WildMatch Review – Dating Or Web Cam Site? Find Out

Good morning everyone. Today, I was going to do a review of a website called Wild Match.com. I went to this site, and I clicked on join now and automatically it took me to a page where it was asking me to pay. I have never encountered this in my life. Usually websites enable you to register for free, at least you can see what kind of features the website has, this is not possible with Wild Match.


I tried a few minutes to see if I could find a free member join section. I could not find one, and I am sort of in shock. How can any website including a dating website wants you to pay for something if you have no clue what you are getting? Seriously, I have no clue what the owners of Wild Match are thinking. Why would you not give a possible member the opportunity to test drive your website. This makes completely no sense to me.

Either Wild Match is a complete scam, or they are completely retarded. How can they expect anyone to pay when every single other dating site that I have ever reviewed has enable me to register for the free basic membership.

After doing some digging I found out that Wild Match is owned by the same people who own BangMatch.com. I actually did a review of Bang Match in March of this year. It looks like I was able to login to Bang Match back in March, but now trying to access the Bang Match website leads to the same problem, where they want you to pay to access any part of their website. Both sites are exactly the same as the colors are a little different you have access to the same members on both site.

The people at BangMatch.com also own the hugely popular web cam site called ImLive.com. Apparently all the members of the site ID verified. The customer service reps have checked their IDs and verified that they are legal consent to a sure you know exactly who your meeting online. The problem is I have no way of telling what the site offers as possible paying customer, because I have no access to anyl part of the site unless I pay.

Realistically we all know that I am not going to pay for this website. There are tons of other dating sites online that enable you to register for free, why would use my credit card on a website that won't even give me a glimpse at what they offer? Looking at the verified members of WildMatch.com, I can tell you that all the members are actually web cam girls from ImLive.com. Yes all the members are verified however they are not there for dating, they are there to do Web cam shows for $3.00 per minute.

WildMatch members

(web cam girls not actual local women…)

This really pisses me off, they take fraud to a whole different level. They don't scam your credit card debt what they do is basically offer you false hope. You think you have access to other members seeking sex and relationships. However as soon as you pay I can guarantee you that you will be chatting with web cam girls from Imlive.com.

In conclusion, obviously stay away from WildMatch.com unless you're just interested in looking at Web cam girl that will cost you $3.00 per minute. There are far too many other dating site, to waste your time with this crap.

On the home page of Wild Matches.com the catch phrase is "A revolution in online matching". Then it goes on to say "all profiles of online sexual seeking partners are 100% ID verified". In reality they don't really call themselves a dating website., This is how they can get away with what they are doing. It seems like it's a dating website but in reality isn't, and that is where Wild Match confuses most people I guarantee it.

From what I can tell WildMatches offers you unlimited access to ID verified database of real available women, couples and she males. You get unlimited access to 100,000 erotic photos and gallery of "potential sexual partners". And you get unlimited free chat. Like I said if you do pay for the service you will be talking to web cam girls and that's all you will be talking to.

If you're looking to date an actual real woman from , this site will leave you very disappointed. stick with really all and trusted adult dating websites such as AdultFriendFinder.com and GetItOn.com.

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