  3. If you want to pay monthly you can purchase a monthly subscription to Naughty Connect for $39.95 per month until you cancel.

The silver membership also comes in three different options, the six-month three months and one month package.

  1. The six-month silver subscription will cost you $89.75 if you pay six months in advance. This works out to be $14.95 a month.
  2. The three months for silver subscription is $59.85 and this works out to be $19.95 per month.
  3. The one-month silver subscription is $29.95 in and is billed monthly until you cancel your membership to naughty connect.

I'm not to go into why the prices are different for silver and the gold memberships. Personally, since this site is part of, I think you should just create a membership with Adult Friend Finder so you can have access to live member web cams, as well as the very very popular groups and online chat rooms that have thousands of members in there at any one given time.

It seems that costs more money than Adult Friend Finder but at the same time it has less features to choose. Logically you may as well go for a cheaper deal that has more features to choose from. Personally I think the online chat rooms that have live Web cams are perfect because you can see members on their webcam even before you meet them. This will save you a lot of time and grief and you will not end up meeting anxieties this way.

Well that's about it. good luck!

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Aug 16 Review – An Unbiased Review Of Eroticy

One dating site that I seem to have forgotten reviewing is a website called Eroticy. is an adult dating site geared towards singles and couples seeking adult dating and bedroom fun.

I have seen this site over the years and somehow I never really looked at it too closely. Eroticy like most dating sites enables you to create a free basic membership and that is what I did. For the review I am logged into the members area, so I can do a full review with detailed information on the type of features, pricing and my personal opinion of the site.

Eroticy Features

Looking on the menu bar of the site, I see the following features e-mail, chat, whose online, live web cam, videos, sex guide, voyeur web cams and lastly the galleries section of the site.

  • E-mail section is self-explanatory, basically this section enables you to send and receive email from other Eroticy members.
  • I tried to click on the chat button however it didn't seem to be working. It says that I need to have Java installed which I'm very sure that I do have. Unfortunately there is only one member currently chatting on Eroticy so even if I wanted to chat, there is only one person to chat with.
  • The who's online feature enables you to see who is online at a particular moment.
  • The live cams section enables you see private web cams, live sex shows all for a price. These are not members of, they are actual professional web cam models who are paid to perform for people over the Internet. The price for this feature is about three dollars per minute, so it can drain your wallet very quickly if don't watch it. Personally I don't understand why they have live webcam shows available on dating sites. I guess someone is paying for this stuff or else it wouldn't be available. Personally I would rather meet someone in person than watch a girl on her web cam 20,000 miles away with no chance of ever meeting her. 
  • On to the videos section of the site. This section of the site is available for members who buy a full membership, free memberships like the one I'm using for this review will not work for you to watch videos through
  • The sex guide of the site basically talks about various topics such as aging, birth control, positions, safe sex, tips and sex tutorials. I guess this section can come in useful if you don't know what you're doing in the bedroom, ha ha.
  • The voyeur web cam section enables you to watch live couples and single women directly into their bedrooms as they perform sexual acts on each other and on themselves. Once again this is a paid service and will cost you roughly 3 dollars per minute.
  • The galleries section is basically where you can find all types of erotic photos of hot and couples in various positions. I'm not sure if they are actual paid models, or just amateurs who submit their photos to Eroticy.

Eroticy Pricing

You can pay for your membership with your credit card, by faxing in your payment information or lastly you can pay by phone. Memberships come in two formats, gold and well as the standard silver membership.

Gold will cost you $34.95 and, or you can pay six months in advance at $149.95. This will cost you less than $25 per month if you pay in advance.

  1. The standard silver membership is $24.95 or if you pay six months in advance it will cost you $119.95. That works out to be less than $20 per month.
  2. A gold membership is more money because you are ranked higher in the search for people looking for local members in their area.Your dating profile will appear before other peoples profiles, so you have more people seeing your profile this way.. Also you can send and receive e-mails by paying as well as unpaid members of the site.

