AdultDateLink Review – Adult Dating Or Scam? is an adult dating site similar to Adult Friend I have done other reviews of Date Link sites including, AdultDateLink is for people seeking casual sex and swingers looking for other other couples to play with. has all the features of every other Date Link website. site
The site receives roughly 110,000 visitors per month. This is relatively low for an adult dating site. The most popular adult sites receive millions of users per month, so this is roughly 5% of what a good adult dating website should have in terms of numbers. Look at it this way, the more visitors to a dating site, the more chances you have of meeting women in your area.

AdultDateLink stats Features:

The features for Adult Date Link include the message board, live chat, my mailbox, and the sexy links section.

  • The message is an online forum for members of AdultDateLink. You can ask questions and interact with other members on the forum.
  • The "live chat" section enables you to with other members through Instant Messenger, this is a paid service. In order to use the service you need to upgrade your free membership and buy a paid membership .
  • The "my mailbox" feature is basically just an online e-mail service that enables you to send and receive e-mail messages with you and other members of
  • The "sexy links" section basically just lists members recommended links including fast size penile extender, weight control formula, and a product to increase your sperm volume by 500%. All these links are just a money grab from AdultDateLink. I am not saying they work or they don't work but Adult Date Link makes a referral fee if you actually purchase any one of the 3 products I have just described.

AdultDateLink upsells

Adult Date Link Pricing:

When you upgrade to a full membership on the web site, you have access to all of the features I described above. Adult Date Link
 has three different pricing options to choose from.

  •  You can buy one year in advance for $99.44, this is the cheapest plan that they offer.
  •  Secondly, you can pay for three months in advance and you will save 40%, the price is $49.72. Basically, you get one month free (three months for the price of two).
  •  Lastly, you can pay the standard one month option which will cost you $29.86 per month.

Adul tDate Link billing

Unfortunately, just like automatically subscribes you into a free two-day trial for yet another website. This free trial is for a website called, yes it is a porn website.  After your 2 day trial is up you are charged $39.95 per month until you cancel. This is where the website operators get me angry. Why are they trying to milk more money from a person who is already going to join your dating service? This is the fastest way to piss people off and lose customers very quickly and I'm sure it happens quite a bit with this website.

You don't have to actually enroll in the free trial to Teen Sweetie Pies however it is automatically checked for you. You need to uncheck the little box or you will be paying for that service.

I suggest you stick with larger trusted dating websites that don't have sneaky billing agreements when you try to pay for membership. I can recommend, and both websites have millions more members than, they don't have you paying for porn sites such as You as a consumer really have to watch where you put your credit card, or you can automatically pay for useless crap, and end up meeting no one at all.

Do yourself a favor and stick with trusted online dating sites where you actually have a chance to meet real women, instead of paying for porn sites.

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