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May 13
AmateurMatch Review

Amateur Match calls itself “The Sexiest Adult Community”. For my review of I did the usual, I created a free dating profile for my basic free membership, so I could log on and do my review of features etc. Even before I created my membership I was always getting porn pop ups from As as I went to, I got a pop up from Stream Mate for adult web cam shows. I thought I was trying to go to a dating site, so why am I getting porn pop ups?! That pissed me off, I’m not even registered and I am already getting porn pop ups!

screen shot of StreamMate pop up from

I registered, I got my email and I logged on, right away boom then already want me to pay even before I see what the site is about. I can already tell that Amateur Match is very aggressive with their marketing tactics, another turn off #2. Features

  • Who’s online – I checked who was online and no one near me was online and live in a city of over 2 million people. If I can’t find anyone online with a population of 2 million then can a person in a city such as  meet anyone? You need to be able to meet people or what is the point?
  • Chat room – When I checked there were 52 members chatting (none from ), when I tried to actually get into the room I was redirected to the payment page.
  • Live Cams – This is pay per minute, you chat live with web cam models who strip down and do whatever you want them to. I’m looking for dating, not PORN!!!
  • Featured Shows – Here we go again with trying to up sell me to web cam shows for $3.99 per minute, not interested!
  • Galleries – I clicked on the gallery page, then see a girl I’m interested in, and then I click to see more pictures and sent to the payment page once again.
  • Videos – Same deal, click on the video image then redirects me to the up sell page to get to buy a membership.
  • Games – Lol, games?? These are sexual games, not video games. Some of the games include, Anal Invaders, Ass Blasters, Asstroids, Blox, Bust A Nut, Cock Gobbler and so on. I’m really don’t know what to say, but what does this have to do with adult dating? How is playing video games online going to help me hook up with hot local women?

I really don’t have too much good to say about AmateurMatch, I mean it’s basically one big up sell to porn videos and $3.99/ minute  web cam girls from

Amateur Match Membership Prices

  • Pay $69.95 for a 3 month membership which gives you 20% savings
  • Pay $29.95 for a VIP monthly membership
  • Pay $24.95 for a regular monthly membership
  • They automatically enroll you in another one of their dating sites called for 3 day trail membership for $1.95. One problem, is that if you don’t cancel the 3 day trial it renews into a monthly membership for about $30. SCAM…

screen shot of AmatuerMatch home page screen shot of members area Honestly Amateur Match is garbage, it’s not even a real dating site. All AmateurMatch wants is your money they made that very clear to me. Stay away from them, far away! I did research and there are tons of people fuming about how this dating service operates. If you go to, you can see all the negative feedback about AmateurMatch scams. Honestly, if you want a REAL dating service then use AdultFriendFinder, they have been in business much longer and they have millions of members so they must be doing something right. Start meeting local women in right now.

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May 13
SwapFinder Review – Part of The AdultFriendFinder Network

SwapFinder is another swinger/swapping site owned by the folks at I didn’t bother registering for a free basic membership because  I already have a free dating profile on AdultFriendFinder, so it’s a waste of my time to do another profile since Swap Finder uses the database of members from Adult Friend Finder. I have mentioned it many times on my blog that many dating sites uses the same database, so I don’t want to explain it again lol.

screen shot of homepage of SwapFinder

I would like to discuss the demographics of 56% of the members are male and 44% are female and that is about right for a swinger dating site, since swingers are going to be couples who swap with other couples usually. Roughly 45,000 people visit SwapFinders every month, that is low actually especially for a swinger site.

Since Swap Finder uses the membership database of AdultFriendFinder, then you have access to literally millions of swinging couples worldwide.  If you want to see the features that you get with SwapFinder, then you can read my review on FaceBookOfSex which also uses the same database as Adult Friend Finder. And like I mentioned on that review, the chances of meeting swapping couples in is high because this is the biggest adult dating membership in the entire world. I recommend you register for free so you can start swapping wives with other couples in .

screen shot of SwaperFinder’s members area

I have also done reviews on other swinger sites such as, Swingular, Swappernet and lastly SwingLifeStyle, if you interested.

Happy swapping!