XXXCupid Review – Is Is A Scam?

Lately I have seen a new site popping up online called XXX Cupid is another dating site that is run by Infinity Personals. This same company also owns and All three sites are generally the same layout and design. homepage

XXXCupid has a unique homepage (compared to other sites) when you register for your membership. There is a video girl who basically walks you through the registration process. The more steps you complete in your registration the more clothes she takes off. I thought that was very clever of the website to entice you to register for your membership.

If you have been following any of my other reviews you know that many websites have a different site design however they use the same database of members. is no different they use the same database of members as as well as, both sites that are owned by Infinity Personals. This is a common practice in online dating, read my other reviews and you'll see it happens quite a bit. Features:

Browsing through the members area I can see the following features, My Home, My Mail, recent activity, search, Gold room, chat and member features.

  • The My Home section of the site is basically where you can add your profile, add your own videos, add photos, review your matches, you can see who has just register to the site, and you can quickly see XXCupid members within 50 miles of your location.
  • The My Mail Section of the site enables you to send and receive emails from other members of
  • The search sectionenables you to search based on numerous criteria including, marital status, sexual preference, body hair, height, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and even if someone drinks or smokes. The only problem is in order to use these features you need to upgrade by paying for membership.
  • There are many chat rooms that enable you to watch or show your webbam to other members on the site. Some of the room names include "girls home alone", "nude with food", "I am new here", "I like it kinky", "my big tits", "taking requests", and a few others. All rooms are the same as, because it uses the same membership area as that site.
  • Also in the chat section there is an area called "virtual sex world social networking". You can be you can basically create a virtual version of yourself, with all the customization to your character that you like including longer penis, muscular body, and anything else that comes to your imagination.
  • You can actually do a search in the virtual sex world section of the site and find people who are located near you so you can interact with them in the virtual sex world, and then possiblt offline? This is very unique, and I have not seen this on any other dating site.
  • The Gold room section of the site is an area where you have access to all types of adult sex and videos. Some of the categories include two girls and one guy. Two guys and one girl, alternative,, chair, blow jobs, couples, fetish, and jobs, and Latina sex videos.
  • The member features section of the site is only accessible if you pay for for membership. This part of the site has sex DVDs, swingers club locations, and even video on demand. You need to pay, so I couldn't actually view any of that content.
  • I have been a basic member of for a few months now. I have received numerous mails from girls contact looking to chat with me. Every time I click a link in my e-mail to contact these women, then I am sent to the upgrade page where I am instructed to purchase a membership to contact other members of

I didn't realize it until today but many e-mails I have received are the same as others. I can't prove anything however they seem fake, and are possibly sent by the actual website and are not real members at all. Obviously I can't prove this but I took a screenshot of e-mail section in my member account and you can see a few of the titles in the e-mail look quite similar. I find that a little bit unusual, and that is all I am going to say about this. I have no proof but personally I wouldn't buy a membership to this site or I don't know if I'm getting real e-mails from real people! This is not the first site that has been accused of doing shady marketing practices like this, in order to get you to pay.

XXX Cupid emails

**(above,see screen shot from email in box ) Many of the tiles in the emails I have received have the title "lets talk", by 3 different members, coincidence? I highly doubt that….

XXXCupid Traffic

I also checked out the traffic statistics of XXXCupid and and it is very low. I did a comparison of the parent company to, and you can see the traffic statistics level. I took a screen shot of a monthly visitors that visit each site, so you can compare and see which side has more traffic. Why am I doing this? It's important to go with a dating site that offers lots of members so you have a good chance of meeting someone in real life. Many of the sites I have reviewed won't work in helping you meet women. Either they have very few members, or there is some kind of shady business marketing practices going on, or sometimes both.


AdultFriendFinder vs SexSearch (

If you want to, you can create a free basic membership to, and also In reality personally for me I wouldn't even waste my time creating a free basic membership to XXXCupid, everything you need is at Adult Friend Finder. It's the largest adult dating site in the entire world, and they have been in business for over 12 years and are still growing very, very strong.

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7 Responses

  1. ben Says:

    cupid is a scam. It showed hundred of results for my place in uk dundee. they are not really from dundee or uk for that matter as I searched through profiles things like bucks, schools not universities etc american slang was very common.

    Dont fall for it if you are smart enough.

  2. Peter Says:

    Adult Friend Finder is full of scammers and fake profiles, most coming out of Ghana, what’s worse the site is slack or powerless to do anything about it. Just be careful, no matter where You join.

  3. Frank Says:

    Please save your money, I joined and I am a good looking man, you will have more luck in the subway. this site is the biggest fraud iv ever seen. I think all the profiles are fake. It takes 5 hours for your mail to be sent if you try to chat it dont work.YOu cant send email addreses or anything so how are you sopposed to meat the person..When I tryed to cancell I went to terms and conditions of use, it tells you how to cancell and gives you an email to write your cancellation but they dont tell you you have to cancell your billing. I wrote them for a week trying to cancell and asked for a confirmation, and they wouldnt answer my mail. finaly I found online how to cancell, go to CUSTOMER SERVICE then BILLING; next choose the billing agency you used, they should have sent you an email with the billing info. If you havent signed up please do not, Go jerk off and spend your 30$ on a pair of shoes or buy your mama a flower.

  4. Passion Admin Says:

    Thanks for posting your experience with XXXCupid. I’m sure other readers will appreciate you saving their wallets from being raped. It seemed fake to me as well as you can see by reading my review on Thanks again!

  5. vio Says:

    I’ve given up on these so called dating sites that “guarantee” you will get laid. It’s all just a big scam to drain you of your hard earned money. This promise that all you’ll have to do is go on one of these sites, find a nice looking girl and spend a few minutes talking to her and she’ll be at your place or invite you to her place to F your brains out is nonsense. Sadly, it’s never that easy. Frankly, you’d have better luck just going to a bar and finding a really drunk slutty girl who’s ready to bang the first man who will take her home. Even that is often very difficult, but still, you’ll have better luck with that than with one of these sites that “promise” to get you laid. LIES LIES LIES. They all need to be shut down.

  6. peter Says:

    I have just reported XXXCupid to the Federal Trade Commission… they have a ‘contest’ on XXXCupid called ‘Hedonism III’ that is not a contest, and requires one to up one’s membership to enter… this is therefore on-line gambling.. report them here:

  7. Genral Says:

    Of course these websites are scam or the users in it are.
    The big problem with xxxcupid is they dont let you create an honest profile if you are over 75 years old. I tried a creating a profile with birthday in 1920 but it would go beyond 1936. Also I used Angola and they accepted the place, city etc.. What a JOKE/SCAM.

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