MarriedButLonely Review – Is Worth Your Time?, is another married dating website catering to be a unhappily married men and women across the world, or people who are just looking for some fun on the side. Married But Lonely is owned by the same company who run as well as If you have a membership to any of those sites then you don’t need to create a new dating profile on home page

As with all my other reviews of dating websites I make sure to check the traffic analysis. A traffic analysis means that I check to see how many people visit on a monthly basis. Why do I do this? It’s important when joining a dating site that you make sure there are enough members there, that you have a good chance of meeting married local women in your area. There is no reason  paying for a membership on a dating site if you have little to no chance meeting a married woman for some fun on the side. So, how do the traffic look for, not too good. On an average month Married But Lonely receives about  29,000 visitors, this is very low.

In reality a site with 29,000 visits is useless to you, if it’s a dating website. I have lots of experience with dating websites so trust me that this is not the kind of website that you want to waste your time with. Unfortunately 29,000 visitors on a worldwide level will give you very slim pickings, the chance of you meeting a married local woman in your area is very, very slim. You will have a much higher chance of meeting married women if you go with websites that have millions of users. Everything is a numbers game and meeting women is no different, if there are more married women on a dating site then your chances of meeting someone in real life are that much calls itself your number one source where married lonely women find men for discreet relationships, I highly doubt that.

I just tried to register on the sign-up page however they are already asking for my credit card details even before I create a free dating profile!! Why would I input my credit card details even before I have had a chance to review and test out the features of the site, it makes no sense to me. On the sign up page it says to please enter your credit card for age verification. There is a trial that says “you have chosen access for three days using our promotional trial offer. There is a small processing fee of $1.87 for your three day trial.” So basically you cannot even create a free dating membership on, which is really bogus. And of course if you forget to cancel your three day trial membership you are automatically billed at $47.39 month until you will membership.

Married But Lonely join page

Well, I guess I can even do A real review of if they want me to input my credit card information even before I get to see what they can offer me. The site states on the page that my ip has been recorded for tracking, this is to protect them against fraud. Who’s going to protect me against their fraud?

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from there are too many dating sites out there that offer real service and value, so go with one of them. I recommend or Ashley  Better yet, register for both sites and see which one you personally like better, they are both free for a basic membership.

Enough people have been complaining about dating sites for a long time now that I feel it’s my duty to give you unbiased and detailed reviews of dating sites so you can learn from my experience and make the right choice. Now I see why Married But Lonely wants you to pay in advance for their service, it’s because they really don’t have any service with only 29,000 members there is not much of a dating site there to use at all.

Stick with Married Dater Club or Ashley and you will be much happier.

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  1. Willoughby Says:

    I joined for a free trail and did a search for subscribers 40 miles or less from my large city. Suspiciously, not a single result was shown from my city, only from a small town just north of it, the location closest to my zip code. ALL of the very large number of search results were from that one, very small town. When I read the profiles, one person mentioned that they wanted to meet people near a city that is not in my state, not even in the US, but in ENGLAND.


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