LonelyHousewives Review – Can You Meet Wives At LonelyHousewives.com?

LonelyHousewives.com, the name pretty much sums it up right (Lonely housewives)?  This is yet another web site dedicated to women and men who are married but looking for something on the side. It seems like married dating is becoming more popular than singles dating, who would have thought? Now we know why the divorce is so high, there are many people who are unhappily married, lol.

Ok, back to LonelyHousewives.com. LonelyHousewives is owned by the same people who run the following sites:

  • CougarFling.com
  • MarriedWantingSex.com
  • MilfDating
  • DateACougar and many others.

As usual I did my research, LonelyHouseWives.com has roughly 75,000 visitors per month. Is this lots of traffic, no. Many other dating sites receive much more visitors per month than that. Why should you care? I’m assuming you are here to meet married women right, if the site you are using has very little visitors, then your chances of meeting a married woman are slim to none. You need to go where the women are.

Below I added the demographics for LonelyHouseWives.com. 73% of the members are male, this is actually very normal for married dating sites. You can see the rest of the statistics below.

Like I always I created a basic dating profile and logged into LonelyHouseWives.com. I checked out what the site has to offer, they have now just added  a forum, as well as a chat room. The problem is to use the forum or the chat room, you need to buy a paid membership. Like many, many smaller sites they really have nothing to offer you and that is why they will not let you into forums and chat rooms unless you pay, because then it’s too late. If you look at a site like MarriedDaterClub.net, you can register for free, and use  many of their services for free including live local chat rooms and web cam chat. You can test things out before you pull out your credit card, something  Lonely HouseWives doesn’t want you to do.

LonelyHouseWives Pricing Break Down

Pricing for LonelyHouseWives.com is as follows

  • $7.95 for a 3 day trial
  • $13.33 a month if you pay 3 months in advance
  • $29.95 a month if you decide to pay on a monthly basis and not in advance.

The fine print says the following:

* Your 3 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month unless canceled.
** 3 month memberships recur at $13.33 monthly unless canceled.
*** 1 month memberships recur at $29.95 monthly unless canceled.

Would I pay LonelyHouseWives.com

I would not pay this dating service and here are my reasons. There are not enough women on this site to justify pay $29.95 per month. You can pay the same amount but have access to literally millions more women if you use MarriedDaterClub.net. I work hard for my money, and I want it to be used where it makes the most sense. You chances of meeting of a Lonely House Wife  are so low it’s not even worth mentioning. The reason there are so many married  dating sites is because it makes the owners of these sites millions of dollars. Stick with trusted web sites that have millions of women, that you could meet.

**I just also found out that LonelyHouseWives.com has been in trouble with the FTC for spamming! This happened back in 1995 so it’s old news but something you should read. Do you really want to give your credit card information to spammers?

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