If, I was going to buy a membership for I would not buy the gold membership it's just a waste of money to get ranked higher in the search results.

Lastly,I did a traffic analysis on, and compared it to the granddaddy and largest adult dating site online, Adult Friend You can see below that Adult Friend Finder blew Eroticy out of the water. Last month, July, 2010 had 14,368,740 visits to its site. Eroticy had only 68,377 visit in July 2010.

Common sense tells me that you want to go where the rest of the people go. There's no point going to nightclub if you and the bartender are going to be the only ones there, online dating sites are no different. You need to go where the action is, you can see from the traffic analysis below Eroticy does not have the action going for it.


My personal opinion is if you are going to pull out your credit card you may as well do it where you have the best chance possible of meeting hot local women, I doubt that you will have this at Adult Friend Finder has the most adult dating action online.

Hopefully you found this review informative.. You could always register for a free membership at both sites and see which one performs better for you before you upgrade to a full membership.

Good luck.

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Aug 13
XXXBlackBook Review – My Review On

XXXBlackBook is right behind AdultFriendFinder, then Fling as one of the most popular adult dating sites online at the moment. has 1.6 millions visitors per month compared to Adult Friend Finder at 14.3 million and at 6.06 million visitors per month. Is this important information to know, hell yes!

XXXBlackBook  is in the top three most popular adult dating sites online. But does it have the features that you need to succeed in meeting local women? Features

XXX Black book  has quite a few features to choose from including, browse, the search section, video chat, sex shop and the mail section.

  • The browse section enables you to find hot women located in your your area. You can search by woman closest to you, the hottest women online, the newest women and also you can choose randomly if you like.
  • The search section of the site has a variety of options to choose from. You can choose based on location, based on age, based on if a member has photos or even videos available to watch. You can also search based on interest sites such as casual dating, discreet relationship, online fun, and even love. 
  • You can also search based on relationship status such as, single, open relationship, and attached and Tien Street find on the side.
  • Other options in the search include body type. You can search for other members based on if they are slim, average, athletic, if that person you are searching for has a few extra pounds, curvy where it counts and you can even search for large women or even disabled women.
  • I have never seen this search option but you can search based on personal style. Some of the search options in this category include actual, lastly, God, that we, professional, punk, sporty, trendy and even her been style dressing.
  • You can even search based on sexual fetishes. Some of the search options in this category include people who are amputees, men with big cocks, women with big breast if s, blindfolds, bondage, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, foot fetish, hairy women, latex, leather, shaved and smooth, smoking and many more options.
  • The video option gives you the opportunity to see hot local women while chatting with them live on WebCam. So I rose in the video chat rooms include the penthouse, hot trivia,and lastly adult lobby. Which means I need to pay with my credit card to do so.
  • The sex shop section enables you to buy adult toys, fetish toys and the really popular Flesh Light. The Flesh Light basically enables you to masturbate with the use of the latex vagina shaped sex toy. Pricing

XXXBlackBook enables you to buy two different memberships, gold or silver.

  1. The gold membership will cost you $9.95 for two day tile, one month membership is $34.95 and if you would like to pay three months in advance price is six $9.95
  2. The silver membership is available on the one-month package a $29.95 and you can pay three months in advance $59.95.

The difference between the gold and silver membership is with the gold membership you will appear at the top of the search results when people are searching for local men in your area, you can host your own chat room and lastly you get hard core video is part of your gold membership, that is the only difference between the gold and silver membership. The silver membership offers you e-mail, instant messaging, access to photos and videos and obviously you can use the video chat room to meet other members.

Like many sites, XXBlackBook has a get laid guaranteed offer. If after three months you haven't actually hooked up with anyone through the site, they will give you a three month bonus for completely free.

I have had a free basic membership for this site for at least 3 to 4 months now. I have received numerous e-mails from women. I haven't followed up on any e-mails that I have received because in all honestly, I'm getting too many e-mails. I have signed up to numerous adult sites as part of my ongoing review process and the amount of e-mails I receive is overwhelming.

