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One of the more well-known adult dating sites is called Sex Search has been around for a long, long time. As the name states this site is designed for people searching for sex. Sex Search is a direct competitor to the biggest sex personals site in the world, Adult Friend Finder. is a very slick looking site, You will see that right on the homepage. By the way they use video to help you create a profile. Basically a hot looking girl walks you through the sign-up process, which is very enticing to male members.

Sex Search form has quite a big membership to it, around 7 million members visit the site on a monthly basis. To check out the features of the site I created a free dating profile so I could login to check it all out. Sex Search is run by the same people who also own, so if you have a membership there you do not need to create a new one for this site.

Sex Search site features:

The site features of contains the following features, message board, featured members, my latest matches, chat rooms, virtual sex world, and whose online. Most of these features have been discussed in my review

  • I would like to discuss the virtual sex world feature. The virtual sex world feature enables you to create a virtual version of your self. You can customize every aspect of your virtual sex world icon, by creating muscles for yourself a larger penis, you can change hair color, change your clothes and so on.
  • The virtual environment in the virtual sex world has many different environments such as a futuristic Amsterdam sex clubs, swinger parties and even S & M dungeons. Basically, there is something for everyone. 
  • The search function enables you to search for the usual type of searches including, the most popular men, as well as the most popular women,popular couples, most popular gay men, and most popular lesbians. 
  • The chat rooms are all video chat rooms, you can actually see other members live while you chat with them. Having live video chat is always beneficial, you can see people live, and how they appear at that moment. Some of the chat room names include girls home alone, I girls only, nude with food, I am new here, I like it kinky, first timers, and lastly toes and hoes fetish.
  • Another feature is the recent activity drop down menu. One thing I thought that was cool was the "who viewed my profile" feature, basically you can see who is looking at your profile and if you're interested you can always contact them back.
  • pricing:

Just like that, has the "you will get laid or you get three months free" guarantee. There are two different membership package gold and silver. The different between the two packages besides the pricing is the gold membership enables you to get access to hard-core porn and access to member WebCams. Personally I wouldn't go for the full membership because it doesn't offer you that much more, you just get porn and you get to view WebCams that's it.

Overall is pretty good. I like the layout of the site I like how they use the video to explain the various features in the site, there are some neat options in the members area and the virtual sex world is pretty cool and unique. What I suggest you do is register for free and test drive the service yourself. I also recommend creating a free dating profile on as well. Using two different dating sites enables you to compare features, compare how well you do meeting women on each site and also it enables you to have a better chance of meeting local women. Having memberships on multiple dating sites is a great way to put more nets out in the sea, that way you can catch more fish, if you get my drift. This has worked for me personally and is a great way to get more women contacting you, and you having a better chance of getting laid.

Meeting women is a numbers game, the more women you chat with or e-mail the better chance you have at getting laid. Trust me this technique will work great. Get your dating profiles up now. Good luck.

If you could leave a comment, or your personal opinion about after you have used it for at least a month I would really appreciate it. We all benefit from each other's personal experiences with dating sites leave a comment and help out.

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  2. Daniel Says:

    I use XXXCupid to get laid. It’s amazing.

  3. Henry Says:

    Sooooo many hot chicks on SexSearch. It’s the greatest way to get laid. I think I’ve met at least 10 girls this year.

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