IWantU Review – A Review Of IWantU.com

Have you ever heard a website called IWantU.com? IWantU is an adult dating website similar to AdultFriendFinder.com, or Fling.com. This site has been around for many years but has never gained the popularity that AdultFriendFinder or fling have.

I created my free membership plan for IWantU.com. I am now logged in to the members area of the web site and before I could even search around IWantU wants me to upgrade to a VIP membership level. Upgrading obviously will cost you money.

IWantU features:

Some of the features I see in the members area include, my account, mailbox, magazine, search, community, and chat.

  • The my account section of the site enables to you view your profile, there is a password changer, mailbox settings, your pager settings, your chat settings, your hot list settings, you can post videos of yourself, upload or delete photos, and you can cancel your membership from this area of the website.
  • The mailbox section enables you to send e-mail messages from other members on IWantU.com.
  • The magazine section has articles tips and advice on all things related to dating. You can even submit your own articles so other members can read them. There is also a poll section, a blog section and even an online forum.
  • The search section basically enables you to search for other members according to gender or age, their geographical location, what they are interested in, there marital status, their body type, and also if their member profile has a photograph.
  • You can also search based on race, height, if a person smokes, if they drink, if they have children, and if they are online at the present time.
  • The community section of the site has all the good stuff, including online chat, live web cams, photo gallery, you can even find local parties in your area in this section of the site. The live web cam section of the site will cost you on a per minute basis. The price usually starts at about $3.00 per minute to see live web cam models. These are not actual members of IWantU.com. You can watch women, men are even transsexuals live on web cam.
  • You can also watch adult videos in this section of the site, but you do need to pay for. They even have an adult store where you can purchase adult toys.
  • The chat section of the site has a few different areas including, The Lobby, Free For All, Motel Suite, Bedroom, Swingers Lounge, Sisters, and the Unity Room. With a free membership most of your privileges are limited, however you can use the "Lobby" chat room to interact with members of the sit e for free. Every other chat room on IWantYou.com does cost you money, which you can pay for by purchasing a VIP membership.

    IWantU webcam models

I Want U Pricing

There are two different membership levels for IWantU.com, VIP select and the VIP membership level.

  • The VIP select membership will cost you $59.95 or 90 days of Web, if you want to pay a monthly basis that price is $34.95 per month.
  • The VIP membership will cost you $49.95 for 90 day and if you want to pay a monthly basis the price is $24.95  per month.

The VIP select membership does cost you more money because you have a few other features that you don't get in the regular membership such as getting your membership ranked to the top of all of search results, when other members search for people in their area. You also ranked at the top for chat room users, and you get priority access to customer support, in reality this is just a waste of money and I would never go for the VIP select membership.

I Want U prices

IWantU actually has three different dating sections, the adult section, the non adult dating section, as well as the alternative section of the site. When I registered for my account it was for the adult section.

As with all sites I review I did my traffic analysis, this basically tells me how many people visit the site on a monthly basis. This is important because the last thing you want to do is pay for a membership on a web site that is barely visited by other people around the world. You need to have lots of members, so your chance of meeting someone locally is that much better.

IWantU.com receives roughly 150,000 visitors on a monthly basis. This is quite low for an adult website. I have also included a comparison of the amount of visitors that visit IWantU compared to AdultFriendFinder. If you look at the image below you can see the comparison and there really is no comparison. AdultFriendFinder blows IWantU right out of the water. AdultFriendFinder has millions of members worldwide, and your chance of meeting someone AdultFriendFinder are much greater than if you use IWantU.com.

IWantU vs AdultFriendFinder

IWantU.com versus AdultFriendFinder.com


IWantU.com stats

visitors per month to IWantU.com

My suggestion is that you register for a free basic membership on both sites and you can compare for yourself where you have the most success. It doesn't hurt to try.

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