Not to be biased or anything but if I'm going to dish out $34.95 per month for, I would rather go to site that has even more members. Hint, hint, hint,

What you could do is register on XXX Black Book, as well as Adult Friend Finder for a free membership on both sites and you can see which service you personally like that. It will cost you nothing but a bit of time to create 2 dating profile one.

***note: Some readers on my site have complained that XXBlackBook, is a scam I have no way to prove this. This is just information I am passing on to you.

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Aug 12
AdultMatchFirm Review – My Review Of is another relatively popular adult dating site. Adult Match Firm is part of the Adult Friend Finder network. This is a good thing, because if you have read any of my other dating reviews I always glow about  Adult Friend Finder. You need to stick with sites that have lots of members and quality features, so you can have the best experience possible in online dating.

Adult Match Firm is a site designed for swingers and singles seeking sex.  I created a basic membership for the site a few months back, so I could check other features and see how good the site is. The reason I'm doing this review a few months later is because my new strategy is to register on dating sites and have a membership for at least 2 to 3 months before making my full review of the site. I think this method works better because I have more time to evaluate the dating site over a longer period of time.

AdultMatchFirm Features

The features of Adult Match Firm are the exact same as Adult Friend Finder. Both sites use the same database of members which is millions and millions of members worldwide. Many times I complain about websites using the same database of members, however in this case it's a good thing because you do have millions of members worldwide at your fingertips. Obviously you're looking to meet someone locally, and with millions of members worldwide you can bet there are thousands of members in your city looking for fun just like you are.

Some of the features include online chat, web cam chat, and groups. These are the most important features on the site.

  • Online chat is great because it enables you to chat with local women even before you see them in person. If and him in our word talking to someone for the first time on the phone, or meeting someone for the first time in person. The online chat feature helps to ease your feelings about meeting a stranger for the first time. You can get to know someone on online chat using before you meet them. This is great so you can see how compatible you are sexually and mentally.
  • The WebCam chat is also great  because you can see the people even before you meet them. This eliminates the problem associated with women posting photos of themselves when they were 50 pounds skinnier and five years younger, lol. 
  • The groups section of Adult Match Firm is awesome because there are groups dedicated to every single mean and sexual fetish that you might be interested in. Some of the groups include three Somes, local swingers clubs, bisexual groups for men and women, sexual fantasies, bdsm, gay and lesbian groups as well.

Adult Match Firm Pricing

  1. The gold membership is a 12 month pre-paid membership that costs $161.82. With the gold option you receive six months free, which is a total of 18 months.
  2. The silver membership is a three month membership that costs $59.96, and with this membership you receive one month free.
  3. Lastly you can choose to pay on a monthly basis, and the price is $29.99 per month. Dating Guarantee offers you a guarantee, that you will get laid or you will get three months for free. There are a few rules for this guarantee to be effective. You need to many maintain a gold or silver account for at least three months with Adult Match Firm. You need to login at least once every month. And you need to send at least three e-mails a month to other members on the site that you are interested in hooking up with.

And lastly you need to create at least one blog or one group posting each month for at least three months. Apparently if you follow the rules and you don't get laid in you can send an e-mail to customer service and you can tell them they just couldn't get laid and they will extend your Adult Match Firm membership for another three months for completely free.

Just like anything in life, you get what you put in. If you want online dating to work for you, make sure you take it seriously. Just like their guarantee says logging in and participating on Adult Match Firm will give you a much better chance of hooking up with hot women in your area.

From my three months experience with the site I can tell you I did received numerous e-mails, and I sent out many many e-mails as well. I actually did play around with two different women from the site. Like I said, I spent some time and created a profile, I filled it out completely and I also posted many photos of myself that were clear and recent (important).

Don't be one of those people who is using a blurry photograph,that is four years old and leaves their profile half done. This is the best way to remain single and not hook up with anyone.

