Zoosk Review – Free Dating Or Not?

Zoosk.com, sound like the name of the Greek God but in reality it's a newer dating site that came up about three years ago. Zoosk is a Facebook application and also dating website. You can logon to the site right through Facebook if you have if you have a membership there already.

Zoosk home page

Zoosk is not adult dating website but I am going to review it just because it has started to receive a lot of press and quite a few new members lately. Zoosk at the present time has 4 million visitors visting the site per month. What makes this website is so popular is that people think it's free but actuality it's not. Zoosk is like most other dating sites they offer you a free membership that is basic, then in order to use many of the features you need to upgrade and that's where you have to pay.

The misconceptions floating around the Internet is that Zoosk is 100% free that is not true. I just wanted to point that out so people realize that it is a pay service.

I created a free dating profile on the site so I could do a review on them. Zoosk has a nice layout to it. After I logged on to Zoosk.com, my profile wasn't finished, I needed to add more information about myself. Once you finish your profile changes a Zoosk moderator needs to approves the changes that you made. Basically unlike adult dating sites they don't want any nudity of any sort on here, so they make sure the site is clean by verifying your profile and looking looking at the photograph that you submitted.

Zoosk.com Features:

You can search based on a variety of different features, such as  height religion, relationship status (single, separated, etc..), based on if a person has children, you can also search based on ethnicity, education level and political views, and even if they smoke or drink.

Zoosk.com also has a chat application that you can download to your computer. The chat application is the same type of thing as MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger.

Zoosk chat

The site even enables you to send winks for free, something that many other sites do not let you do. Zoosk Reminds me of Facebook because you can actually send gifts to people, virtual gifts such as, strawberries, Valentine's Day chocolates, cars, diamond rings and so on.

Zoosk Pricing

You send gifts with Zoosk coins, however the coins are not free to have to pay for them. You can pay for Zoosk coins with your credit card, PayPal account, bank transfer, or with your mobile phone.

  • You can purchase 95 coins at $.10 per coin that works out to nine dollar $9.99, this is the cheapest package.
  • 250 coins at eight cents a coin and that'll cost you $19.95
  • Lastly you can purchase 700 coins that will cost you seven cents per coin and that package is $49.95.

Like I was saying Zoosk really isn't 100% free, the virtual gifts feature enables you to send flowers or gifts to people you like but it costs you in real money.

Also to send messages to other Zoosk members you need to pay with a credit card. You can download the Zoosk messenger for free but if you need to contact anybody on your list, that is going to cost you Zoosk coins as well.

Overall the site seems okay with so many people there your chances of meeting someone in your city should be pretty good.. If you are looking to hook up with woman for some fun, then I don't think this is for you. This website is more for people seeking a relationship and that sort of thing.

If you're looking to meet women for some fun then I suggest AdultFriendFinder.com, or wilddateclub.com.

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