Online Dating Scams Run By Members Not The Actual Sites

It seems that all of online dating sites get listed as scams. People need to realize that many of the scams are run by members of the dating sites.

Some scams that are running on websites right now:

Many times women and female impersonators join online dating sites in order to scam you. These scams are not run by the actual websites, many times the websites do their very best to keep these scammers off their sites. This is a difficult job to do.


Scams generally happen in larger cities across the world.The first one is basically escorts signing up as female members looking for a date. Here is the problem, escorts will pretend to like you and you then when they build your trust, they will  ask you to pay for their services. So, if you meet someone on an online dating site and soon after they are telling you that you need to pay to date them then obviously this is an escort service. You can contact the dating site support and they should be able to ban that person from the website. That is the first scam.

Webcam Girls

The second type of scam that are common on dating sites is when a girl contacts you, and then asks you if you want to see their webcam. This is another scam. How this scam works is that you will need to pay to see that girl on their webcam, they are not actually interest in meeting you. A'll they want is for you to register on their webcam site that they are working with. Many times these girls will make a commission when you register on the webcam site that they are promoting. Also, many times the dating profiles are created by men, who pose as women so you will pay to see a girl from thewebcam service on their webcam. Again, they are paid a commission to bring in new viewers to these webcam sites.

Russian/Nigerian Scammers

Lastly you have overseas scammers, this includes Nigeria and Russia as well as other parts of Eastern Europe. These scammers operate in a different type of scam, many times they befriend you as a woman, and build up your trust. Once these scammers have built up trust with you they start doing strange things like offering you a business opportunity in which you send packages to addresses that are located in Nigeria, Russia, Romania, and many other countries. This last scam can actually end sending you in jail. What you would be doing any type  is that you would basically be receiving DVD players, flatscreen TVs and lap top computers that were purchased with a stolen credit card. and shipped to a US address, which happens to be your home address. You are then told to read package those products and ship them to locations across the world. The reason this scam involves you is because, you live in the United States.  the scammers need someone who lives in the United States and who is willing to receive parcels for them. These parcels are bought with a stolen credit card and then sent to you, you repackage their products and resend them oveseas.  The reason they need you is because many online companies who sell DVD players and laptop computers will not ship their products overseas just for this very reason.This last scam was actually featured on Dateline NBC.

I just wanted to make you realize not all the scams are run by online dating websites. Many times they have no clue that these problems are even on their sites. If you do a scan like any other ones I have described above, you should contact support at the site your site you are registered with.

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