YourFuckBook Review – How To Really Get Screwed

The name is a little bold, YourFuckBook but it sure does explain what the site is about right? If you ever visit any adult video tube sites then you have seen this site on their. The question is, how good is First off YourFuckBook is a copy cat of FaceBookOfSex.

I noticed YourFuckBook a few weeks when browsing  an adult video site, so I wrote it on my “dating reviews to do list”.  The question I always ask myself when reviewing any dating site is how many members does it have? has 4.9 million visitors per month! You can see from the chart below, for the month of April 2010 Your Fuck Book had 4,900,000 visitors in one month, that is a nice chunk of women visiting the site.


Ok, below is the breakdown of the type of people who visit 69% of the members are male, this is super common . Guys are always ready to hop in the sack so don’t be surprised there are lots of guys here, it’s like that on most dating sites. This site has quite a few people making over $60,000 per year, so if you’re a woman  looking for a sugar daddy then look no further than right here. Everything else you can see  for yourself, it’s useful to see if this is the kind of dating site you want to add your profile to. statistics

I tried to create a free dating membership so I could review the actual features of, however I cannot even create a free membership without entering my credit card information. That is the end of this review. I am not entering my credit card info anywhere unless I can see what type of features I am getting for my money!

Above is a screen shot I took of the registration page, you need to enter your credit card info on here to get the free 2 day trial membership. Here is the problem, after 2 days they automatically bill you for $39.98 per month, until you cancel it. Tons of people will register for the free trial but forget to cancel their membership and get dinged the $39.98 per month. Is this site a scam? I don’t really know if is a scam, but I am not going to pull out my credit card and find out, would you? Be smart and move on, there are many sites that offer something for free.

**A note to all dating sites:

In this day and age you should all enable potential members to test drive your dating service, if you don’t then you are losing out. You get a thumbs down YourFuckBook! All other sex dating sites that I have reviewed enable people to create free dating profiles, not you guys . The only way you will get fucked on is financially when they take your credit card information. I would stay away from them just for that simple reason.

I suggest you check out or if you want to see how an adult dating site should be done. You can create a free basic membership at each of those online  dating sites and still logon to chat rooms and webcam rooms, for FREE!!

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