XMatch Review – XMatch.com Is Just Another AdultFriendFinder.com

While I was researching for a review for FaceBookOfSex.com, I found another adult dating site called XMatch. XMatch is another site that uses the same database as AdultFriendFinder.com, Face Book Of Sex and many other sites that I cannot recall right now. This is nothing new and no big deal, but I figured that if you wanted information on XMatch.com the best thing to do is read my review on FaceBookOfSex. All 3 sites are exactly the same just the graphics have been changed, this is nothing new to me but many people don’t realize that tons and tons of sites use this practice for various reasons. It is not a scam to do this but it’s important to know that you don’t memberships to all 3 web sites, if you can login to one of the sites then that is  enough, you have access to all the same members.

I am not in anyway knocking X Match it’s actually a good site because it has all the same features as  Adult Friend Finder and Face Book Of Sex. It also has the same millions of members as AFF (AdultFriendFinder.com), meeting someone locally will not be a problem.  Rest assured you have made a good decision going with XMatch.com Like I have said before more information is better than less information, you can make better decisions that way.


XMatch has been around since 1996, as long as AdultFriendFinder. Anyways I just wanted to drop that information before I forgot about it. Sometimes I like to put up a post as soon as I think about it just because it’s fresh in my mind.

Happy adult dating! Leave a comment, so we can all benefit from your opinions, as well as mine.

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