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MarriedButPlaying calls itself “The #1 Married Dating Community On The Net”, but is it? I’m going to do what I do best, sign up as a free member and review features and everything else about this dating site. has been around for 3 years, basically jumping on the success of Married Dater Club as well as Ashley Madison’s married dating web site. There are scores of married but looking web sites that have been created as a result of, with more than 25% of people on dating sites being married this niche was bound to pop up sooner or later. Married But Playing is trying to fill the void of unhappily married women and men with their web site.

Married But Playing web site

For to call itself the “The #1 Married Dating Community On The Net” is wrong and I will explain why in a little while. I created my dating profile and logged in with my password. I have said it time and time again for any dating  site to be worth joining it’s need literally millions of people to make it work for the members, why? The more married women and men that are on the dating site, the better chance you have of meeting someone in for discreet dating fun. Profiles

MarriedButPlaying reaches 55,000 married people in the USA,is allot? No it is not, it’s low actually. You can see from the website traffic statistics below it is getting more members however it’s still only 55,000 married people as of March, 2010, and this is for all of the USA! traffic

As for the type of people visiting, it’s mostly married men (62%), mostly Caucasian (77%), and over 60% make over $60,000 per year. It seem the more affluent white men seem to like this site, this is typical of married dating sites actually and nothing new. demographics

Lets move on to Married But Playing features

When it comes to features this dating is lacking unfortunately in many areas for free members. If or when you decide to pay then you have many features to help you find that discreet date in you are seeking.

  • Web cam chat – This feature does not exist, and it would be nice if it did.
  • Instant messaging chat – This feature does not exist on the site for free members, you need to upgrade (buy a paid membership) to get this feature.
  • Send flirt – You can send a flirt to a member you are interested in getting to know better. For a free member you are allowed to send 30 free flirts, which I think is fair.
  • Married forums – Access to forums for married people looking to date other people.
  • Upload photos – You can upload multiple photos, no nudity is allowed.
  • Upload videos – You can upload videos you have taken with your video camera or web cam.  Using video to sell yourself always help on online dating sites. Pricing

All web sites are created to make the owners money, Married But Playing is no different at all.

  • For $7.95, you get a  3 day trial. This “trial” will automatically renew at $29.95 until you cancel so be aware of the trial.
  • If you purchase 3 months in advance the cost is $13.33 per month.
  • If you want to pay monthly the cost is $29.95.

Also you should note that you are automatically enrolled in other married dating site trials. I took a screen shot of the payment form and it clearly shows that you automatically get “free trials” to  and These trials will auto renew in 30 days and you will be slapped with a $90.00 credit card bill because of the 3 sites you signed up for (, and!! prices

Here is the fine print that most people will miss and get dinged later on.

  1. * Your 3 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month unless canceled.
  2. ** 3 month memberships recur at $13.33 monthly unless canceled.
  3. *** 1 month memberships recur at $29.95 monthly unless canceled.
  4. Yes I would also like a FREE Five Day trial membership to! Your 5 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month if not canceled within the trial period.
  5. ***** Yes I would also like a FREE Three Day trial membership to! Your 3 day trial membership will renew at $29.95 per month if not canceled within the trial period.

With  I personally think your best best is to use a free membership IF you want to. I would NOT buy a paid membership to Married But Playing if you paid for me with your own credit card!! I suggest going with a married dating site that doesn’t have you signing up to 3 dating sites at once, use Married Dater Club. There are millions of members worldwide on compared to, and they don’t auto enroll you in 2 other sites. They have web cam chat, tons of chat rooms, groups, personal member blogs and more. Go take a look and what a real dating site should look like.

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