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Aug 9 Review – Full Review Of is the oldest and largest dating  that caters to adults. AdultFriendFinder is popular right across the world from the USA, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, The UK and the list goes on. I have done many reviews and I usually compare them to (Adult Friend Finder). Review

Adult Friend Finder  is the oldest and most popular adult dating site on the Internet, hands down. AFF has been around since 1996, 14 years! In that time. Adult Friend Finder .com has built to you and very loyal following of members seeking men and women locally in their communities for fun time. Millions upon millions of people worldwide log into AFF every single day to meet other singles and couples for fun.

If you have read any of my other dating reviews usually I compare the features of the site Iam reviewing to Adult Friend Finder . The reason I do this, is because  has all the features that you would ever need in a dating site. And with millions of members and thousands of members locally in your community it's very easy to hook up with someone.

Other dating sites just don't have the amount of members that has.I have said it many times, The more people you have in one dating site the better chance you have of meeting a woman or man locally. And, the features on Adult Friend Finder are the top of the list.

Adult Friend Finder Features

  • The features located in the members area include search, browse, my lists, activities, friends, video, chat, get local, magazine, blogs, groups, and the shop feature.
  • The "search" feature enables you to search based on gender, location, whose online right now, new matches, VIPs, members near me, and you can search based on members videos, members photos and lastly the hottest members on AFF.
  • The "browse" feature enables you to browse by location from state to state and province to province all over the world, from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, France and basically every single country on earth. 
  • The "my lists" feature enables you to keep track of all the hot members on AFF that your interested in hooking up with. You can save members pages here, videos, favorite photos, and you can also send and receive flirts from other members that your interested in meeting. This is basically where you can manage all of your communication in your AFF account.
  • The "activity" section in enables you to see anything new that is happening in the Adult Friend Finder  member section. If other members add new photos, you will be updated about them in this section.
  • The "friends" section enables you to see what your friends are up to on Adult Friend Finder . You can see your friends photos, view their bulletins, videos and so on.
  • The "video" section enables you to upload all types of personal videos of yourself clothed or not clothed. This section also enables you to watch videos of hot members on AFF.
  • The Adult Friend Finder chat is the largest online chat of its type in the entire world. They have chat rooms based on location, sexual preferences, as well as fetishes. Some of the different rooms include the cybersex room, cyber fantasy room, and more.
  • The "get local" section enables you to see what's happening locally in your zip code and city. You can see who is available, and who interests you right in your neighborhood.
  • The "magazine" section of AFF basically all types of advice information can meet stories all related to online dating and hooking up. This section he a blog section is self-explanatory, people can create their own blogs and other members on Adult Friend Finder  can read them and comment on the posts.
  • The "groups" section is my favorite section, because you can basically search groups based on what you are interested in. You can find find local groups groups based on topics, you can even create your own group if you're interested in doing that.
  • Lastly the "shopping" section enables you to buy and watch adult movies directly from your computer, as well as adult products. Personally I don't see a need in purchasing adult movies since there is so much free content available on line everywhere you look. The adult products could come in handy if you're into using toys and so forth.

AdultFriendFinder Pricing

Adult Friend Finder has three different pricing options to choose from. You can pay 12 months in advance, three months in advance or you can pay monthly.

  1. 12 months will cost you $161.82. With this option you actually get another six months free, so it works out to be 18 months of AFF usage, which will in return cost you $.30 per day.
  2. The three month option enables you to buy three months and get one month free. This will cost you $59.96, which works out to be $.50 per day.
  3. Or lastly you can always pay month by month which will cost you $29.99, working out to be $.97 per day.

 have done many reviews on all types of adult dating sites. Pricing is usually roughly the same at about $30 per month if you pay monthly. Where all the dating sites differ is the quality and the amount of members who use their services. This is where people need to do their research. It's important to have lots of features to use so you can get the most bang for your buck, and more importantly it's very important to have millions and millions of members so you have a good chance of meeting someone locally in your city. Adult Friend Finder  has all of the features and more than enough members to keep you busy. The pricing is competitive to other dating sites, it has been around a very long time and has a loyal following.

Personally if I am going to pay $30 a month for any dating site you can bet that site is going to be They are at the top of the pile and have been the most popular adult dating site on the Internet for many, many years. Yes, there are other sites like Fling and AFF is the #1 dating site online, and it makes sense to go for the best why settle for anything else?

One person left a comment recently on 1 of my other reviews stating that had scammers in the chatrooms from Ghana. I'm sure this is true, all dating sites have problems with scammers trying to steal money from members. They do this by building up a friendship with you and somehow creating a fake story of their life and somehow some people send these scammers money. You need to have common sense and you need to protect yourself anywhere online. Do not chat with people from Ghana, Nigeria and Romania. Deal with people locally. If you want to build a relationship why would you want to meet someone who lives 1000s of miles away, it makes no sense. Meet people locally and you'll have no problems anywhere.

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Aug 6
Ashley Madison Targets Married Gamblers in Atlantic City

Every time I find news on Ashley Madison it seems they are pissing someone off, lol. I think that is their whole advertising strategy. If people complain about Ashley Madison billboards around their town, they are usually taken down. This is followed by news media reporting on the whole thing, and blam Ashley Madison gets free advertising and publicity. I think they are geniuses, free advertising for them. They must be laughing all the way to the bank, and it works in every town they put up billboards in, it's insane.

Now it looks like the folks at are starting the same strategy in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It seems there are tons of cheaters who also like to gamble, interesting… Read the full Ashley Madison Agency article here.

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Aug 5
Sugar daddy For Me Review –, Dating For Sugar Daddies

Another niche I have never discussed on Passion Match is sugar daddy dating. is a website dedicated to wealthy older man and younger attractive women seeking one other. A sugar daddy is basically an older gentleman who has financial wealth, and younger women seeking the benefits of dating a sugar daddy are called sugar babies. Many people call these types of women gold diggers, this is probably the case however both parties are usually quite happy with this type of arrangement. Sugar Daddy For Me is a website that is capitalizing on this type of online dating.

Sugar Daddy For Me

This is not the only dating site that is focusing on "sugar daddy dating", other sites include,,, and

Back to I registered for my free membership on a Sugar Daddy For Me, and I am now logged in to the members area. Some of the features include the search function, browse function, and the hot stuff option. Features

  • The search functions enable you to search for sugar babies and sugar daddies with profiles containing photos of themselves, if they are online now, and also if they are using the "I call you" service. You can also search based on country, city name and how many miles a sugar daddy or baby  is located from you. 
  • The browse option enables you to look at sugar daddy/baby profiles based on the photo profiles, hot local women, new members, and new photos.

I forgot to mention that when I first logged in to the website, there was an urgent notice. The urgent notice stated that any messages involving people from Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, wiring money, online escrow services, or cashiers checks are definitely scams and should be ignored. Do not be fooled by requests for money from people you just met no matter how convincing their story is or how beautiful or handsome their photos appear. The photos are almost certainly not really them at all but merely photos of models copied from the Internet.

INTERNET scammers

This is a problem not only on this dating site but every dating site online. Scammers from poor countries will do anything to get your money, always be careful.

Sugar Daddy For Me pricing

  • Silver Membership – USD 29.95 * per month
  •  Gold Membership – USD 34.95 *per month

You should note that you are automatically enrolled in something called total access that cost $14.95 per month.  Total Access allows non-paying members to contact you and reply to your emails. If you don't want this service make sure to uncheck that object, or you will be billed every month.

If you don't feel like purchasing a fall monthly membership, you can always try out any of the silver or gold memberships are meet a tree I'll. These free trials will automatically enroll you in a monthly membership after three day if you don't cancel them, so be sure to cancel them. You can pay with your credit card or your check.

Overall the site looks clean. I am personally not a sugar daddy so I have no use for a site like this, haha. If you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, create a free membership and see if you find what you are looking for. Good Luck!

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